May 10 2019
Last chance to get the 2019 Tri Scottsdale kit
that you have been admiring! 
Store closes tomorrow May 11th
We have made a few adjustments in the store to limit the selection to cycling/tri kits and the hoodie jacket (because we LOVE the hoodie jacket!- pic in the comments). With that and a few other adjustments, including the addition of a silver bib short and free shipping, we have done our very best to provide good value on a very sharp and high quality kit, and we will continue to do that! Below are the instructions and the links to place your order - all custom orders placed will be shipped to one address where they will be available for pickup at 7600 E Camelback Rd. 
ETA on delivery after we close the store May 11 is 6/17

Team Shop Access
*** Existing Team Shop Accounts ***
Any existing riders on Tri Scottsdale should be able to access the team shop with their existing account. When logging in make sure to hit the Team Shop “Yes” bubble below your password. When you get to your existing account page, click the black 'Tri Scottsdale' in the top left corner of the page
If anyone has trouble or needs a password reset please email or call 844-839-7144.

*** New Team Shop Account Setup ***
Below is the link to access the login page. The first time you visit the site you will create a new customer account. Any time after that just enter your account email, password and make sure to hit the Team Shop “Yes” bubble.
Team Shop Code: TriScottsdale

Once logged in you will see the new menu title in the upper left, click that title to populate the full shop. If you have any trouble access the team shop or if you have an existing team shop account with Cuore and would like to have that updated please email or call 844-839-7144
  • Get yourself some cool gear with the Tri Scottsdale logo on it from Orange Mud!! They have changing towels/seat covers, running packs and various bags available, and make sure to select from items from the "Team Store" if you want the Tri Scottsdale logo on there! Enter the code T19SCOTTSDALE to receive 30% off at checkout. Sale has been extended to May 19th.

This Crew (and many other volunteers) are working hard to make the club work for you! The great sponsorships/partnerships, the weekly activities (including the new coached swims), and much more to come. If you haven't already joined us, please consider showing them your support by becoming a full member today.
Saturday Long Ride this week is:
Towers/7 Springs- 65 or 74 Miles
Towers/7 Springs- 74 miles
* add on or turn around to meet your training schedule.

Wheels down 7:00am from
Panera Bread
8777 N Scottsdale Rd, Paradise Valley 85253
**Please arrive at 645

Here is the Plan!!

Saturday’s Ride is up to 74 miles on the Towers/7 Springs route with a bigger regroup/refresh at The Raven’s View which is at mile 42 for those doing the full route, and mile 35 if you wanted to turn around there and do 67 miles. Wheels down 7am at Panera Bread and the weather looks to be fine at 60-75F. (Pro Tip - If you are struggling a little early on in this ride and want to stay with a group, I would highly recommend skipping the McDowell Mountain Hill - at mile 9 when everyone turns right, you (safely) go straight up Thompson Peak at an easier pace, and you will leapfrog the group for a bit - don’t worry, they will catch up...). 

By popular demand we are moving to a 6am wheels down time for the “warm season" commencing on Saturday May 18th. 

Full 74 Mile Route with cue-sheet (67 miles if you turn around at Raven’s View, 40 miles if you turn south on Pima and loop back at mile 22)

Tri Scottsdale
Not-So-Annual Golf Outing
MAY 23RD 3:30-10:30PM
Our not-so-annual golf outing is becoming more annual each year! Please let us know if you plan to come as we have a limited amount of reservations. The cost will be $29 and you will pay that directly to the club upon arrival. The start time is 4pm but please arrive early to get checked in and hit a few balls. The format will be similar to previous years... scramble. We will have a timed hole again and farthest drive. We will be selling raffle tickets for some fun prizes. Feel free to pick your teams now or we can pair you up when you get there. We will be heading to Famous 48 after the golf “tournament” which is across the street from the golf course. This is a really fun event for the club and a great way to get to know people. Hope you can make it!

Tri Scottsdale
"Happy Hour"
May 16th
Join us for a fun evening of friends, food and drinks!
Cold Beers & Cheesesburgers located in Old Town Scottsdale
4222 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale
Let's Go Ride (out of town)

Annual Mount Lemmon Ride May 18th 7am in Tucson
-This is not a beginner ride, it is a 25mi up with almost 7k ft climbing
-Total r/t is ~58mi - 4mi flat to the base of the 25mi climb
- Contact Abby for details and to RSVP

Lake Mary- Flagstaff Saturday June 22nd 8am
-Let's escape the heat and ride the Lake Mary/Mormon Lake Loop in Flagstaff
-56mi Loop, meet at 8am at JW Powell and Lake Mary Rd
- Contact Abby for details and to RSVP

Congrats to Everyone Who Raced this Weekend!
Splash and Dash #1- May 1
Jane Esahak-Gage, 1500 meter swim, 22:23, 2nd OA, 1st Female and 1st AG
George Esahak-Gage, 1500 meter swim, 25:33, 4th OA, 2nd Male and 1st AG
Sam Coppersmith, 1500 meter swim + 5k dash, 1:04:33, 3rd AG

Ironman St George 70.3 May 4th
Ashley Dellosa  4:55:19 6 th AG
Dave Keating  6:01:44
Debra Nel  7:59:51
Jeanie Clausen  7:47:18
Joan Bucklew 7:05:48
Noriko Ueda  6:26:50
Paul Stevenson (PRO)  4:10:09
Sharon Ottman  8:20:38
Steve Greenspan  6:36:00
Tosh Ueda  5:50:22
Veronique Ranger  5:08:14 9th AG

Cactus Man Tri- Sprint- May 5
Cathy Brown  1:33:28 1st AG
David Ketley  1:17:25 (3 rd AG)
Dylan Delacruz  1:05:38 (2 nd OA)
George Eshak-Gage  1:14:03 (1 st AG)
Jan Lohman  1:19:29 (1 st AG)
Juda McGannon  1:21:44 (1st AG)
Kathy Stanley 1:23:47 (1 st AG)
Mandi Nilsen  1:16:19 (1 st AG)
Marc Brooks 1:41:12 (3 rd AG)
Michelle Keas  2:16:25
Michelle Miller  1:52:20
Preston Miller  1:53:43 (4th A)
Rebecca Cannon Vejar  1:21:59 (1 st AG)
Rochelle Arko  1:15:26 (3rd OA)
Ross Rembac  1:14:12 (1 st AG)
Scott Mcghghy  2:13:28
Shawn Bernardi  1:08:58 (1 st AG)
Sue Krupa  1:46:15 (1st AG)
Tom Lewis  1:23:21 (1 st AG)
Cactus Man Tri- Olympic- May 5
Adam Mims  2:33:03 (5 th AG)
Adrienne Leblanc  2:21:01 (3 rd OA)
Aliesha Brard  3:10:01 (4th AG)
Allison Merlo  2:19:03 (2 nd OA)
Jason Lipsky  3:38:43
Jeremy Williams 2:42:56
Jeromy McMahon  3:00:41 (5 th AG)
Jessica Kamin  3:21:47 (5th AG)
John Poisson  2:16:35 (3 rd AG)
Joseph Santa Cruz  3:11:16
Katrina Stephan  3:42:47
Kyndal Sorenson  2:22:28 (1 st AG)
Lance Hutchinson  2:29:55 (2 nd AG)
Mar Villamar  3:01:04 (4th AG)
Matt Brownlee  2:31:07 (3rd AG)
Michelle Heintz  3:59:41
Miriam Robles  3:09:34
Pedro Gomes (PRO)  2:02:32 (1 st OA)
Ralph Ray  3:26:00
Sam Coppersmith 3:05:10
Stacey Gibson  2:35:00 (1 st AG)
Suzanne O’Neal  3:00:42
Cactus Man Aqua Bike- May 5
Sue Casaway (Sprint)  1:04:17 – 1 st OA
Anathea Powell (Olympic)  1:39:30 (1 st OA)

Cactus Man Olympic Relay- May 5
Team “I made him do this” 1:18:03 (1st place/mixed) (Anna Rischitelli & Daniel Herder)
Team “TriScottsdale 5”  2:52:22 (2nd place/mixed)

Whiskey Row Half Marathon May 4th
Adam Folts  3:11:49 (3rd OA) Marathon
Terry Dykshorn 2:28 (1st AG) Half
Elaine Wangercyn 10k. 57 min (3rd AG) Half
David Triwood 1:43 (3rd AG) Half

Get your name on the race list...

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Lifetime Tempe Tri Discount Code!
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The code will be good for $10 off the race and will be used to calculate our team perks laid out in the team program (link below)

The code will be good for $10 off the race and will be used to calculate your team perks laid out in the team program.

It will be cross-country style scoring in that the 5 fastest times in a team of 5-10 people will be totaled up and that will be the team’s final score. Yes, athletes will register individually for the race our contact David Rosenbrock will be able to pull a report of everyone that registered with our code so we can create teams!

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Come join us for
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We have daily workouts, as well as small group workouts. We ride on Tue-Thur-Sat and run on Mon-Wed-Fri.

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Questions please contact us via email at:
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