Volume VII | Issue 10
Triennial Today
Thursday July 12, 2018
49th Triennial Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women
at the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church
Thursday 7/12/18

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm         Closing Eucharist (w/GC)

Yesterday's Highlights

A Very Special
Closing Celebration and Eucharist,
including Commissioning of the New National Board of ECW

officiated by Triennial Meeting 2018 Chaplain,
the Rev. Cathy Boyd

Installation of ECW and UTO Boards
Music Camp Girls Choir, led by Linda Patterson
Outgoing and incoming ECW presidents
Gift for a term well-served
Preparing for the Eucharist
Boots gathered for amputee veterans
Packing it all up to go home!
Tina Stonebarger, ECW Booth Manager, and Lisa Martin, ECW Assistant Secretary for Triennial Meeting, both from the host Diocese of Texas, getting supplies to pack it all up.
Thanks to everyone who participated in Triennial Meeting and who stopped by the booth and visited. All purchases are appreciated. We enjoyed saying, "Howdy y'all!"
Special Interest
Eucharist in Convention Center
Sunday, July 8th
by Ms. Marie  McCullough

On Sunday, July 8th, a young man named Andrés Gonzalez- Bonillas delivered the  sermon  at the Holy Eucharist in the Convention Hall. This young man of Mexican ancestry, poised and aware beyond his years, spoke in a very candid way about the bigotry, racism and history of violence against his people and people of color endemic   in this country. He, in his delivery, addressed somewhat the question of last night. He stated that he remains in The Church because of what churches may become. He cited names of people who by their examples engender this vision in him, and churches united to one another in pure affectio n.
The End of an Era?
Not If We Welcome, Accept, Change, and Love
This article was written specifically for the newsletter of the Diocese of New York and Province II, but is timely for all chapters of the Episcopal Church Women.

By Ms. Marie McCullough

The alarms must SOUND for the Episcopal Church Women in the Diocese of New York and Province ll. Rumor has it that the organization is in its death throes. Can that be true? The younger women do not want to join; do not feel they are old enough; and even more disturbing, feel that it has no relevance to the issues of the day. What has happened?

Through the Eyes of a Girls' Friendly Society Member
by Juanita Miller

This week we have had an amazing time learning, participating, helping and spreading love with all of ECW. Over the week we have participated in workshops and also gave some workshops. We observed the ECW meetings and learned how they work. We had amazing speakers, made new friends and partnerships, and explored the city of Austin. 

Sadly, we have come to the close of the 49th ECW Triennial Meeting. Today the new ECW and UTO National Boards were installed. It was very inspirational to see all the beautiful, amazing women graciously putting themselves forward for the next three years of ministry in the church and the world. Thank you for letting GFS be an integral part of this Triennial. We pray everyone has an amazing rest of the summer and safe travels! 
A Special Thank You from GFS-USA
Thank you for allowing the girls to participate in writing articles! What a great experience! Thank you for every donation to GFS on Monday. Your donations have raised $1,023 for the women of the Diocese of Delaware to securely establish GFS at the Brandywine Collaborative, and to hold events to encourage the founding of more branches in the diocese. If you enjoyed our video , you can watch it again. Don't forget to like us on Facebook .

Thank you!
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