Trends Manifest

Blog -  April 2015


TRENDS Manifest


Warnings, information and / or advice of an upcoming trend is that the number of children and the number of women on this planet in the next few years is going to exceed any previous numbers in the history of mankind.


What is the implication of this trend's manifestation?


As a Humanist, Behavioural consultant, coach and counsellor, my questions relate to the social aspect of our families, our organisations and our countries.


More and more women are becoming single parents. More and more children are getting the keys to the front door. More and more men are becoming less interested in being married or committed to one woman. What does this mean to us now, or in a few years time? Will women be content to have one man between several family units? Will children have even less parenting than they have now? Will women become fully responsible for the raising of children all on their own? What will happen to the development of our children, youth and young adults? How will our children get the nurturing that their young minds require? What is the future to look like? Do we have hope for a better world or




It is predicted that male and female attire will become to look very similar. Will we just merge into humanity rather than as men, women and children? Will we become an emergence of people with little or no individuality or identity? Bleak questions - yes, but rather now than later.


What is it that we need to be doing together to become conscious of the direction towards that which we are heading? What is the direction? Does the direction serve us as caregivers to our families; our children, in particular? As caregivers to our loved ones, what is it that we need to be doing to live lives that are better, grounded, valued?


Will more women and more children on the planet make the planet a better place or not? Will more women and children on the planet grow compassion, collaboration, caring? Will more women and children on the planet bring with it a sense of ease, peace and serenity?


What will we put in place for more women and more children? What will change in having fewer men? What about war, finance and morality? Will there need to be new values put in place as "norm" to adjust society to new ways? Is this just too much to address? Will we put our heads under the covers and hope it goes away? Will children still go to school? Alternatively, will they be educated via online education systems collated from around the world? What does the future hold for you and your loved ones? How will you, I, contribute to the way forward? This is our new reality - how best will we manage it?


Let's collaborate for a purposeful and excellent future, Barbara.  

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