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Trick or Treat?
As Halloween approaches, we cannot help but be excited for fancy dress parties, trick-or-treating, haunted houses and, of course, loads and loads of sweets!  Can we, perhaps, tempt you with our devilishly delicious and hauntingly beautiful Halloween flavours?
Orange & Spun Sugar
Our crackling Halloween treat!  A rich dark chocolate and orange macaron paired with the delicate crunch of spun sugar.  And you thought that the delightful texture of our macarons could not get any better! 
Caramel Popcorn
Some may stick their noses up at the idea of a Popcorn Macaron, but ours is truly delicious!  The taste of real popcorn combined with the sweetness and texture of the macaron is absolutely incredible.
Have we tempted you?  To purchase some of our Halloween macarons, visit the Ganache Macaron online shop where you can find our Halloween Gift Box as well as our usual tasty goodies! 

Have a lovely week and a Happy Halloween!

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