We can't afford the Energy Master Plan
Information is essential to making informed decisions. The simple face is, after over 18 months, the BPU and the State of NJ have failed to do their job providing information on the costs of their proposals and policies in the Energy Master Plan. As a result, Affordable Energy For New Jersey will do the job they have failed to do. Later this week, we will release a report examining the true costs of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan policies. 

As usual, the government is hiding costs from the residents. For a preview, New Jersey's TOTAL budget is $46.6 billion, but our estimates will show that the total cost of the Energy Master Plan will be over eleven times the size of state budget coming in at $525 Billion.
You may be asking yourself, what does that mean for me as a resident in New Jersey with all of these new energy costs? Well the average property tax bill in New Jersey is $9,112, but the Energy Master Plan will cost nearly six times that bill for each and every resident coming in at $52,500.
Look for more information when we release the full report later this week and continue to fight for affordable, reliable energy in New Jersey.

**Estimates from forthcoming Affordable Energy For New Jersey Energy Master Plan Cost Analysis.
Transparency Update: Over 554 days now
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