October Newsletter
Fall photo by Ellie

I would like to wish you a happy and beautiful fall wherever you are! This is a wonderful time of year to shift inward and enjoy the process of inner reflection as the seasons shift.

A lot of the clients I work with have various triggers they want healed so I thought you might find it helpful to learn more about this topic in this newsletter.

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What is a Trigger and what are the symptoms?
A trigger is anything that elicits a memory or flashback taking a person back to their original trauma(s) and causing an emotional and/or physical response. The stronger the trigger, the greater the response is, ranging from aggression/fight/flight to shutting down. (Think of a flower wilting)

Triggers are caused by a person, a group, a place, or something that is seen or heard.
Triggers cause reactions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Shallow/Rapid breathing
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Rapid heart beat

Mother shaming her daughter, causing low self esteem, feelings of "I am bad"...

Brother bullying sister
Resentment between sisters

Triggers Can Be Caused by a
Person, Place, Sight or Sound.
3 examples:

Example 1: A family member trigger: I worked with a client whose brother was one of her most significant triggers. Even though they were both in their 50's, every time she would interact with him, she would come away feeling belittled and ashamed. The pattern of him abusing her had been going on since they were children. It became more pronounced when their mother died,something that often happens when there are un-resolved issues among siblings and a parent dies.

Example 2 : A place is the trigger: Another client came to me with Rheumatoid Arthritis. After I healed that condition, he was back in the swing of his life again. Soon after, his wife got a job promotion in another state, which was a place they had lived before. She had an affair when they lived there previously and he was very triggered every time he thought about moving there again. I cleared the trigger of the affair and his negative association with the place and he shifted into feeling neutral about the affair and positive about moving there again.

Example 3: A group is the trigger : A traumatic experience with a group, such as being a scapegoat in one's family, or any other type of group can cause social anxiety and phobias around all groups of people. A client came to me with severe PTSD after being
physically assaulted by a group of men who also robbed him. He came in person for his first session wearing a gun in a holster. I recognized this was a symptom of his hyper-vigilance and feeling the need to be ready to protect himself at all times, clear results from the trauma he experienced. I cleared the trauma from what had happened for this client in several sessions and he was free from the fear of groups of men and of not being safe.

Are certain family members or other people, places and things triggering you?
If so, I can help you.
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I am a Metaphysician, Medium, Shaman and author with 34 years of experience in the counseling/energy healing field. I work with individuals, couples, and families all over the world using Skype and phone.

The Pechet Healing Technique blends a high level of intuition, innovative counseling, with the energetic clearing of symptoms and issues at the cellular level. I will energetically dissolves your stress, anxiety, and whatever the issue at the top of your list is.
My mission is to entirely remove the blocks that prevent my clients from accessing their authentic self on a regular basis. As they release their internal prison of issues from the past, they are able to step in to their authentic power with grace and clarity.

The Pechet Healing Technique offers you freedom, empowerment, and peace of mind.
Much more effective and efficient than traditional counseling or other healing methods. Every time I work with you, I energetically clear an issue you have been holding. It may not be something you think of every day, but you still get triggered by people, places and things that either "set you off" or cause you to shut down...the more issues I clear for you - for good, the lighter you feel, and the higher your vitality is.

What happens as a natural outcome of increasing your vitality and positive feelings? Empowerment . You feel better, you enjoy life more and you have more to give those around you. Learn more about P.H.T.

Shaman : As a natural born Shaman, I also remove negative energies and spirit attachments if needed.

Happy Fall! Image taken by Ellie - Marshfield, MA

This Month's Testimonial:

" I had 4 sessions with Ellie Pechet over the phone. Even though we are located in different states, I could feel her energy healing me. I felt effervescent all over my body and saw pink light when my eyes were closed. After my second session, I went off my antidepressant and I am doing well! In my last session, I saw purple-pink light again and felt like I could feel what Heaven feels like! Ellie did for me what I couldn’t achieve my entire life and she did it in 4 sessions...
This was the most remarkable and effective experience of my life ."

V iktoria Argerich, Phoenix, AZ