Volume XV
June 2021 - Top Stories:

1. Full Focus: Neutralizing Antibody Testing

As more vaccines are administered, laboratories are starting to shift from diagnostic Covid-19 testing to neutralizing antibody testing. These tests can give people a better understanding of how resistant to Covid-19 they might be following vaccination.

But what are neutralizing antibody tests, and how are they conducted? Keep reading this month's Lab Insighter to learn more about this testing and how your lab can benefit.

2. Webinar: Strategies for Getting Your Laboratory In-Network

In this webinar, the leading industry experts that worked for the payors for 20+ years approving and denying lab applications will discuss:

  1. Why labs struggle with getting in-network status.
  2. Value to the lab of in-network status.
  3. What labs can do to get in-network - actionable tips.
We’re excited to announce that starting this month, The Lab Insighter newsletter is moving to a monthly publication.

You will start receiving more Clinical Laboratory news as we move our newsletter from a quarterly to monthly publication. With updates on the latest emerging tests and lines of business, explainers on how to properly bill and receive reimbursement for these complex services, and information on our latest webinars, we intend to more regularly keep decision-makers and laboratory professionals informed of the latest industry developments.
1. Trending Issue: Getting Prepared for Your Post-Covid Inspections and Audits

Did things get crazy during the past year-plus with Covid? How prepared is your lab for a quality inspection or audit now that the country is opening up and business is returning to normal?

As CMS and most commercial payers resume routine inspections and billing audits, Lighthouse Lab Services is working to prepare clients for their CLIA/COLA/CAP (and more) requirements after a long year of Covid testing.

Our Quality and Compliance team allows lab owners to rest easy by identifying deficiencies via our mock audit/laboratory inspection services, while our RCM Consulting/Auditing group, Vachette Pathology, helps get your post-Covid billing and payments back on track.

2. The Benefit of Neutralizing Antibody Tests

Since the goal of the vaccines is to train the body to produce the neutralizing antibodies that prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus from entering the host’s cells, testing for antibody levels is a good way to identify whether the vaccine has been successful in encouraging antibody production.

In our article, we gave insights into these topics:

  • How Neutralizing Antibody Tests Work
  • Practical Applications and Reopening
  • What to Look for in a Neutralizing Antibodies Test

Laboratories planning to perform neutralizing antibody testing should understand the billing and reimbursement side as well as how antibody testing can bolster the lab’s revenue stream.
As we go forward into the fall and approach the next flu season, people are going to have concerns about different variations of Covid and their overall immunity levels. Given that reality, antibody testing is a classic way to provide peace of mind for people, while also creating an avenue for labs to continue to generate revenue moving forward,” says Mick Raich, President of RCM Consulting for Lighthouse Lab Services.
The following article describes:

  • How antibody testing can bolster your lab’s revenue stream.
  • Pricing for these tests.
  • Validation and referencing costs

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