2017 - Get Fired Up!

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March 2017
Season Kickoff Party and Sponsor Expo 
March 5th, Noon-2PM 
Lonerider Brewery

Come meet our TTC club sponsors at our Sponsor Expo and Kick-off Party. Our sponsors will be on hand to answer your questions about their goods and services. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about club specific discounts and incentives, as well as the opportunity to join the club.

* Meet your teammates
* We are serving lunch
* All attendees get two free Lonerider Beers
* And of course, we will have a few door prizes

We will also be taking a club photo at this event. Here is last year 's photo

Please RSVP for the party Here!

There will also be a ride from the Lonerider Brewery that morning, RSVP for the Ride here

2017 Triangle Triathlon Club Sponsors! 

Tri Stacey
How to WIN winter training

Spring fever in the Triangle finds us all out biking and running with huge smiles and renewed enthusiasm.   Needless to say, we have more wet and cold days ahead.   Mother nature will no doubt remind us that it's still some form of winter.
So how to keep the WIN in your winter training?  
Here are a few coach secrets for you.  
1. Admit that it's HARD:    Cold ride days are epic.   Wet run days are challenging.  Experience the emotion, have a good curse, and then get rolling.   
2. Stay consistent:  Some days, you are reduced to training the habit of training.  This is hugely important in keeping training a part of your daily life.   Make a promise to move and keep it.    
3.  Dust off your race kit:    Have an honest talk with your mirror and your race kit.  Putting on your kit can be both inspiring and also a great reality check.   Own it and then act on it.    
4.  Be accountable to another:    Use a trusted training buddy or a coach to keep you honest.  Strength in numbers is never more true than on a soggy, cold training day.   Keep your resolve strong by adding another member to your personal performance team.  
5.  Keep your promises to yourself:  If you say you will train, then train. If you say you will eat a salad, eat a salad.   The way back to spring race fitness is through strengthening your resolve.   Build your resolve AND your fitness!!   
Train your commitment first and you will WIN this winter.  
For more inspiration, read on at www.tristacey.com 
Stacey Richardson
Professional Triathlete and Coach
USAT level II, USATF Level I
USA Cycling Elite Level 1
TRX Instructor
919 423-4361
Are you in for 2017? 

If you have not already renewed, now is the time!
Be part of the Triangle's largest and most active triathlon club!
Did you sign up for your first IRONMAN or want to improve on last year's results?

Don't waste time and effort just putting in miles. Set yourself up for success with the advice and training strategies of coach with 10 years of IRONMAN racing experience.

T3 Tri Coaching, based here in Cary, North Carolina, was formed to help local triathletes. As an IRONMAN and USAT Level 1 Coach, I use proven techniques to build your training progression to get you to the start line prepared. Then I use my IRONMAN racing experience and strategies to get you across the finish line. 

This year I will be on the IRONMAN Event Team at IRONMAN Chattanooga helping first time athletes who committed to 140.6. I will also be out at IRONMAN Raleigh 70.3, IRONMAN Mont Treblant 140.6, and IRONMAN Florida 140.6 on top of many local events racing and helping athletes succeed.

As a returning coaching partner with the club, I am offering special IRONMAN Raleigh 70.3 and IRONMAN Chattanooga or other IRONMAN 14 week - 24 week coaching services if you sign up during March, 2017. Contact me or see me at the Triangle Triathlon Club Kickoff event for more information.

Let the personalized and passionate service of T3 Tri Coaching help you achieve success this season. Learn more at www.t3tricoaching.com or give me a call . I look forward to seeing you out training and crossing the finish line.

Brain Tucker

Our Super Hot New Kit!

What are you racing in this year?  We have teamed up with Sugoi this year to bring you the best available racing technology. Upgraded Tri Tops, new sleeved tri top and tri suit options. At very competitive prices.

There are several options during the registration process, here 

Or purchase additional items in our club store, here

The first in our 2017 Clinic Series

Please RSVP here

2017 Slowtwitch Road Shows kicking off at Inside Out Sports March 4 2017!

Inside Out Sports, together with Slowtwitch, are throwing a party for area multi-sport athletes at our Cary NC Location. Several area coaches, local multisport influencers as well as ten of the top multisport vendors who are already committed to being here.

We will also have the following on this special day:
  • Beer and food from local partners

  • Group bike rides and runs will be planned throughout the day. Special guest to lead. As well as some time to demo some cool new products.

  • Clinics, raffles, and Tech Reps from Hoka One One, Cervelo, Quintana Roo, Zipp, Sram, Quarq, Cycleops, Wahoo and more

  • A stunning array of gear, electronics, and bikes to drool over, demo and buy at special show prices

  • Partner coaches and local athletes to interact with
And it's FREE for you to attend and participate.

More details here

Special for TTC Members - Chris Newport from Endurance Edge will be offering sweat testing. The cost is $199 and will be discounted 10% for members of the Triangle Triathlon Club.

Want to get sweat tested? You can do so while riding the virtual Chatanooga 70.3 course at 9am, 1pm or 4pm on a Wahoo Kickr (a quiet indoor trainer with power used without wear and tear to your rear wheel). Want a VO2 test that Saturday morning? Schedule it online here for that morning and come get your VO2 test at our office before heading to the Roadshow.

Sweat Testing

Special for TTC Members - Chris Newport from The Endurance Edge will be offering sweat testing during the Slowtwitch event. The cost is $199 and will be discounted 10% for members of the Triangle Triathlon Club.

Want to get sweat tested? You can do so while riding the virtual Chatanooga 70.3 course at 9am, 1pm or 4pm on a Wahoo Kickr (a quiet indoor trainer with power used without wear and tear to your rear wheel). Want a VO2 test that Saturday morning? Schedule it online here for that morning and come get your VO2 test at our office before heading to the Roadshow.

BritFit logo
How stable is your foundation? 
 By Jackie A. Miller, Britfit

In this article I will share with you some suggestions to help you check in on how your single leg stability could be better maybe?

Why you ask? Well, because if you walk, run or bike, at some point you will be shifting your weight off one leg onto the other. If you are moving often, then you should do it well. There is plenty of evidence to substantiate that having less movement asymmetries and or deficits can help reduce time off from injury.

First, you need to assess your current status. You have a couple of choices here.
  1. Bare foot, stand in front of a mirror. Wear shorts or leggings so you have clear sight of your whole leg from the hip down to the floor. Now balance on one leg. What happens? Does your ankle, knee or both cave inwards? Does the stance hip move out causing the opposite hip to drop or tilt downwards? Can you even stand on one leg well and for how long?

  2. Run on a treadmill in front of a mirror. Placing your bike trainer in front of a mirror can also be helpful too. Start out at a low speed so you are looking at your movement patterns from a walk or EZ spin, then increase the intensity and look for the same points mentioned in number one.

  3. Have someone video you running from all angles. Hiring a skilled professional to do a run analysis can be very insightful as they know what to look for. If you have the capability to see yourself running towards and away from the camera it can be very telling.
Now you have assessed and maybe learned a few things about your current movement patterns what can you do to improve on it? The following correctives can be done daily with very little equipment, almost anywhere!
  1. Single Leg Stance with Core Activation
Sometimes, we may not fire our core muscles reactively to respond to the demand. However, this reflex is there. Hopefully this won't happen to you but if someone is about to punch you in the gut what do you do? You would brace yourself in order to protect yourself from the oncoming blow. You probably will brace your diaphragm with a sharp intake of breath, causing some pressurization of the abdominal area. This core activation can also help with your balance and overall stability.

Anchor a band up high, stand in front and take hold of the handles. Press down to feel tension in the band, this will activate the core. Now perform a single leg stance trying not to weight shift much. Pay attention to any differences left and right. Using a mirror is good for feedback at times but don't become reliant on it. Learn to feel what you see, but learn to feel what you feel. That way you can develop great movement awareness.

2. Single Leg Stance with RNT correction


Stand on one leg with a band around the outside of the knee. Allow the tension of the band to give you just enough feedback to want to cause the knee to do what we will correct-that is to cave in. Reactive Neuromuscular Training is a great way to amplify the movement deficit. It helps turn up the noise and awakens neural pathways in the brain to react to the stimulus. Practiced over and over again you quickly learn to correct and upload the new skill. The resistance does not need to be high. The strength gains are coming from how your brain is working, not by muscle hypertrophy.

A progression off this would be to add a step up. Work on your correct movement pattern on the up and downward phase (eccentric and concentric load). Changing speeds is good too.


3. Single Leg Hip Hinge with RNT correction


Here you have to develop more of a reactive core to overcome any rotational demands placed upon you, as you move differently through space.

Placing the band at different points can help you correct any difficulties you may experience with this. Addressing any muscle tightness with some foam rolling can benefit here too. Some lack of flexibility can reduce your ability to perform this well but that is a whole other article! This is still a great movement to include; progression would be to add a load turning it into single leg deadlift.
All of these correctives can be done daily. The higher the frequency, the faster you can correct and improve. As for sets and reps, it's about quality not quantity, a few sets each leg of 4-5 reps is enough.

Remember to recheck yourself every week, compare your form over time, the practice will pay off and you will start to see changes for the best. Over time you should feel more connected and more aware of your overall movement patterns. Good luck!
Jackie Miller is the owner of Britfit Personal Training & Coaching LLC , based in Holly Springs, NC.
As a level II USAT coach and ACE personal trainer, she specializes in working with athletes of all skill levels.
With over 20 years of experience, Jackie combines functional movement philosophies, with high level strength and conditioning science based principles, to help her clients move and perform well.
She believes that providing a personalized training plan, with follow up and follow through, is important for you to achieve your goals.
Her own racing experience on a competitive level, nationally and internationally, can bring practical experience to the training too.
If you have any questions please contact Jackie directly at 919-818-7096 or email her at jackiebritfit@nc.rr.com or go to her website at Britfit.com

Monthly Post Ride Socials - Mellow Mushroom - Cary 
First post ride social April 4th Mellow Mushroom - Cary
4300 NW Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513
Starting in April, on the first Tuesday of each month (through September), we will have a post ride social at Mellow Mushroom - Cary.  We generally meet on the indoor patio about 7:45PM.  You don't have to ride to attend the social.  The club buys the first beer or soft drink for all club members. We do ask that you RSVP on the club calendar. 

The ride starts at 6PM at Inside Out Sports - Cary.  There will be an "A", "B" and a no drop "C" group.
Hey North Raleigh!
Monthly Post Ride Socials - Chow
First post ride social April 11th Chow Pizza Bar
8311 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

Starting in April, on the second Tuesday of each month (through September), we will have a post ride social at Chow Pizza Bar. 
You don't have to ride to attend the social.  The club buys the first beer or soft drink for all club members. We do ask that you RSVP on the club calendar.

The ride starts at 6PM at Inside Out Sports - Raleigh.  There will be an "A", "B" and a no drop "C" group.

Mellow Mushroom - Cary Duathlon Course Recon

YES! In our backyard! The USAT Duathlon Long Course National championship is coming to Cary, April 29th. 

We are going to have a course recon event, March 25th, 9AM
USA Baseball National Training Complex

Come preview the course with us.

Ride either the long course or the short course just like race day. Then run the course.

Hangout and for some tasty Mellow Mushroom pizza.
Discount Codes

Reminder, we have a long list of discounts available.  To access the codes, go to the members only section of the TriangleTriClub website, by clicking on the Join/Sign In tab. 

We have race discounts from FS Series, including the open water series, and the Setup Events Lake Logan Triathlon. We also have several other significant savings opportunities from our other sponsors.