Envision Greater Green Bay was formerly BACC - Bay Area Community Council
Steve McCarthy named Executive Director
After over 30 years of volunteer board leadership, Envision Greater Green Bay has named Steve McCarthy as its first Executive Director. Steve brings 25+ years of executive leadership, most recently as President and CEO of Curative Connections and ProSolutions. The organization’s need for an Executive Director arose from the success of its Strategic Foresight initiatives. Steve was chosen from a pool of highly qualified candidates and will officially assume his duties on January 1, 2022. Watch for more information on the Envision Greater Green Bay website and in future Horizons newsletters.
Using Foresight to Shape a Company's Future
Meet Matt Schueller of Nature's Way
by David Wegge
Follow the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Nature’s Way as he applies vital tools and skills he learned in Envision's Strategic Foresight training to influence a preferred future. He's been able to effect new strategies, new facilities, and a real commitment to shaping his company’s future. Here's how he did it.
Is US Race and Ethnicity Really Changing?
confusing questions on the 2020 Census
by Heidi Selberg
Recent news reports about the changes in the racial composition of the US and their relation to the race/ethnicity questions on the census form have generated some confusion. Are the reported changes in the country’s racial composition a real transition, or are they simply a result of the change in the way the questions were worded? Let’s find out. 
A Population Explosion in Brown County?
strategic foresight regarding climate change
by Phil Hauck
Imagine Brown County more than doubling its population within the next 20 years. Is that likely? If so, what trends might cause such an influx of new residents to Northeast Wisconsin? Research by two local futurists, recently presented to the Envision board, suggest such a population shift is far from fanciful. Read more.
Some Asylum Seekers Distinctly Middle-Class
a signal to watch
by Tom Schumacher
Historically, asylum seekers were made up of those seeking safety from criminal or political violence or to escape from abject poverty in their home countries. COVID disruptions and military conflicts are creating new waves of refugees from the middle class. Let's consider this signal.
Learn the Tools & Skills of
Strategic Foresight
join the workshop starting next February
Ten years from now, will your organization be thriving or merely surviving? You can influence outcomes rather than just adapting to them. Learn how leaders systematically drive decisions toward a preferred future! Envision will teach the foresight process through workshops led by an academically trained and nationally known expert futurist, Garry Golden. February 4 – April 8, 2022.
Learn how to:
  • Scan for trends, events and choices that might impact your future.
  • Organize and Analyze the trends, find connections, and assess the speed of change and its potential impacts.
  • Create scenarios around four possible futures for your organization
  • Envision and plan a path from where you are to where you want to be
  • Act - implement the plan and monitor indicators of success.

Foresight you can use today
Recommended by Nan Nelson
Use the Foresight Technique Headlines From the Future to depict a potential future scenario. Here's a great example, purportedly coming to us from 50 years in the future. Legendary SciFi writer Kim Stanley Robinson presents a TED talk on the "history" of how humanity ended the climate crisis and restored the damage done to Earth's biosphere. Listen to the story as it might be told in 2071!

Recommended by Gratzia Villarroel
China’s Global Influence Extends to Higher Education
This month, University World News, called “the first high-quality truly international newspaper and website” with a focus on higher education, reports that “Geointellect” is another example of China’s global influence. A review of An Innovation Action Plan for Institutions of Higher Education reveals China's determination to lead in the field of artificial intelligence in higher education.
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