Tribal Health: Reinvesting in the Indian Health Service


While they are the only racial and ethnic minority in the United States with legal rights to federal health care services, Native Americans and Alaskan Natives have some of the poorest health outcomes and access to care. Their life expectancy is over five years less than all other U.S. races, and they experience the highest rates of poverty, diabetes, and uninsurance. Learn about the history of the Indian Health Service, successful examples of health interventions for Native Americans, and opportunities to advance health equity.


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Transgender and Nonbinary People

This LGBTQ+ Pride Month, join us in centering Transgender and Nonbinary (TGNB) people. TGNB people belong everywhere and deserve the autonomy to live open, authentic lives. Despite decades of tireless advocacy, however, they are still significantly more likely to experience violence, harassment, and discrimination. Join us in advocating for trans workers’ rights and access to public bathrooms, and against police violence and anti-trans healthcare legislation. Learn more and explore dozens of related resources on this new topic page.


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2021 Pulse Check on Shared Stewardship for Thriving Together Across America

To what extent do changemakers across America endorse stewardship values that can transform health and well-being? What is most needed to remove obstacles and chart the path forward? 94% of Pulse Check respondents agree that breaking down siloes to work together is the best way to achieve maximum impact in communities. Learn more about the state of stewardship in the United States, and how we can work together to advance well-being.


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Justice Map: Visualize Race and Income for Your Community and Country

Race and income are two of the most clear indicators of health outcomes in the United States. Explore the justice map's race and income data for your neighborhood, county, state, or the entire US. Create a custom map, add race and income layers to existing maps, and use Advanced Mode to explore data within a radius of a specific location.


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Advancing Health Equity Through Telehealth: AAMC Learning Series

This learning series highlights the promotion and advancement of health equity through telehealth. Key elements of the series will focus on understanding the impact of telehealth on equity and access to care, the role data can play in improving telehealth access, and evolving best practices that are being used by health systems to improve digital health literacy and narrow the digital divide.


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Calling BIPOC Birth Workers: Mapping Birth Work Across the South

Throughout the pandemic, pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people—especially BIPOC people—have faced increasing uncertainty, both emotionally and financially. Access to birth workers from one's own culture or race helps reduce disparities and advance health equity. Join us in sharing this survey to help build a Birth Justice Community Registry, featuring Black, Indigenous, and People of Color birth workers across southern states with practices rooted in Reproductive Justice.


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Gun Violence Archive

This map depicts a seven year review of deaths, suicides, injuries, and demographics of shootings between 2014 and 2022. It provides both disaggregated raw data and maps of incidences of gun violence. This online archive of gun violence incidents is collected from over 7,500 law enforcement, media, government and commercial sources daily in an effort to provide near-real time data about the results of gun violence. GVA is an independent data collection and research group with no affiliation with any advocacy organization.


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Shared Stewardship in Health Care Guide



Taking Action for Reproductive Justice: Our Favorite Tools, Resources, and Data


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