Volume 5 | Winter 2018-2019
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The Value of Wraparound
During each edition of our newsletter we have had an article on a successful youth. This made me reflect on the great value of our work and our wraparound model. The benefits of wraparound come from the value system itself. I’d like to focus on a few of the values that have made our work successful to the families we serve. 
The one I find most prominent is the power of giving the family a voice and choice in their own treatment. When families feel heard about their experiences, they feel part of the solution. When they are given choices of what service, provider or any general preference they become involved and empowered. There is also a sense of ownership in the process and not just being prescribed or told what the solution should be. Another value is a strengths-based perspective. So often, youth or families are informed of what they may be doing wrong or negative attributes that exist. Identifying their strengths makes them feel valuable and confident about themselves. It also makes it easier to find positive outcomes utilizing an area of interest. Another great value is having community-based solutions. Sending a youth to be treated outside of their home makes them feel like they are a failure or an outcast within their own community and adds unnecessary stress. The benefits of keeping a youth in their home with family, in their school with friends and in their community is invaluable. Research shows children that live with their families thrive better than youth treated outside the home environment. 

James Parauda, LSW
Executive Director
Tri County CMO Presents Anti-Stigma Poster at NAMI NJ’s Annual Conference
Above picture is a resized image of the “We Can Be Stigma Free” poster Tri County CMO presented at the NAMI NJ conference.

On December 1st, 2018 Tri County Care Management Organization participated in NAMI NJ’s Annual Conference as a poster presenter. This year’s theme was “1 in 5 Youth Mental Health and Wellness” which highlighted the statistic that 1 in 5 youth are faced with mental health challenges. We were honored to be a part of this empowering conference and contributed the Stigma Free poster as an expressive art form to combat stigma. In addition, we were afforded the opportunity to host a resource table at the conference in which we offered information about our services and giveaways. Thank you NAMI NJ for this wonderful experience!
Pride in Partnership
The Arc of New Jersey is the state’s largest non-profit organization that serves children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Through county chapters children and adults receive services including respite, recreational activities, afterschool programs, employment supports and housing options. The Arc of New Jersey offers several programs at no cost to families:
  • Project HIRE: supported employment program
  • Planning for Adult Life: assists young adults 16-21 and their caregivers
  • NJ Self-Advocacy Project: offers Healthy Lifestyles activities, planning and leadership workshops and more
  • Mainstreaming Medical Care: helps families navigate Medicaid and Medicare
  • Criminal Justice Advocacy Program: works with courts to find alternatives to incarceration for defendants
  • The Family Institute: helps families navigate service systems
  • Camp Jaycee: overnight summer camp for children (17+) and adults (families may private pay or receive funding through PerformCare for children under 21)
For more information, visit www.arcnj.org or call 732.246.2525.
Tri County CMO & FSO Open House
In December, Tri County CMO and FSO held their annual holiday Open House at the CEA School in Flemington. Families came together to share smiles, laughter, and holiday cheer with each other and special guests Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The sensory room offered activities such as a snowball dig, coloring, a snowball toss, and more. Dinner was provided, and families left with generous gifts.
Community Corner
Announcing ARC-GROW Treatment Model
NJ Children’s System of Care, in partnership with The Rutgers Children’s Center for Resilience and Trauma Recovery, announced the availability of ARC/GROW, a therapeutic model to support children with complex trauma and their caregivers. ARC identifies three primary goals: 1) the ability to build secure and healthy relationships (Attachment); 2) the ability to effectively understand and cope with emotions (Self-regulation); and 3) the ability to develop skills needed for resilient outcomes (Competency). GROW is a caregiver psychoeducation and skill-building intervention to teach caregivers the skills they need to help their child heal. ARC/Grow is consistent with the wraparound model of care.
For Your Information
National Random Acts of Kindness Day began in New Zealand in 2004 and is now celebrated in Australia and the USA. This year, on February 17 th , take a day to celebrate kindness and “pay it forward!” From paying someone a compliment to giving flowers or baking cupcakes for a friends or family, every little act can put a smile on someone’s face. For more information and ideas about how to show your kindness, visit www.randomactsofkindness.org. 
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Jennifer Brown
How to Get Referred to Tri County CMO
PerformCare can help a parent or guardian connect their child to Children’s System of Care services. PerformCare staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assessment and guidance to families facing challenges to their functioning and well-being.

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