Tricia Weis '83 Returns
To Lead Alma Mater
As most of you know, Mrs. Weis is a proud graduate of our school. This 'e Blue & Gold article about our new school leader was excerpted from today's Naperville Sun.
When Principal Tricia Weis walks the halls of her alma mater, she’s flooded with memories of friends and teachers at the Naperville school and church that are the foundation of her life.

The youngest of 10 children in her family, Weis attended the elementary school from 1975 to 1983 as did all her siblings. “The school didn’t have kindergarten back then,” said Weis, who grew up in a big, white house on Chicago Avenue.
It’s the school’s deep history, sports teams, camaraderie and faith traditions that she
recalls with fondness. Her closest friends to this day are those she met in elementary school, she said.

Even as a first-grader, Weis said she knew education would become her chosen vocation. “I always wanted to be a teacher ever since I had Mrs. Knowles” she said. “Teachers here had a big impact.”

Weis said she always thought about returning to the place where it all started. “It was
one of those pipe dreams” that actually came to fruition, she said. “Coming back, I
wanted to give back to what was such a large part of my faith formation,” Weis said. “It
doesn’t feel like work; it’s a joyful vocation.”

The biggest changes she’s noticed are in size of school and the curriculum. Enrollment was much bigger back in the ’70s when the school educated nearly 700 students compared to the 340 they have today.
In addition, the curriculum today is focused on cooperative learning and less teacher-
directed, Weis said. “The way students learn is more collaborative,” she said. “I want
students to be engaged.”

Weis said she treats her students as if they were her own five children, “with the utmost
respect and care” and “to progress and grow at their own ability level. I want students
to be the best version of themselves,” she said.
Volume 8, No. 5
September 1, 2020
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When our school was founded in 1853...

 ....parents of children who were picky eaters did not have the option of supplementing their diet with vitamins. For it wasn't until 1912, when Dr. Casimir Funk discovered active properties in unpolished rice husks “vitamines”. The “e” was dropped years later when it was discovered that vitamins were not nitrogen-containing amines. A year after Funk coined the term vitamine, scientists at Yale and the University of Wisconsin discovered the first vitamin when studying animal diets with butterfat and cod liver oil.
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