benefitsASSOCIUM Benefits - Trends in Drug Claims
Find out which medications were being claimed in 2018

Although it differs from one employee group to another, there are definite common claiming patterns among ASSOCIUM Benefits clients, and the general population. Knowing those patterns and taking steps to reduce their impact on costs are part of good plan management. 

Overall plan spending on prescription drugs increased nominally from 2017 to 2018 within the ASSOCIUM block, by approximately 2.5%. Once again, spend was dominated by specialty drugs, which now accounts for over 31% of the total spend. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, with specialty drugs representing a majority of new drugs in the development and approval stages. The good news is, our Specialty Drug program has helped reduce the impact on ASSOCIUM clients.

HRFinding the Best Shipping Service for Your Money
What to Look for in a Shipping Service

The right shipping service for you depends on one thing; how much easier it makes your life. In today's information age, we want everything faster. So why take exception when it comes to sending parcels?

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Please add the annual ASSOCIUM Charity Golf Tournament to your calendar!

When: Thursday August 15, 2019
Where: Deer Creek Golf Club, Ajax, Ontario
Come on out for a fabulous day of golf with lunch and dinner to help raise money for charity. 

Watch your inbox next week for your official invite!
PharmCan Cannabis Help Alleviate Pain?
Options for treating chronic pain

There is increasing evidence to suggest cannabis has a role in alleviating pain. Cannabis can either substitute or decrease the frequency of opioid and illicit drug use. Medical cannabis programs are associated with a decrease in use of opioids and associated morbidity and mortality.

Increasing access to medical and recreational cannabis has significant positive impacts on public health and safety. Cannabis is associated with less adverse side effects, better symptom management and is a safer option than opioids due to its lack of ability in causing respiratory depression.

Different solutions for treating pain >

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