Apalachicola, Florida.......................................................January 10, 2020
Readings for January 12, 2020 , the First Sunday after the Epiphany
Readings for January 19, 2020 , the Second Sunday after the Epiphany
Trinity Announcements & Opportunities

The winter meeting of Trinity’s ECW (Episcopal Church Women) will be held in Benedict Hall on  Monday, January 27 th  at   12:30 pm . The group has several things to discuss regarding plans for the coming year, so I hope that many of you will join us. Lunch will be served .

The 2020 Flower Chart is now posted in the Narthex. You can choose a date for decorating the Altar in memory, thanksgiving, or celebration of a family member or friend. Please complete the form next to the chart and return it to the Church office, or place it in the offering plate.

It's time to update Trinity's Prayer List . Please notify the Church office of changes, including those whose health has improved, or those who are now deceased. The first 15 names will be removed on February 1, unless an update has been provided.

Trinity welcomes new members to its Flower Guild . If you would like to be a part of this rewarding ministry, creating floral arrangements for the Altar, please contact Aglaia Dolan at 850-670-8781 or 850-653-7085.

Donations for the 2020 Trinity Tour of Homes Auction are starting to come in, so it is time to check your closets, attics, and basements for those forgotten treasures. Donation Forms are on the bulletin board in Benedict Hall and in the office. Text or call: Ginger/404-561-0919, Betty/513-214-9220, Kathy/207-745-3990, Marlene/843-224-7706, Rennie/205-936-8124, or Martha/850-653-5856 to arrange for collection of the items.

Regarding the new coffee hour guidelines , we never have any problem getting volunteers to bring wonderful food. It is much harder to get people to set up, make coffee, clean up, and generally oversee the event. Hopefully, there will be one or two members of each group that will be willing to co-ordinate their assigned Sundays. Please consider taking a week or two to be “in charge” so that everything gets done as efficiently as possible.
Help the Big Bend Hospice
Trinity's Outreach Committee  is calling on all of us to help the Big Bend Hospice by contributing containers of Boost or Ensure. Many hospice patients there rely on these products for their nutritional needs. However, s upplemental nutrition items are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. Pick some up today and leave it in the Food Wagon inside the front door of the Church, or at the Church Office, during January and February.
Did Someone Say Apple Dumplings?
If you were late to the dessert table at Trinity's Thanksgiving Potluck, or last month's Annual Meeting Potluck, you probably wondered what you missed from the empty dish you found. Well, those who helped themselves to a serving of apple dumplings will tell you just how delicious they were.

Prepared by Martha Snowden , the dumplings were such a hit that many of you requested the recipe. Martha says she first tasted the dumplings when they were prepared by a friend on St. George Island, from whom she acquired the recipe. She is happy to pass it on for all to enjoy. Apple Dumplings .
Celebrating Family Time During the Holidays
Patti & Bill McCartney enjoyed a family outing to North Carolina's Outer Banks during the Christmas Holidays, where they visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

Note: Photos of family trips & visits are always welcome in our Bay View. Please share yours by sending them to
info@trinityapalachicola.org or to kaycarson@outlook.com
Michelle Tabor, Pianist
with Alfonso Lopez on Violin

Sunday, January 12 at 4 pm
Trinity Episcopal Church

Presented by
The Ilse Newell Fund

Music from Europe and South America  will be presented by this outstanding violin and piano duo.

Alfonso Lopez is one of the most prominent musicians in Venezuela and has twice been nominated for the Latin Grammy award. Michell Tabor has performed piano recitals around the world. The duo have been playing together for 15 years.

Their concert features music from both European and South American composers. A reception at Trinity’s Benedict Hall will be held after the concert.
New Year's Baskets for Homebound Seniors
For the third year in a row, ECCC will be filling laundry baskets with household items to deliver to the 60 homebound seniors on the Franklin County Food Pantry Delivery Routes.  These are items everyone needs, that food stamps won’t buy.   

Items can be dropped off until January 17 at Holy Family Senior Center, between 10 am & 2 pm, Monday through Friday, or call 850-653-3134 to arrange pick-up. 
You can donate:
  • Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
  • Dish soap, sponges, dishcloths, dish towels
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shaving cream
  • Reusable plastic containers for leftovers
  • Dog or Cat food
  • Toilet brush and cleaner
  • CASH so we can purchase items to round out the baskets

If you would like to help assemble the baskets, let us know by responding to ecccfranklin@gmail.com and we will let you know the details. 

We appreciate all that you do to help us bridge the gaps for seniors in Franklin County. Thank you!
January 12
Acolyte: Paul McAbee
Lectors: Rennie Edwards & Kristin Anderson
Prayers: Dee Crusoe
Greeters: Steve Watkins & Karen Brown
Chalice: Dee Crusoe & Gloria Austin
Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: Dee Crusoe
Altar Guild: Rennie Edwards & Susie Wagoner
Hospitality: EfM & Monday School      

January 19
Acolyte: Debbie Flowers
Lectors: Carrie Kienzle & Patti McCartney
Prayers: Tom Edwards
Greeters:  Ralph & Susie Wagoner
Chalice: Candace Springer & Susie Wagoner
Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: Aglaia Dolan
Altar Guild: Rennie Edwards & Susie Wagoner
Hospitality: EfM & Monday School
Sunday Services are 8 am & 10:30 am, Eastern time

Church address: 79 6th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Office address: 76 5th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Mailing address: PO Box 667, Apalachicola, Florida 32329

Phone number: (850) 653-9550