Volume XVIII
September 2021 - Top Stories:

1. Full Focus: A New Approach for Hiring Lab Directors

As the number of requirements and qualifications Lab Directors must meet have increased dramatically over the past 20 years, the resulting effect has been the drastic shrinking of the pool of qualified Director candidates. Hiring for technologists and technicians will be something your lab undertakes on a more regular basis, but the hiring of a Lab Director oftentimes requires a different approach.

Read on in this month's Lab Insighter to gain a better understanding of best practices for hiring a lab director, mistakes to avoid when working with a recruiter and why targeted feedback is the key to making the hiring process as smooth as possible.

2. Webinar: Is Your Lab Director Doing Their Job?

Lab Directors of clinical diagnostic labs are required to meet several qualifications to be approved by CLIA and/or an accrediting body as a Lab Director. However, given that requirements can vary state by state, it can be difficult to navigate the hiring process, especially when you may only need to hire a Lab Director a few times over the course of several years.

So, what should you look for when hiring a lab director, and more importantly, how do you know they’re effective in their role?

During this webinar, we will cover:

• Duties and responsibilities of a Lab Director.
• Best practices for recruiting and hiring a Lab Director.
• What to look for in a potential candidate.
• Pitfalls to avoid when working with a recruiter.
• A Q&A portion.
1. Trending Issue: Mu Variant joins WHO's Variants of Interest List

With the addition of the Mu variant to the WHO’s Variants of Interest list and its presence in 49 states, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your Covid assays can detect all major variants.

If you are concerned about your assay’s ability to detect variants, click below to learn more about our CovidNow and SalivaNow RT-PCR assays, which detect all major variants of Covid-19:

2. Lighthouse Acquires Burns Consulting Group, Strengthens Managed Care Contracting Services

Following its acquisition of Vachette Pathology in April, Lighthouse is pleased to announce it has acquired the Burns Consulting Group, with offices in Houston, Texas, and Kansas City, Mo.

The move allows Lighthouse to strengthen its position as the nation’s leading laboratory consulting firm by adding the Burns Group’s extensive knowledge of managed care contracting. The experienced team at Burns will provide Lighthouse with a deep understanding of managed care contracting operations and will offer clients robust advice on strategies to seek network status with commercial payors.

3. Lighthouse turns 18 this month!

Lighthouse Lab Services is excited to announce we are celebrating our 18th Anniversary this month! We have grown throughout the years to become the nation’s leading and most trusted end-to-end, full-service, medical laboratory consulting and recruiting firm. Thank you to all of our clients who have joined us in our mission to make laboratory testing more accessible. We wouldn’t be here without you.

  • We would also love to schedule a brief meeting with you to discuss your laboratory goals, needs, and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us here: www.lighthouselabservices.com/contact-form
As training programs for Lab Directors become increasingly specialized and less broad, finding the right person to lead your lab is becoming increasingly challenging. And while recruiters are supposed to make this process easier, many labs who've utilized these hiring services sometimes walk away with less than stellar results. So, what can you do to avoid these pitfalls and make your next Lab Director hire as painless as possible?

Tara Leullen, Lighthouse's Vice President of Lab Director Services, has compiled a three-part series that covers best-practices for hiring a Lab Director, how to make your position more attractive than your competitors, mistakes to avoid when working with a recruiter and more!
Here’s my biggest tip on working with a recruiter: provide feedback. Give too much feedback, even. Tell us all the minute details of why you’re passing on a particular candidate. What may seem like trivial information to you can sometimes actually be the thing that results in a successful hire! 
The following series describes:

  • The Difficulties of Hiring a Lab Director (Part 1).
  • Elevating Your Lab Director Position to Hire Top Talent (Part 2).
  • The Biggest Mistakes Labs Make When Working With Recruiters (Part 3).
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