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1 Day Remaining | There's Still Time to Donate

Whether you were able to give a generous gift, or provide much needed prayers, we want to take a moment to let you know that the outpouring of support has been nothing short of a miracle.

Not only have we been blessed by those of you who gave to help us with our goal of raising $18,000, in order to continue providing ongoing Christ as Life equipping, but we have received a gift in the form of Estate Planning for over $100,000.  Thank you, Jesus!  

Each of us here at IOM are humbled by the generosity of the body of Christ. In a "Christian" world where confusion rules the church, you are there with your faithful support and willingness to forward, post, and share our ministry bits with all those you care for.

Thank you again for coming alongside our ministry and those whom we serve. We are hoping in Christ that you will continue to be with us throughout 2017!  You're a critical part of God's work around the world - in places where body members of Christ are begging for the Truth that will set them free. Thank you!

IOM America is a tax-deductible 501c(3) nonprofit with the goal of helping members of the body of Christ to experience, mature in, and communicate effectively the message of identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension in their various spheres of influence.
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