Volume VII | Issue 9
Triennial Today
Wednesday July 11, 2018
49th Triennial Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women
at the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church
Today's Schedule
Wednesday, July 11
9:00 am
10:00 am - 11:30 am
2:00 pm
5:15 pm - 6:30 pm
Exhibit Hall Opens
A Very Special Closing Celebration and Eucharist, including Commissioning of New Board
Exhibit Hall Closes
Worship w/GC
Yesterday's Highlights
Bring Your Own Breakfast with Allison Duvall
Allison Duvall, Program Manager for Church Relations and Engagement at Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), shared with delegates and visitors at the last of the BYOB speaker series the circumstances of more than 65 million displaced people worldwide. Of this number, more than 22 million are refugees. Refugees are people forced to flee their homelands on account of persecution and violence because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular group or political opinion. The Episcopal Church, through EMM, provides a safe and welcoming place for refugees to start over. Through a growing network of local organizations, dioceses, churches, and individual volunteers, EMM is able to help people who once had no hope. Tens of thousands more, however, wait for the same opportunity, since recent government policy changes have greatly reduced the number of people allowed into the country.
Tuesday, July 10th Meditations

led by Triennial Meeting 2018 Chaplain,
the Rev. Cathy Boyd

Plenary V

Meet Your New Board Members Elected for the 2018-2021 Triennium

Lisa Towle - President 2015-2018
Karen Patterson
Patricia Wellnitz
1st Vice President
Samar Fay
Laura Orcutt
Member-at-Large, Multimedia
The Rev. Deacon Ema Rosero-Nordalm
Member-at-Large, Social Justice

Food, Faith and Fellowship Workshop
By Linda Hollingsworth

Because her mom was a good cook, Audra Ebner developed a love of food. While working at a children’s camp, Audra learned to cook for a lot of people. While living in Bogota, Colombia, she had to open her mind to new ways of cooking and eating. And when she returned to her home community, she realized the need for reaching out into the community and showing younger people the importance of eating a more healthful diet.

She began a monthly gathering for interactive faith-based communities built on cooking classes with the intent to share the prepared meal together with gentle conversations focused on the fruits of the spirit.

Audra got her priest on board, publicized it by word of mouth and bulletin, discussed with the group, meals, suggestions, and interests, as well as programs funded by donations from the participants and local business. Their focus was adults and young adults.

This program must consider dietary concerns and use of substitutions, so people will feel better when they learn to eat better. Set the table, begin with grace, practice respectful listening, and provide a safe space. Open conversations with gentle guiding regarding the fruits of the spirit.

One of the side benefits, explained Audra to workshop attendees, has been closer relationships among the participants.
Audra with workshop participants
Remembering when we had joy associated with a meal
Joy exercise
Of Special Interest
Budgets and Finances
On July 9th, during the fourth plenary session, Karen Patterson, National ECW Treasurer for 2015-2018, presented the finance report for the triennium. Her presentation, as well as yearly and Triennial Meeting budgets, can be found on the NECW web site .
Yoga Body Prayer
by Ms. Marie McCullough

Oh, I was totally surprised that there were several people at the Yoga Body Prayer the morning of July 6th. The session ran for 20 minutes. At the end of the session, there were requests to begin the future sessions at 7:15 am.  Reverend Davis was very open and receptive to that request.

We were asked to come as you are; no previous knowledge of yoga practices/poses was necessary. In its most basic form, just as God expects us to come to Him without any fanfare or void of vulnerability, yoga body prayer will meet you at the door, extend its arms to you and envelop you with all your flaws and give you comfort and solace. I am looking forward to implementing this ministry of health and wellness.
Distinguished Women's Luncheon, July 8th
A big THANK YOU to all who participated
by submitting photos of your Distinguished Woman.
Susan Heuck Allen
Province I
Diocese of Rhode Island
Joan A. Derle
Province II
Diocese of Long Island
June A. Beckett
Province II
Diocese of New York
Bernice Sprauve
Province II
Diocese of the Virgin Islands
Paula E. Singleton
Province III
Diocese of Washington DC
Alsie Churchman
Province IV
Diocese of Atlanta
Rebecca Taylor
Province IV
Diocese of Central Gulf Coast
Jo Anne Kilday
Province IV
Diocese of East Carolina
Linda Baker
Province IV
Diocese of Florida
Laurel McCartney
Province IV
Diocese of Louisiana
Evelyn Armiger Gregory
Province IV
Diocese of Mississippi
Rev. Deacon Irene Miller Radcliff
Province V
Diocese of Southern Ohio
Emily Baker
Province V
Diocese of Western Michigan
Sandra Squires
Province VI
Diocese of Nebraska
Elizabeth Campbell
Province VI
Diocese of South Dakota
Jackie Batjer
Province VII
Diocese of Northwest Texas
Canon Mary M. MacGregor
Province VII
Diocese of Texas
Linda Hillin
Province VII
Diocese of West Texas
Graciela Velazquez
Province VIII
Diocese of El Camino Real
Louise Aloy
Province VIII
Diocese of Hawaii
(NOTE: this is a partial list of the Distinguished Woman honorees)
Through the Eyes of a Girls' Friendly Society Member
By Kallina Anderson

Today marked the last business day of the Episcopal Church Women's Triennial Meeting in Austin, Texas. One of the huge tasks today was the vote for President, 1st Vice President, Secretary, Member-at-Large, Multimedia, and Member-at-Large, Social Justice. The Girls' Friendly Society had the opportunity to help hand out ballots, as well as count the votes. The votes were counted and after the original announcement of the winners it was discovered that some alternates had voted. A re-vote for the presidency, which was the only close election, was decided on, and the women lined up to vote again. The votes were once again counted and double-checked. With a now correct total, the announcement of the official new board members was made.

Since the official Triennial Meeting had come to an end, we GFS girls had the opportunity to walk South Congress Ave. We all got the opportunity to have genuine Texan Mexican food (TexMex) for lunch from Torchy’s Tacos (I personally, strongly recommend to try this out!). We then stopped at boutiques along the street, and got a collection of Texas stickers, as well as tried to find the match to our boots we got from the centerpieces at the ECW Triennial. A few of us got lucky and found them! The GFS girls finished their South Congress Ave. tour by getting ice cream at Amy’s - the perfect thing to cool you off after a hot day of walking.

The ladies of GFS then finished the night by competing in a scavenger hunt, “saving the world” from magical monsters, and collected crystals to do it. The last hurrah of the night was the girls watching the bats fly under bat bridge. The girls ended a tiring day with a sleepover in the living room of our rental home - the absolute best way to end the day.
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