2017 - Get Fired Up!

TTC Newsletter
April 2017
Fred Arnold
Presidents Message

Big News! The Triangle Triathlon Club has been granted nonprofit status (501c3) by the IRS.
What does that mean for the club? This status will help us in many ways. On the income and cost avoidance side, we can purchase some goods and services at lower costs. We can also solicit and accept donations that are tax-deductible to the donor. Some of you work for companies that will donate to nonprofit organizations that you are involved in, so this is a potential funding source. Additionally, we don't have to pay taxes on income. Which will allow us to carry forward funds from one year to the next without having the money taxed.
While all of that is nice, the real benefit to the club and the community will be on the outcome side. Our dollars will go farther to educate and advance the sport of Triathlon in our community. We have all adopted this sport and reap the benefits of the healthy lifestyle that goes along with this sport. We can use these funds to encourage and bring new people into the sport, both Adults and children. The possibilities are exciting.
The club's future looks bright, however, new initiatives require member participation. I encourage each of you to think of ways that we can expand our reach in the community. I look forward to your suggestions and participation.
Suggestions? Drop me a line at fred@TriangleTriClub.com

Season Kickoff Party and Sponsor Expo 
Here is the official 2017 club photo from the party. More pictures here

Thank you all for helping to make the Kickoff Party and Sponsor Expo a success.

Three simple tips to manage your aches and pain as you start the new triathlon season

As another triathlon season is upon us, many will experience aches and pains with increasing intensity of work-outs and the first exposure of the body to the stress of early season races. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you try to manage these:
  1. Frequently there are questions when to use ice or heat on your painful body part. For new aches and pain you essentially can not go wrong with ice, especially after a work-out or a race. Apply the ice on the painful area for 15-20 minutes at the time and repeat as often as is practical especially in the first 24-48 hours. Do not apply ice directly n bare skin to avoid frostbite but use a cloth or towel in between the ice and skin. Heat is mostly use when an injury is recovering or as a "warm-up" for stiff and sore muscles prior to exercise.

  2. Over-the-counter (OTC) medication can be helpful to manage your aches and pains. Most effective medications are the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) and they can work directly on the inflamed body part. They tend to work better if taken early and consistently after an ache or pain appears. The OTC dose is relatively low and many athletes have a more profound effect if they double the recommended OTC dose. However, be careful for side-effect like stomach problems and interference with other medication or medical problems. Consult your doctor on this. Be aware that acetaminophen (Tylenol) does not have anti-inflammatory properties although it is a relatively safe pain killer.

  3. Complete rest for aches and pains in triathletes is rarely advisable unless it is an extremely acute trauma such as a fracture. Most problems in triathletes are overuse injuries and there are better managed with "relative rest". This generally means things like temporarily cutting back on mileage and speed or spending more time on work-outs that do not cause pain (usually swimming and biking). Laying on the couch, not doing anything does not make these overuse injuries heal up any faster.
Happy training and racing!

Louis Almekinders, MD
North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic
Durham, NC

2017 Triangle Triathlon Club Sponsors! 

Spring has Sprung - Preparing for Spring Cycling
"In the Spring, a triathlete's fancy turns to riding." That's not a precise quote from Tennyson, but after a long winter of trainer rides and spin classes, you're probably more than ready to hit the roads and take your bike training outdoors. But before you do, spring is also the time to revisit your training plan and to check that both bike and rider are prepared to ride safely.
Safety: Now is the time to get to your local bike shop for that spring tune-up. For do-it-yourselfers, check and replace as necessary brake and shifter cabling, chain, brake pads, cleats, tires, and tubes. Fully clean and lubricate the drive train and pedals. Re-torque all bolts. Check the wheels for loose spokes and trueness, and don't forget to check your road repair kit. The rider probably needs a tune-up as well. Take time on your first rides to polish your bike handling and group riding skills. Don't jump into the A group, if you've been a B rider all winter. Review the North Carolina bike laws which were revised last July.
Training Plan : Spring brings numerous group rides and time to socialize with friends that we haven't seen all winter. But your "A" races in May and June are not far off, so make sure your rides are well integrated with your season objectives and training plan. Cycling as the longest of the three disciplines and the one that sets up the run will be the key contributor to your triathlon performance.

Click here for are some tips to assure your spring riding supports your training objectives:

Volunteer Opportunity - Raleigh 70.3

TTC, along with the Cary YMCA is staffing Bike Aid Station #2 on the Raleigh 70.3 Course. We do this to give back to the Triathlon community and at the same time we raise funds for a local charity by way of a donation from the IRONMAN Foundation.

The picture shows all of the volunteers it takes to run an aid station. If you are not racing we really need you to volunteer

Volunteer here 
MS Spring Fling, April 1st. This ride will start at Inside Out Sports in Cary

74-mile ride* rolls out at 9:00 am
53-mile ride* rolls out at 9:30 am
31-mile ride* rolls out at 10:30 am
*Approximate distances
$35 through March 30, $40 March 31st and day of the ride.


Reminder: TTC Members receive a discount for this race, discount codes are listed on the TTC website, go to the login tab to find the codes.

Thank you to everyone that came out for the Raleigh 70.3 talk. I hope everyone is able to put some of those tips to practice as you prepare for your racing season. I'll also be out on the TTC Raleigh 70.3 bike course training rides to help with any training/racing questions (or reach me before hand).

This year I will be on the IRONMAN Event Team at IRONMAN Chattanooga. I recorded a webinar with the IRONMAN Athlete Development team as part of their commit to 140.6 program for first time athletes. If you are racing IRONMAN Chattanooga or just want to get some good tips, you can register and watch the recorded webinar here . I will also get some time on our club calendar to discuss it live with the team.

I am offering special IRONMAN 70.3 and IRONMAN 140.6 (14 week - 24 week) coaching services if you sign up during April, 2017. Let the personalized and passionate service of T3 Tri Coaching help you achieve success this season. Learn more at www.t3tricoaching.com or give me a call. I look forward to seeing you out training and crossing the finish line.

Brain Tucker

Are you in for 2017? 

If you have not already renewed, now is the time!
Be part of the Triangle's largest and most active triathlon club!
Our Super Hot New Kit!

What are you racing in this year?  We have teamed up with Sugoi this year to bring you the best available racing technology. Upgraded Tri Tops, new sleeved tri top and tri suit options. At very competitive prices.

There are several options during the registration process, here 

Or purchase additional items in our club store, here

Tri gear without sleeves should be available April 28th, just in time for the Cary DU.  The new sleeved tops will be available mid May. If you ordered by March 9th.

Raleigh 70.3 logo
Raleigh 70.3 Ride the Course

Once again we will be hosting a series of training rides on the Raleigh 70.3 course. The Bike Course and the Run Course will be the same as last year. We have confirmed this with the race director.

This year we will have an aid station on the course.  The aid station will be run by the ALS Association, North Carolina Chapter.  The ALS Association will receive a portion of the net proceeds from these rides. 

Ride Dates:
April 30th - Register here
May 7th - Register here  - Same day as the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge - Yes, you can do both events! Swim registration
This year the rides will be hosted by 
Tobacco Road Sports Cafe
Monthly Post Ride Socials
Mellow Mushroom - Cary

First post ride social April 4th Mellow Mushroom - Cary
4300 NW Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513
Starting in April, on the first Tuesday of each month (through September), we will have a post ride social at Mellow Mushroom - Cary.  We generally meet on the indoor patio about 7:45PM.  You don't have to ride to attend the social.  The club buys the first beer or soft drink for all club members. We do ask that you RSVP on the club calendar. 

The ride starts at 6PM at Inside Out Sports - Cary.  There will be an "A", "B" and a no drop "C" group.
Hey North Raleigh!
Monthly Post Ride Socials - Chow
First post ride social April 12th Chow Pizza Bar
8311 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

Starting in April, on the second Wednesday of each month (through September), we will have a post ride social at Chow Pizza Bar. 
You don't have to ride to attend the social.  The club buys the first beer or soft drink for all club members. We do ask that you RSVP on the club calendar.

The ride starts at 6PM at Inside Out Sports - Raleigh.  There will be an "A", "B" and a no drop "C" group.

Mellow Mushroom - Cary Duathlon Course Recon

YES! In our backyard! The USAT Duathlon Long Course National championship is coming to Cary, April 29th. 

We are going to have a course recon event, April 9th, 9AM
USA Baseball National Training Complex

Come preview the course with us.

Ride either the long course or the short course just like race day. Then run the course.

Then hangout for some tasty Mellow Mushroom pizza.
Club Designated Races

This year we have selected three race weekends as TTC designated races. Of course we encourage everyone to race all of the local races.  We will just have extra support and events for the races listed below.  We selected races and distances that should allow as many members as possible to participate.

Triangle Sprint 7/15 - race or volunteer - Post Race Cookout
Lake Logan - Sprint, Olympic and Half 8/5-8/6 Pre-race dinner and other events (TBD)
Washington Olympic & Sprint Triathlon 8/19 Pre-race dinner
Currently, we have discount codes (see members only section of the website) for Lake Logan and Washington.  

Discount Codes

Reminder, we have a long list of discounts available.  To access the codes, go to the members only section of the TriangleTriClub website, by clicking on the Join/Sign In tab. 

We have race discounts from FS Series, including the open water series, and the Setup Events Lake Logan Triathlon. We also have several other significant savings opportunities from our other sponsors.