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Tribes now eligible for Opioid Overdose Emergency Medication

As part of a global opioid litigation settlement with Teva Pharmaceuticals, Tribes are eligible to receive free boxes of the opioid overdose emergency treatment medication Naloxone each year for 10 years. 

Following the “Purdue Allocation” formula, each Tribe is entitled to a specific share of the Naloxone in the form of units. Each allocated unit contains 12 boxes, and each box contains two doses.  An Excel spreadsheet detailing each Tribe’s unit allocation can be found here:

Teva Tribal Allocation of Naloxone

To receive the free Naloxone, Tribes must fill out a Naloxone Interest Form by October 15, 2023.  Boxes must be shipped to a Tribal pharmacy, Indian Health Service, or a recipient designated by the Tribe. After receiving the Naloxone, Tribes may freely distribute the medication in any manner they choose.

It is important to note that, while the Naloxone is free, the interest form must be filled out by the deadline for Tribes to receive their units. If a Tribe does not fill out the interest form, their shares will be distributed to other interested Tribes.

To meet the deadline successfully, Tribes should

  1. Fill out the Naloxone Interest Form (called “Exhibit E: Tribal Participation Form” on the document) 
  2.  Submit the form in one of the following ways:
  • Email the signed form to [email protected]
  • Fax the signed form to (804) 521-7299, ATTN: Tribal Opioid Settlements
  • Mail the signed form to:

BrownGreer PLC

ATTN: Tribal Opioid Settlements

250 Rocketts Way

Richmond, VA 23231

For further information, please review the Memorandum from Special Master David R. Cohen, Tribal Allocation Appointee, which details the Naloxone allocation agreement. Please note that the Memorandum directs readers to access and complete the interest form at; however, that link will not produce the necessary form.

To access the correct form and Tribal allocation chart, be sure to use the links provided above in this announcement. 

Naxalone Interest Form

National Indian Health Board | | 202-507-4070

Visit the NIHB COVID-19 Tribal Resource Center at:

For media inquiries, contact Ned Johnson at [email protected].

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