January 15th, 2021 Vending Technology News
As part of the company’s initiative to keep existing refrigeration relevant with the latest in micro market innovations, TriTeq Lock & Security is expanding its portfolio of health locks and monitoring software to include payment options and remote management.

Bill Denison, CEO of TriTeq, said the company is committed to delivering the latest technology solutions for vending and micro market operators while leveraging its existing investments in coolers and freezers. “In the past,” Denison stated, “a cooler or freezer with a factory lock could not add the option to unlock through remote access.  Our new FreshConnect module refreshes older cooler and freezer locks by adding temperature monitoring, alerts and remote unlock capability.”

Installing U-Select-It Flex control boards in vending machines enables start-up times 55 seconds faster than most competitors’ equipment and also enables customer engagement and the ability to increase sales, according to a manufacturer-sponsored webinar.

The USI webinar said that the company’s open architecture control board makes machine management more efficient by allowing operators who have touch screen machines to add information such as product nutrition and pricing information, static pictures and 10-second videos at the same time a machine is being stocked without using extra wires.  Since both stocking and installing information can happen at once, USI says route drivers can complete route stops in less time.

The latest version of Gimme’s KeyPro wireless data exchange, which has a wireless data exchange (DEX) adapter and patented hardware that plugs into a vending machine’s DEX port, is now available. The adapter uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which Gimme says makes it easy for operators and route drivers to get accurate data about the company’s vending machine without having to go into device settings before connecting to DEX.

According to Gimme, the Key Pro wireless DEX Adapter gives operators greater control over routes and schedules and lets an operator know what its machines need so machines can be fully stocked.

Gimme’s DEX wireless adapter has a rugged design, It is durable and easy for an operator or route driver to install in the company’s vending machine themselves within seconds.

The Nayax MoMa mobile app is a convenient and efficient way to streamline business, according to a webinar presented by the company.

The management app offers back–end capabilities, such as monitoring and management tools, that enable vending operators to easily manage vending machines form smartphones or tablets, the company said.

Nayax says operators using the MoMa app can take control of a company’s vending businesses while reducing operational costs.  Unlike some apps which Nayax says apps are inconvenient or difficult for operators to use, the company says the MoMa smartphone app was designed so that anyone can use it. Using the app, operators can see what’s happening with the company’s machines, including maintenance tasks and more, at a moment’s notice. 

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