2017 - Get Fired Up!

TTC Newsletter
November 2017
Fred Arnold
Presidents Message

Lemonade from Lemons   
As you know, we had a tough time with the club kits this year. Delivery delays, some sizing changes, and size mislabeling were the main issues. That was the lemon.
We pressed our kit vendor and received a partial refund for our troubles. Instead of trying to go back and allocate small refunds to individuals, we (actually it was Trey Jolly's idea and the board unanimously approved) came up with a way that our collective inconvenience could be used to make a real difference in our corner of the world. We chose to donate the money to the care of one of our club members, Lori Cove. A car hit Lori in October of 2016. Lori, who is still fighting her way back through recovery, is in a long term care facility near Charlotte. The expense of such care far exceeds what is covered by insurance. We made this donation as part of the Tour de Cove, which many of you participated in. This donation has transformed our lemon to lemonade.

In related news, we are actively engaged in selecting a new kit vendor for 2018. Our goal is to have fit kits available to try on in December or early January.   
Also, water bottles and TTC magnets are now available. If you did not receive these items, they will be available at the End of Season Extravaganza - December 3. See below for details.
Comments? Suggestions? Drop me a line at fred@TriangleTriClub.com
TTC End of Season Extravaganza

Sunday, December 3th, 5PM
Lucky B's
609 Tucker Street
Raleigh, NC

You don't want to miss this one...

The racing is done - now it is time to celebrate our collective accomplishments!

The party starts at 5PM and goes until ???
(Well, Lucky B's does close at 2AM. Sorry, it's the law)

We will be serving Lonerider Beer, appetizers and a buffet dinner.

We will have raffles throughout the evening.

Lucky B's is closed to the public from 5-8 PM and then it opens back up to the public. But that does not mean that the fun has to end then!

Click the picture for more details

Saturday, December 9th, 2PM
Lonerider Brewing Company
8816 Gulf Court, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27617

Come join your club mates at a viewing party of the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship. This is a 90 min recap show done by NBC. It highlights the long road and personal challenges of several athletes as they make their way to KONA.

Beer, soft drinks and snacks provided!

The broadcast begins at 2:30. Come early so we are ready when the broadcast begins.

Tri Stacey

Rethink your off season
It's time to think about your transition from racing to off season training.   Of course the joke for triathletes is "there is no off season" but truly there needs to be.   But this doesn't mean just endurance holiday eating; there is more!
During race season, busy triathletes often neglect the athletic fundamentals that make the "athlete" part of triathlete.  It's understandable, but long-term improvement and injury prevention are directly related to our athleticism and related skills.    Here are four pointers for athletes of all levels.  
1.  Move in another direction.   We do all three of our sports moving forwards (the sagittal plane).    Think beyond this to your other directions and related skills!!   Two easy examples here are side planks and weight ball toss with a twist.  
2.   Look at race pictures from the past season.  Didn't buy them?  Look at those ugly things and make a plan to address them.   
3. Try something new!  (with slow ramp up, please!).  Our nervous systems respond to varied stimuli and our gross and fine motor skills CAN still develop as we age!  This can be as simple as opening your front door with your non master side.  This can be as complex as trying a new class at the gym, playing pick up ball. or trail running.
4.  Reflect.   We are all proud of our accomplishments each year, as well we should be.  But think critically about moments in your racing you wish to work on.   This could be as simple as slow transitions.  This could be as complex as addressing  poor climbing ability, sloppy bike turns, or uneven run pacing.  
It's time to get ON with your off season and to get fitter and faster by trying new things.
More wisdom and upcoming clinics at www.tristacey.com 
Stacey Richardson
Professional Triathlete and Coach
USAT level II, USATF Level I
USA Cycling Elite Level 1
TRX Instructor
919 423-4361

Needs for Athletes

By Chris Newport, Nutritionist & Head Coach

Whether you're a runner, cyclist or triathlete, proper training time and adequate recovery is key to improved performance. But to get the best quality out of that training and recovery, a nutritious diet is essential. However, there's no one perfect diet for every athlete. In fact, everyone's daily nutrition plan should be unique based on stage of life, training cycle & goals, personal preferences, lifestyle, genetics, lab results and more.

healthy eating

License to Eat?

So where do you start with good daily nutrition habits?
First, remember that being an endurance athlete doesn't give you the license to eat whatever the heck you want. While exercise is certainly a healthy habit, it doesn't make any athlete immune to health conditions. In fact, we commonly see endurance athletes with symptoms and blood markers related to excessive oxidative stress and inflammation. Regardless of your activity choice, eating well with real, whole foods should the rule, not the exception.

Macronutrient needs are individualized

All athletes need the right balance of macronutrients, or carbohydrates, protein and fat (and alcohol...but we'll ignore that one for now). While it was once believed that endurance athletes should be eating the majority of their calories from carbohydrates, that's no longer always the case. Some may do well adopting a very low carb ketogenic diet with 5-10% of their calories from carbs, while others need closer to 50% from carbohydrates. Again, every athlete's needs, preferences and goals are different. Regardless, eating real, whole foods is best.

To read this whole article, including how to choose the right Carbs, click here!

Envision TTC as the IRONMAN 70.3 North American Club Champions!

Here is a big opportunity for TTC in 2018. We need at least five club members racing to qualify for the championship. 

WTC is planning several social events around this race.
BritFit logo
Here's 10 Little Things that could make race day better for you......

Written by Jackie Miller, Owner of Britfit Personal Training and Coaching LLC
  1. Wearing an aero helmet can save anywhere from a 77-110% savings in drag.
  2. Packing a bottle of Hibiclens (Chlorexidine Gluconate solution) in your kit bag can be a good idea should you find abrasions or cuts post-race. This is a quick effective way to stop infections before they start. It is an antiseptic/antimicrobial skin cleanser.
  3. Train specifically for the day. If your race has a hilly run then be sure to include hill work. Be aware that treadmill running does not transition well to be able to run well on a hilly course. The bio-mechanical change in muscle activation may hinder your run economy. Include quality prescribed hill repeat sessions on the treadmill, but be sure to include hills outside too.
  4. Know how to use your timing device. We all have super timing devices to help us track our performance. Set up your screens so you have what you need to see on race day and practice. Some devices have multisport specific modes to time all disciplines including T1 and T2. Know how to reset it if you hit the wrong lap button and lose the data. Practice will prevent panic!
  5. Do you have the right goggle for the light available? It's always best to have a set of clear and smoke lens goggles. As our daylight hours are shifting, the glare can be exactly where you don't want it in open water! Purchase some anti-fog solution or simply rinse in a baby shampoo to help them from fogging up too.
  6. Pack some extra pre-race calories. Races can be delayed for all sorts of reason. Be sure to have something easily digestible shall this happen. Expect the best, prepare for the worst.
  7. Get your bike tuned up- not for every race but if you have been logging in the miles this is a must a few weeks before that big 'A' race day. Cables, housing, chains, bolts, pedals lubed- who knows? Let's not have those surprises on race day.
  8. Check your run shoes. Towards the end of our race season we may try to squeeze a few more races out of our run shoes. At this time of the season you are more prone to break down and injury. Take every measure possible to prevent this, new shoes being one. Choosing trail running surfaces at this point of the season can be beneficial too.
  9. Keep the body lose and your mind calm. Daily soft tissue work with a foam roller and LAX ball pays off big dividends. Incorporating stretches and meditation will enhance your race preparation for the big day. Daily practice helps to center you and calm the nerves for the big day.
  10. Don't forget to write a race plan. From a few days before (essential if traveling) up to the finish line. Include your energy management plan, calculations of hydration and caloric intake, feeding strategy over the three disciplines, normalized power intensity factors on the bike, pace management on the run, "Ink it don't think it"! Physically taking part in the writing of this helps you to run through the day and be better prepared.
You can contact Jackie at jackiebritfit@nc.rr.com if you want to share how you integrated any of these to help your day go by more smoothly!

IRONMAN CLUB Affiliation

Triangle Triathlon Club participates in the IRONMAN Tri Club Program.  Last year we finished 2nd in the Americas and 3rd in the world standings in division 3. This year we have been moved to division 1, so the competition will be much greater.

We earn points by your race participation and finish times.

We use these points to get early entry into races, special bike race placement and VIP pass at races.

We need all club members who are doing IRONMAN races to be affiliated with our club on the IRONMAN website.  How do I declare my affiliation with TTC?

Thanks to our  
2017 Triangle Triathlon Club Sponsors! 

Discount Codes

Reminder, we have a long list of discounts available.  To access the codes, go to the members only section of the TriangleTriClub website, by clicking on the Join/Sign In tab. 

We have race discounts from FS Series, including the open water series, and the Setup Events Lake Logan Triathlon. We also have several other significant savings opportunities from our other sponsors.