Triangle Convention

Day 1


Hudson Valley

Resort & Spa

Kerhonkson, New York 

Hey Ms. Madison, time for a bigger car?


Ahhh, getting some sleep on the way to Convention? That may be the only sleep you get until Monday. 

The registration is underway, as well as the set-up for Convention 2015


We are all a little weird...

The stressful moments before ritual competition...Ugh!

"Ice Breakers"

Getting to know other Triangle Sisters from around the State.  Memories to last forever.

Practice Makes Perfect!


The Senior and Junior Advisory Councils practice for tomorrows Installation. 

A pizza party to end

day #1

The First in a Convention Short Series
 " Odd things found at the Hudson Valley Resort"
(Top) Red and Blue taped spoons?
(Lower Left) What is that string doing in the shower?
(Lower Right) Fire Alarm without a glass tube?

Just wait, it gets better, much better!