Triangle Convention
Day 3
  A Very Special
Thank You!

The Organization Of Triangles, Inc. has created a special recognition to those who go "above and beyond" for our organization.

It always seemed natural that the first recipient of this award should be Mr. Raymond Roche who did so much to recognize the betterment of womanhood, especially within the Organization of Triangles.

Thank You!

  The 2015
State Directors Award

State Director, Ms. Mary Madison presented her 2015 State Directors Award to Miss Ally Callaghan.


Congratulations Ally! 

The Sunday Morning
Memorial Degree
  The Order of Deborah

York Rite initiates a Triangle member into the
"Order of Deborah".
Everyone in attendance at this 2015 Triangle Convention proudly watched as Miss Samantha Dugan received this special honor.

Congratulations Samantha!

Behind the scenes of a Triangle video production shoot.
Stay tuned for this in the
coming months!
The "Hat" Contest
The Forever Popular Talent Show
The Talent Show this year was hosted by our very own State Representative Miss Alison Wright and our Junior Past State Representative Miss Annie Parks.
Let the show begin!

Some of our Senior Staff

Mrs. Turri, Mrs. Ferretti
and Mr. Walker.

These boots are made for walking...
And, dancing?
The traditional Triangle Banquet, always a blast! 
The Final in the three part series...
"Odd things found at the Hudson Valley Resort"

- Someone leave their key in the door? Lucky, Mr. Walker didn't catch you.


- Okay, so the "hot water" is always on the left, and "cold water" on the right, correct?  Well, this one has "hot" on the left, and "hot & cold" on the right.