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Nursery Sale

Plenty of Nursery Stock Still Available

The more you buy the greater the discount and the fuller and faster your garden will grow. Take advantage of the great fall planting weather to save on plants. Our Perennials are now 50% off.

Trench Style Bulb Planting

The impressive displays of Tulips, Daffodils or any of the other spring bulbs, doesn't just happen by accident. You need to plant a lot of them to make a bold, beautiful display.

Think dozens, not handfuls.
It may sound like a lot of work, but mass plantings are fairly simple if you use the trench style method below.
Here's how you do it:

1. Figure out where your drifts will be and dig a trench 6"-8" deep in that shape, saving the soil in wheelbarrows and or tubs (for easy backfilling).

2. If using more than one color, mix the bulbs in a tub to ensure random distribution of color.

3. Position the bulbs 3"-4" apart, pointy side up, about 15-20 bulbs per square foot for a bold display in the spring. Avoid putting them in precise rows.

4. Back-fill with soil, rake smooth and pack lightly by walking on the surface and prepare for a huge delight in the Spring.
New BirdFeeders by Dan Ziomek
Every year I scour the catalogs looking for new birdfeeders that have the quality we look for and provide something different for you, our customers. This year we were successful in finding quite a few items that we think you’ll like. 

There are several new squirrel proof feeders to choose from that will save you money on seed. We have new recycled plastic hoppers in blue and red. 
 We also have a heated bird bath for the ground or your deck. Colorful rain guards to keep your seed and birds dry. We even brought in some bear proof feeders that we will try and see if they are effective in stopping those feeder crushing bruins. Stop in to check out our new selection.

 We think you will like what you see. 
Sowing Perennials in the Fall

Get a jump on next season!

Sowing perennial flower seeds in late summer and fall will give you a head start on those second-year perennial blooms! Why now? In nature, after perennials have flowered, they drop their seeds right around this time (late summer/fall). Those fallen seeds germinate just as the conditions become right; in other words, as soon as possible.

4 Reasons to Sow
Perennials in the Fall

1. Hassle-free stratification: Some perennials' seeds need stratification-periods of cold temperatures combined with moisture (like that from snow and rain during winter) to break a natural dormancy, allowing them to germinate. Take advantage of nature's process by sowing in the fall.

2. Earlier blooms and larger plants: Perennials live for more than two years, and can take several years to get to their mature size. By sowing perennial seeds in the fall, plants will be more mature the following year than if spring sown, allowing many types to flower their first growing season.

3. Care-free moisture management: Most regions have winter rain and/or snow, providing essential moisture without you lifting a finger. Cool weather also reduces the need to water as frequently, when rain and/or snow is not adequate.

4. Control weeds with ease: Cool weather slows weed germination and growth, making your nicely prepped and sown garden area easier to maintain in the upcoming season.

October is the Month To :
  • Plant Garlic and Shallots.
  • Dig up Glads & other Summer bulbs.
  • Put those gardens to bed
  • Lime and fertilize lawns.
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs.
  • Decorate with fall colors
Message from Tom and Janine
Happy Fall !

With colorful Mums, Asters and spring bulbs our season continues to be full and colorful. Come see our new bird feeders and take advantage of the fall nursery sale. See you soon.

Tom & Janine Giles
& the staff of the Hadley Garden Center
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