Triangle Convention
Day #2
  New Kids on the Block
Our alumni return to Triangle and introduce their children to Convention.  Looks like a solid Masonic Youth future brewing here!
  When you lose something at Triangle Convention, you usually have to do some "song and dance"!
Is that correct Mr. Roche and Mrs. Ferretti?
  Opening, Installation, Degrees, Awards and more... 
Jr. Past State Representative Miss Annie Parks retires,
as our newest State Representative Miss Alison Wright begins her term.  
State Representative Miss Alison Wright begins the term with her Junior Advisors to assist.  
There were many dignitaries present to wish Triangle the best of luck in the new term, including Grand Master Thomas. 
Special thanks again for all the support our adult organizations give us.  It is greatly appreciated. 
"Adora Fortunato Award"
Miss Gabrielle Stephan was the 2015 award winner for Outstanding Commitment and Dedication to the Organization of Triangles.
Congratulations Gabrielle!   


And so it begins...

Let's all take a walk with Alison this year as she represents the Organization of Triangles.


Will those boots be worn out after one year? 


Door Decorations


Everyone did such a great job this year!


Where are you flying to?


The forever popular

Scavenger Hunt!


Who did win? 


The Triangle store has been busy!  New items for sale, so get yours now!

The Series Continues...
"Odd things found at the Hudson Valley Resort"
(Left) A new type of door stop!
(Middle) Many are wondering what that thing is on the back of the bathroom door? Well, here is a hint... It will help if your thirsty!
(Right) Really can't explain this... Kinda starts out sounding like a joke; There's a cup, a fire extinguisher and a plunger... (why do these three things belong together?) 
I have no idea, do you? I'm not sure I even want to guess!