November 2019
At Trent University we envision a sustainable and inspiring campus community,
thoughtfully integrating the natural and built environments, with vibrant places to
learn, live, innovate, and be active.
Expanding the Project
Much has been happening at Trent and in Peterborough over the past few months. The summer and fall seasons were busy for the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan as the last of the four-season environmental studies were completed and input from Phase 1 was reviewed.
The Trent Lands are a precious asset the University seeks to manage, develop and preserve in ways that will support our long-term sustainability. Trent is committed to a lands plan that will enhance us as a vibrant, innovative, small university focused on teaching and research, and on the social, economic, environmental, and cultural wellbeing of our communities.
While we're working to develop a guiding plan for the future of Trent University, the City of Peterborough is also undergoing a number of planing processes, including the City Official Plan , and the North-End Traffic Study and Environmental Assessment.
We have chosen to extend the target date for the completion of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan to fall of 2020 to ensure that there is enough time for meaningful community engagement in Phase 2, and to coordinate our plans for campus with the City’s initiatives. There are two planned opportunities for engagement in 2020, with the first planned in late January.
We appreciate your interest, support and input to our planning process and look forward to hearing your ideas to build an exciting, forward-looking vision for Trent University!
New Timelines
Stay tuned for an invitation to participate in Phase 2 of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan. Announcements for engagement sessions, pop-up stations and surveys will be shared in January 2020.
Housing is top of mind as Trent’s academic year begins: University plans to ease the crunch in sustainable ways
Guest column by Dr. Leo Groarke, President & Vice-Chancellor

At Trent we are working on a number of projects which help alleviate the housing crunch. Our solutions include creating a new college on the Symons campus, a residence at Catharine Parr Traill, Trent's downtown college, and a seniors/eldercare village. The village will provide revenue for the University as well as some significant opportunities for faculty research and experiential learning in a range of programs (nursing, kinesiology and the social sciences).

Here are 10 behind-the-scenes advancements at Cleantech Commons in Peterborough
Guest column by Martin Yuill, Executive Director
Martin Yuill speaks at conference
In the face of today's global environmental challenges, Cleantech Commons represents a timely partnership between Trent University and the City of Peterborough. Despite the current
"pre-construction" status of the current site, exciting things are already happening at Cleantech Commons.
Trent has partnered with experts in environmental study, Indigenous and community engagement, and land-use planning and design to help complete the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan.
Shonda Wang MSc, MCIP RPP
SvN Architects + Planners
With over 15 years of experience in large-scale urban regeneration projects, including focused work on mobility planning and design, Shonda brings expertise in transit-oriented intensification and creating walkable, thriving communities to the Trent Lands & Nature Areas Plan team. She is the lead on the consultant team, helping to design an inspiring future for Trent.
Planning for the Future
Since the 1964 Trent University Master Plan, land use planning has helped to protect, enhance and support our natural setting, teaching and research, the student experience, our academic reputation and the surrounding communities.
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