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  'Meet The Hafners'
The smiling faces in the front row of this photograph belong to Mark & Sarah Hafner who attended St. Louis Tres Dias #11 exactly ten years ago in the Spring of 2007.  The Hafners are now transitioning to be the new 'Fourth Day' couple on the Secretariat, taking over for Barb Bradley and Theresa Haggard. 

Both Mark and Sarah have been 'human dynamos' with regards to sponsoring people for Tres Dias weekends.  Collectively, they have sponsored eighteen people in the past and are sponsoring five additional people for the upcoming weekends in March/April, 2017.  Eight of the individuals they've sponsored are working the Spring weekends. 

For those who don't know Mark or Sarah, we wanted you to meet this special couple for this St. Louis Tres Dias newsletter. 

Describe your church upbringing - and at what age did you both become believers?  Did your family or others lead you to the Lord? 
Mark: I was raised in a mainline denomination that never preached the Gospel.  I had an encounter with Christ at age 8 and I was a born-again believer at a Billy Graham Crusade in St. Lous at age 18.  A high school friend invited me to the crusade.
Sarah: I was raised in a religious home going to a church that didn't teach the Gospel message.  I also had an encounter with the Lord at an early age;  I was in the 6th grade.  I was born-again at age 23.  My mom told me about Bible Study Fellowship where I heard the Gospel message and was led to faith by the teaching leader.   

Describe yourselves with regards to how you met, how long have you been married, how many children, careers, etc.
Mark: I met Sarah when I was pastoring a church plant in South St. Louis. We reconnected some years later & have been married for (15) years. She is an excellent step-mother to my grown children & we have (3) sons together. Currently, I have several part-time businesses - but the majority of my time is spent in ministry, which includes research into natural wellness.
Sarah: Mark & I met working in a youth ministry & a church plant. We celebrated our 15 th wedding anniversary in December 2016.  Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom & home school our sons. Prior to this, I worked as a Registered Dietitian in the medical field.
How did you first hear about Tres Dias and who asked you to attend?
Mark/Sarah:  After St. Louis Tres Dias #10, two men attending our church gave a blanket invitation. We both attended Tres Dias #11.

Were you resistant to attend at first - or did you say 'yes' pretty
Mark: After the blanket invitation, I told one of the men I'd be happy to attend if he would sponsor me. The man replied, "Sure!"
Sarah: I resisted going; I did not want to be apart from our first two children, then ages 3-1/2 & 1-1/2 yrs. old.
What was your life like prior to your weekend (individually and as a
Mark: Prior to the weekend I was a strong Christian doing ministry through our church.
Sarah: Prior to the weekend I was a committed Christian, also serving in our church.  Our marital relationship was evolving since we had very young children; me for the first time.
What did you initially expect a Tres Dias weekend to be like?  How did it match your expectations or what do you think you got out of your weekend?
Mark: I expected three days away from the business of regular life & the same three days with the Lord. It was wonderful. I enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere with other committed Godly men & began to make friends with them.
Sarah: I wasn't sure what to expect from a weekend; it was an "unknown" to me. I found the weekend to be intense & overwhelming at times, but the Lord showed me a few specific things that I am still trying to practice.
Describe how your life has changed since you attended your Tres Dias weekend.  What are some specifics?
Mark: It has strengthened Sarah's & my sense of doing ministry together, deep meaningful friendships have developed and as I continue to serve the Lord, the Tres Dias ministry has been a wonderful tool in the lives of men I am discipling.
Sarah: Initially after my weekend, I was not interested in serving. We soon had our last son & I was unavailable for awhile. A few years later, I was asked to serve & said "Yes." I have served fairly consistently since then. I also would say that Tres Dias has added a deeper sense of doing ministry with Mark, even though men & women serve on different weekends!
The Lord has powerfully used other team members to help me deal with the "stuff" of life. I have experienced real healing through the Tres Dias community & now am being used to help others as I continue to grow.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Mark & Sarah Hafner.  Please let me know if you have a testimony to share with the rest of the St. Louis Tres Dias community.

Also, the Spring, 2017 Tres Dias weekends are just around the corner.  It's certainly NOT too late to sponsor somebody who will be blessed by attending a weekend. 

De Colores!

John Cannon
Southeast Tennessee Tres Dias #9 

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