Apalachicola, Florida
April 29, 2022
Let us Strive to be Hopeful, as we are People of the Resurrection. Pray for Ukraine.
Dear Friends in Christ,

As we watch the war in Ukraine begin its third month of devastation, the world is supposed to stop today as the Church and world commemorates “Genocide Remembrance Day.” This day is chosen for the commemoration because the international community recognizes this day as a day of remembrance for the Armenian Genocide, the systematic annihilation of the Armenian people during and just after WWI. On April 24,1915, more than 250 Armenian political leaders, clergy, teachers, etc., were rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Before the end of this conflict, more than 1.5 million Armenians died from forced marches, forced starvation, and numerous massacres. The close relationships between Anglicans, Episcopalians, and our brothers and sisters in the Armenian Church make the remembrance of this day a particular sign of our fellowship in the body of Christ.

Tragically, this was not the last genocide of the 20th century: Croatia, Nazi Germany, Zanzibar, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Cambodia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Kurdish Iraq, Srebrenica; the list goes on. Lately, we’ve seen these types of atrocities visited upon the Rohingya people in Myanmar (Burma), the Uyghurs in China...bringing us now to Ukraine. To the democratic republic of Ukraine, I am reminded of the words Abraham Lincoln spoke during his Gettysburg address, “Now we are met on a great battlefield...testing whether that nation, or any other nation, so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.” How can the people of Ukraine long endure the systematic evil that has been visited upon them, through no fault of their own?

I am heartsick over this! Ever since I can remember, I’ve learned about the Shoah and the other atrocities throughout the world. Every time we hear of this we hear the refrain from our Jewish brothers and sisters, “Never Again!” To me, at times like these, these words ring hollow. To me, the world just sits and watches as thousands are killed and millions have become refugees. We watch, we cry, we wring our hands, and cry out to God, “Please make this stop!” As the internal and external displacements continue, the bombing escalates, and alleged war crimes are uncovered, the world seems powerless to do anything.

I’m not a military operations guy. I know what my gut tells me the world should do; however, I do not know all of the foreign policy ramifications and the consequences of any type of action. But I don’t have to be either type of these leaders to know that I can pray, I can give to UNHCR, and I can help refugees through the Episcopal Church. We raised $5,000 for Afghan refugees and I hope that we may raise that much for the Ukrainians.

One last thing; pray that the next time we say, “Never Again!”, it won’t be
a wish or a dream, but the fulfillment of God’s plan to beat swords into plowshares and the lion can lie down with the lamb.

Let us strive to be hopeful, as we are people of the Resurrection.
Pray for Ukraine.

Readings for May 1, 2022 the Third Sunday of Easter
Readings for May 8, 2022, the Fourth Sunday of Easter
A Beautiful Easter Sunday at Trinity
Trinity celebrated two of its beloved Easter traditions - Easter Lily dedications to loved ones and Flowering of the Cross - this year. Lilies adorned the church and Patti & Bill McCartney's grandchildren, Drew & Charley, added flowers to the Cross. Our guest Priest was The Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel from Iowa, who is semi-retired. She formerly served as Chaplain at Cornell College. Around 120 people participated in the worship service and enjoyed the return of Coffee Hour.
Trinity's New Administrator Brings Technical Experience and a Desire to
Serve Her Community
Jean Bush began working as Trinity's new Parish Office Administrator in early April. She has jumped in at a busy time - as traditional church activities are picking up, post-pandemic, and as the annual Home & Garden Trour returns after a two-year hiatus.

She learned about the position from a neighbor who worked briefly at Trinity a few years ago. Jean and her husband, Scott, recently retired and moved from Ohio to Apalachicola. Looking for opportunities to serve their new community, they volunteered for area projects such as "Adopt a Park" and are assisting at the Franklin County Emergency Management office. "I have even taken to helping friends and neighbors do yard work," Jean commented.

Reflecting on why this position appealed to her, Jean explained, "For the last 20 years my Bush Consulting business has kept me very busy helping clients. While I have now entered semi-retirement, I still need something to design, build, maintain, and find people willing to let me help." As Parish Administrator she looks forward to meeting more people and hearing their stories. 

Describing her professional expertise, she said, "My technical experience and annoying organizational skills will hopefully benefit this parish. Let me know any improvements I can make to serve you better." Noting her soft-spoken manner, Jean commented, "Yes, I am aware that I have a soft voice, but do remind me to speak up if you can't hear me."
Help These Stunning Eastlake Pieces
Find a New Home at Trinity
Among the many items the Auction has received, are these three lovely Eastlake pieces. When we stored the chairs in the Church we quickly realized they are an almost perfect match with the existing chairs and look as though they have been there forever. We hope someone in the church might consider purchasing these pieces from the Auction and then donating them to Trinity. If anyone is interested and would like more information, please give Ginger Lawson a call at 404-561-0919.

Also, there are still a few volunteer opportunities available with the Auction crew on Friday and Saturday (May 6-7); both sitting and standing tasks. Contact Ginger Lawson at 404-561-0919 or ginger.lawson48@gmail.com for details.
Join Trinity's Lay Ministry as a Lector
or Prayers of the People Reader
Anyone desiring to become a new Lector and/or Prayers of the People reader, should contact Candace Springer (clspringer@fairpoint.net) by May 20. Questions concerning this ministry can be directed to Candace at 850-653-8072. 

If you are already serving as a lector and/or Prayers of the People reader, you will be included on the forthcoming July-December 2022 schedule. The schedule will be emailed to you in mid-June.

This is an important ministry of the church and we are grateful to those who so graciously give of their time to contribute in this way. 

Want to Welcome Sunday Worshippers? Be an Usher!

Interested in Ushering? We need you! If interested, please contact Ralph Wagoner at (605) 366-8294 or email at wagoner@augie.edu
Penny's Worth, Trinity's Thrift Shop, located at the corner of
Avenue E & 16th Street, will be open during the
Tour of Homes day - May 7, 10 am - 3 pm.
May 1, 2022

Lectors - Patti McCartney, Ralph Wagoner
Prayers of the People - Brooks Jones
Acolyte - Brooks Jomes
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Gloria Austin
Altar Guild - T McLain
Flower Guild - Aglia Dolan
Greeters - Patti & Bill McCartney
May 8, 2022

Lectors - Candace Springer, Dee Crusoe
Prayers of the People - Patti McCartney
Acolyte - Brooks Jones
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Penny Marler
Altar Guild - T McLain
Flower Guild - Penny Marler
PLEASE NOTE: All events regularly scheduled at the Trinity office or in
Benedict Hall are canceled next week (May 2-7) , in order to make final preparations for the annual Home & Garden Tour on Saturday May 7.
Worship Services at 8 & 10:30 am Sunday, Eastern time

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