POCMA Unveils Standard

Terms and Conditions for POC Media Advertising

Exciting News! POCMA has just launched voluntary consensus standards for Point of Care (POC) media. Our Standard Terms and Conditions for Point of Care Media provide a clear and acceptable framework, making contract negotiations for media companies and agencies more efficient. These POC Ts&Cs set out reasonable provisions that can be seamlessly incorporated into service orders and advertising buys. As a voluntary consensus standard, these POC Ts&Cs can be amended or modified through mutual agreement between parties, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving industry needs. Download Your Copy Now!

POCMA Releases Common Creative Specifications for Digital Wallboards and Screens!

This collaborative effort among members provides a streamlined framework for advertisers. These common specifications were crafted to enhance efficiency and diminish complexities in the creative development and approval process. Click here for more information.

Coming Soon –

our Enhanced Point of Care Product Finder Tool

We are updating our Product Finder Tool on our website to include all Point of Care tactics provided by our members. This tool will allow users to plug in their planning parameters and receive a comprehensive list of tactics offered by Point of Care Setting, Target audience, and HCP specialty. The current tool can be accessed here, but look for the new version after the New Year.


Point Of Care Annual Summit

March 20th, 2024

The Altman Building, NYC


Your Brand's Path To Point of Care Marketing Success

From doctors’ offices to community hospitals and encompassing diverse media such as TV, posters, condition guides, digital ads, and discharge kits, successful point of care marketing engages patients at pivotal moments across their health journey.  To strengthen these efforts, this infographic provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving point of care marketing excellence—showing how an omnichannel approach acknowledges the non-linear nature of the patient experience. Click here to access this infographic.

WebMD's Vanessa Cognard on the LIfe-Saving Impact of Healthcare Media

WebMD's Vanessa Cognard was recently named an AAM Media Maven – a series from the Alliance for Audited Media that features industry leaders who are committed to innovation and quality. Vanessa shares insights from her career including what about the industry has surprised her, how one innovative idea led to another and where she believes the healthcare publishing industry is headed. Click here to learn more.

CheckedUp Digital Education enhances patient comprehension and empowerment.

According to a recent study presented at the Real World Ophthalmology meeting on September 30, 2023, 90% of glaucoma patients reported feeling well-informed about their condition and the management of the condition. This study was based on patients scheduled for laser trabeculoplasty. Patients who received CheckedUp Digital Education retained significantly more information. Click here for more information.

Re-Thinking Omnichannel

CEO, David Paragamian, of Health Monitor Network, reflects on the panel discussion he led recently at Digital Pharma East with various industry experts - where they discussed how the right approach can make all the difference in executing successful omnichannel campaigns. Click here to access this document.

Infographic: Understanding adherence challenges in the patient treatment journey

Improving medication adherence is a priority across the industry, but the factors fueling non-adherence are complex. This infographic from Phreesia Life Sciences examines the financial and educational barriers patients face to starting—and staying on—treatment, as well as the information patients would like to help them overcome these challenges. Access this document here.

Harnessing the Power of Claims Analytics for Hyper-Targeted Provider Engagement

Healthcare providers want relevance and personalization—and utilizing only the traditional National Provider Identifier (NPI) targeting method is too limiting. In this whitepaper, learn how to elevate your targeting capabilities with claims data to gain a true 360-degree view of providers’ prescribing behaviors and what their patients want. Click here to access this article.

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest member, GoodRx. We look forward to the unique perspectives, insights, and contributions that they will bring to this association and the industry. For a complete list of our members, visit our website.

FDA Issues Long-Awaited Final Rule for DTC Prescription Drug Ads 

The Holy Grail of Winning HCP Attention: AI-Driven

Patient-First Engagement

Beyond the Media Buy: Opening the Pandora’s Box of Point-of-Care Program Measurement 

3 Reasons the Point of Care is Key for Improving Medication Adherence

POCMA has recently certified several product lines based on their compliance with our Verification and Validation Guidance. As an organization, we aim to establish industry best practices to foster trust among those who interact at the point of care. For a complete list of certified product lines, visit our website.

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Communicate (WRTV), Access/Back Office, Interact/Exam Room Wallboard

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