Volume XIV
April 2021 - Top Stories:

1. Full Focus: Screening/Surveillance Testing for COVID-19

State and local governments, as well as schools and workplaces, are beginning to use surveillance testing as a means to monitor the health of their communities and guide reopening. As a result, the growing impact of surveillance testing on everyday life cannot be understated.

Keep reading this month's Lab Insighter to learn more about Screening/Surveillance testing and how your lab can benefit.

2. Webinar: Surveillance Testing - The Next Step Your Lab Needs to Take

In this webinar, the leading industry experts will discuss:
  • Differentiating between Surveillance Testing and Screening Testing
  • Reduced Laboratory Costs for Pooled Testing
  • Government subsidized testing in school systems.
  • Reimbursement: Best Practices
Do you think the current laboratory testing model needs to be disrupted?

We polled 150+ laboratory experts and here's what they think:
1. Big News: Acquisition of Nation’s Premiere Pathology and Laboratory Revenue Cycle Auditing Firm, Vachette Pathology

Lighthouse Lab Services adds new expertise and services for their clients in the clinical lab industry. The acquisition helps Lighthouse expand on its position as the nation’s leading laboratory consulting firm by adding Vachette’s extensive expertise around laboratory revenue cycle consulting and auditing.

2. What is Surveillance Testing and How Does it Work?

Surveillance testing for COVID-19 is an important public health tool that provides a way to monitor for community or population-level outbreaks. When performed effectively, this testing helps to determine the effects of mitigation measures such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and vaccinations.

In our article, we gave insights into these topics:

  • How does surveillance testing differ from other types of COVID-19 testing?
  • How does it work?
  • Practical applications
  • How this testing will inform our next steps

Laboratories planning to perform regular surveillance testing should understand that commercial payors and CMS are not necessarily required to cover it.

While the recent Feb. 26 Executive Order from President Biden stipulated all COVID-19 tests performed for individual diagnosis must be covered by payors without cost-sharing, surveillance testing, unfortunately, falls into a gray area that can sometimes necessitate establishing client-bill arrangements.

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