Apalachicola, Florida
October 29, 2021
Render Thanks unto God “for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings
of this life...."
Dear Friends in Christ,
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!
It’s time to discern one’s gift to God and God’s Church. My favorite stewardship message is found in the words of Morning Song, Hymn #9:

“So let the joy of Jesus come and set thy soul ablaze, to give and give
and to give again what God hath given thee, to spend thyself nor
count the cost to serve right gloriously the God who gave all worlds
that are, and all that are to be.”

It is sad that sometimes people base their giving upon the programs and ministries of the church. Sometimes, it is the likeability of the bishop, priest, or deacon; sometimes, our giving is influenced by how well we feel we are received within the congregation or certain cliques; and sometimes, it is based upon some perceived slight, certain personalities, and of course, the politics and polity of a congregation. Unfortunately, these are not very good reasons to give or not to give. The reason we give tithes and offerings is to render thanks unto God “for our creation, preservation and all the blessings of this life, but above all for [God’s] immeasurable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ” (Book of Common Prayer, page 58).

So, how much should one pledge? It’s a question I am often asked. In 1982, The 67th General Convention of the Episcopal Church passed a resolution affirming the tithe to be the "minimum standard" of giving for Episcopalians, with the deputies and bishops pledging themselves to tithe, or work toward it, and urging all Episcopalians to follow them.

The Convention action is not a mandate or rule, and it is not meant to send anyone on guilt trips. It simply recognizes the tithe as the biblical standard for giving and upholds this as a standard for all Episcopalians to work towards.

What the Bible does teach clearly is that giving should be of the "first-fruits" of one's labors. Translated into today's terms, it means the check for giving, whatever the amount, should be written before the other bills are paid, and not after. The concept of giving of the "first-fruits" of one's work is mentioned in roughly 20 passages of scripture.

Christian stewardship leaders generally urge that those who wish to begin tithing, begin with a lower percentage of net or gross income, and work towards the tithe over a defined period. Thus, one might say, "I will give 3% now, but work towards 10% by the end of 2024." The practice and discipline of regular giving is more important than the amount itself.

Some have asked, “Must all of one's giving go to the local church or can some go to other Christian ministries?” Again, this is a matter of discretion or conscience. The majority of those who tithe probably give some to other Christian concerns. For those who give the entire tithe to a local church, it is again generally a matter of discipline and dedication and not a recognized standard. I tithe to the Church but also give to numerous charities.

Remember, Jesus never commanded tithing, though he repeatedly upheld the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures. His specific words on the matter were harsh ones directed towards the Pharisees and hypocrites who saw it only as an external matter and not a spiritual one. This suggests it is not to be taken as a "rule" to be obeyed, but as a voluntary response of love and gratitude towards God.
Over the past four decades, a growing number of Episcopalians have begun tithing and have experienced new spiritual joy in their lives. It is my prayer that you will join with a growing number of our parishioners experiencing this new joy. The Vestry of our parish has already made their pledges, and so have I. The Vestry and the Rector certainly commend the tithe to you as a way in which we may each give sacrificially, meaningfully, and joyfully.

We hope that every member of the parish will become a passionate and proportionate giver; determining the amount they give, to give thanks to God and to support the mission of Trinity, Apalachicola. We believe that the practice of proportionate giving and moving toward and beyond the tithe, will provide each of us with a new spiritual richness, and our offerings will provide new and exciting opportunities to carry out our mission and ministry which will enable us to joyfully proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On behalf of this congregation, I ask that you prayerfully discern what you’re giving to the Church and what percentage of your household income it reflects.
We are hopeful that, after determining the percentage your current pledge represents, and, if you find you are not tithing now, you will consider increasing the percentage so that your new pledge more fully represents your thankfulness to God for all that God gives you and your family, friends, and neighbors. On November 14, we will gather for worship and receive your pledges as we, “give thanks to the Lord, for all his love” (Hymn 291). Once again:
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!
See you in church!
Faithfully yours in Christ,

Readings to October 31, 2021, the Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost
Readings for November 7, 2021, the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Penny's Worth Re-Opens November 9!

Penny's Worth, Trinity's popular thrift shop, will re-open for business on Tuesday, November 9.

Temporarily closed during the recent COVID-19 surge, it has now been deemed safe to re-open the shop with safety precautions, including masks for shoppers and workers, hand sanitizing, and a maximum of six customers inside the shop at one time.

Hours of operation will be Tuesdays and Saturdays, 10 am - 3 pm.

At this time, no clothing donations can be accepted.

This week, T McLain, Dot Hill, Mary Ann Siprell, Bonnie Lewis, & Shirley Taylor, and other vounteers, worked to clean and organize the shop.
Trinity Bake Sale is Back - Fire Up Your Ovens
Listen carefully and you can hear of the enthusiasm of Trinity ladies and gents about the upcoming bake sale on November 6. We are back and intend to make this the best bake sale ever!  

There will be a sign-up sheet at both services this Sunday, October 31, so we can get an idea of who is contributing, and what we will have to sell.  Now is the time to jump into your kitchens and start cooking; seasoned nuts, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, candies, breads, canned pickles, jams, jellies - anything homemade can be sold. 

Please deliver your sale items to Benedict Hall:
-- Friday (November 5), between 10 am & 2 pm, bring items that are not fragile or do not need refrigeration. Please identify the item and maker. Also, let us know of anything that might contain nuts. 

-- For the more fresh and fragile goodies, we will be available on Saturday (November 6) between 8 & 10 am to receive your offerings. The Seafood Festival parade begins at 10 am, so please remember that getting to the church will be difficult. We will have a parking place marked for drop-off only. 

Cakes and pies should be wrapped with plastic; place cookies and brownies in plastic storage bags (3, 6 or 12 pieces/bag, depending on the size). We will also have some small bags available. 

Remember to identify your items by “who made it” and “what it is”. Labels will be available. Any questions? Please call Patti McCartney at 850-653-6504. Also, send a quick email to patti@pattimccartney.com to let us know what you plan to bring.

Thank you to everyone who is ready to help raise funds for the programs and services funded by Trinity’s Episcopal Church Women (ECW).
-- Patti McCartney
Trinity Pop-Up Market - November 6
The Tour of Homes Auction Committee announces a Trinity Pop-Up Market in Gorrie Square during the up-coming annual Seafood Festival and Parade. With so many people in the area to enjoy the festival, the Auction Committee decided to offer a curated array of unique items available for sale. Proceeds from the Market will benefit Trinity Episcopal Church.
Themed baskets, along with select furnishings and decorative pieces, will be displayed in Benedict Hall and under a tent in front of Trinity on Saturday, November 6 from 10 am until 3 pm (purchases bu festival attendees can be held for pick-up later in the afternoon). The Pop-Up Market will accept Visa & Master Card for purchases over $15.
-- Ginger Lawson
A sampling of Trinity's Pop-Up Market offerings: Seasonal items and themed baskets will be displayed in Benedict Hall, along with Bake Sale offerings; Decorative and household furnishings will be available under the tent in Gorrie Square.
Trinity Delivers Food to Local Food Pantry

Each month, Parish Administrator Donna Knutson & Eric+ load and deliver the food that Parishioners donate, to the Franklin County Food Pantry.

Last week, at least 54 bags and boxes were added to the Pantry's inventory, serving our community. Your generosity is appreciated!
Seafood Festival Returns - November 7-8
October 31

First Lector - Kristin Anderson
Second Lector - Patti McCartney
Prayers of the People - Patti McCartney
Altar Guild - T. McLain
Flower Guild - Dee Crusoe and Patti McCartney

November 7

First Lector - Dave McLain
Second Lector - Candace Springer
Prayers of the People - Kristin Anderson
Altar Guild - Rennie Edwards
Flower Guild - Aglaia Dolan

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