October 2018
Creativity requires inspirations and for inspiring designers, this is the time of the year to search for what's new and next. So let's get the juices flowing with what we see as the biggest overarching trend for 2019.

To put it briefly... we see more! More laying, more intense color, more pattern, more energy. This trend will begin slowly, by adding a turned leg to a simple frame, by taking a large scaled fabric or paper and intensifying a chair or powder room, by putting bold color on your walls.

Let's take a visual trip and see what the beginning of "Maximalism" looks like...

This refers to the applications on the buffet in the photo. A simple & clean aesthetic, but with added texture in the finish along with an interesting handle pull in a spherical shape. Also notice the larger scale fabric on the chairs.

Visual interest is created with layering; take a look at the simple added elements by layering the rugs, embellished pillows, and contemporary chairs with added fur on the seats. This is still a clean look, but layered up for that added interest and comfort your eyes demand.

Greys will intensify and warm up. Say goodbye to the cool greys of this year and to the stark black and white color schemes so popular in 2018.

Large scaled or powerful patterns will take center stage - Let the rest of the room quiet down when designing with this element.

The future looks bright! When it comes to color trends, we’re seeing colors emerge from global design and jewel tones.

The mixing of finishes creates dimension. Beautiful interiors are complex - and we do not achieve that element of complexity with flatness.
Stay tuned, we'll have another Trend Talk next month!

All the best,

Phyllis, Johanna & Kate
ICI Model Home Marketing Team
Interior Concepts, Inc.