January 2018 Edition
Welcome friends and colleagues! Happy New Year!!! A new year brings new beginnings. As we head out of the holiday season and look back on the past few months, we are thankful for our success and we are excited for the future expansion of TPR.

It was another busy quarter for TPR and a great way to finish off the year! Our CIPP and CCTV Cutter crews worked tirelessly over the past 3 months! Here's a look at a few of the projects our team completed this quarter...
TPR shines the spotlight on...

Realm - City of Orting
Schwalm crew installing lateral connection seals in Orting...
King Construction - Seattle
Lateral crew installing connection liners in Seattle utilizing the new LCR system...
Hayward Baker - Seattle
Schwalm robotic team removing slurry in 12" main...
Safety is our number one priority at TPR. As we enter the Winter season the weather is getting colder and that change in temperature creates weather-related hazards. In addition to obvious precautions to keep our employees safe this winter, like requiring our team to wear the proper clothing and gear, we would like to address the hazard of winter roads.
Winter Driving
At TPR we want to promote safe driving behavior by ensuring our crews recognize the hazards of winter weather driving and that they are properly trained for driving in winter weather conditions. The following safety tips will help our team make sound decisions and be safe out on the roads this winter:

  • Prepare for the Worst
  • Sign Up for Weather Alerts
  • Check Your Equipment
  • Control Your Speed & Avoid Skidding
  • Watch Out for Trouble Spots
  • Maintain Tire Traction
  • Don't Be Afraid to Stop
  • Get Help

Please join us in warm wishes and a celebratory toast...

Tim Lagunas............October 19th
Connor McLeod......October 22nd
Nick Patrick.............November 5th

Mike Wasmund.....5 years
James has been with TPR from the very beginning. He is a loyal, hardworking, and driven employee. His work ethic exemplifies dedication to excellence. James is technically proficient and reliable. He is a natural leader, patient and well respected by his peers. He offers consistent and exceptional service to our customers and is an invaluable part of the TPR family.

Thank you James for the effort you've put in this past quarter.We are thankful and appreciate all that you do!
Congrats to Employee of the Quarter...


 A TPR Christmas...
We celebrated our annual Christmas party in style with a casino-themed night of gambling and good times. Special thanks to Tim and Tammie Pitzler for hosting the event in their home, Events Northwest Fantasy Casino Parties for providing the entertainment, Tara and Mike for mixing and serving cocktails throughout the night, and to our owner, Nick Patrick for his generosity in organizing this event! A good time was had by all!
Find the Bird...

Introducing ...our newest robot...
The Deep Trekker!
Inspect submerged infrastructure with an underwater drone.

Underwater Inspections
Made Easy!
Submerged Pipes -- Inflows/ Outfalls -- Intake Pipelines Bridges/ Dams -- Water Tanks -- Trash Racks
Reservoirs -- Wet Wells
Announcing... the new
Trelleborg Pipe Seals...
A rehabilitation system for junctions and laterals in main sewers: epros LCR-S System
Just released... check out our new TPR attire...sweatshirts & hats!
Upcoming Events...

TPR is the smart choice for pipe assessment, lining & robotic services due to our unique experience, certified installers, advanced technology, and vast network of trusted relationships within the industry. Contact us today and see how we can help with your next project- Industrial, Commercial, Residential or Municipal.

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