Apalachicola, Florida....................................................December 27, 2019
Dear beloved in the Lord,

On that first Christmas, after the shepherds had told the new parents what they had heard and seen as they had tended their flocks, the Gospel of Luke tells us that, “… Mary treasured these words and pondered them in her heart.”

It is my hope and prayer that we will treasure and ponder these words in our hearts and treasure the gift of Christmas. The true Christmas gift, the one that continues to give all year long is Christ Jesus: God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, of one being with the Father. In other words, the One who became true man, who came to reveal God’s truth and love to us, who came that we might experience abundant life… not abundant treasures.

As the Nicene Creed says, he died and rose for us and for our salvation, and sent the Holy Spirit that we might be part of His Body, the Church, a family created from disparate parts. In his name the Church was founded so that we might experience His presence in both Word and Sacrament. Treasure and ponder the gift of Jesus Christ and the faith you share in Him as a member of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

My prayers and hopes are that we not live out Christmas on a single day or for a short 12-day season. I pray that we will live in the spirit of Christmas each and every day. I ask that you ponder how to better treasure this gift each and every day by making prayer an important part of your life, by continuing to read and reflect upon Holy Scripture, by experiencing Christ’s presence here at Trinity as often as possible, and doing those good works for those entrusted to our care and for those in need, or as Jacob Marley reminded Ebenezer Scrooge, “Business? Business? Mankind was my business!”

May the pondering of the gift of Christmas, and its import, move us by God’s grace to an even more intimate relationship with our Lord and neighbors this year. May our souls be turned into a stable; a stable where Christ first came and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth. Hold that image in your mind when you are having a difficult conversation and remember that this same Christ is within both of you. Let your Christ light shine so that theirs may be reflected back.

Lastly as your priest, pastor, and friend, I treasure the gift of each of you and the dedication, sacrifices, and hard work you have shown to make this parish a beacon of Christ’s love. Finally, I wish each of you a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year! Please be assured of my daily prayers for you. Wishing that the peace, joy, and love of Christ dwell in your hearts and minds and lives each day of this Holy Christmastide and throughout 2020 (can you believe it?), I am …
                                                                        Your Servant and His,
Readings for Sunday, December 29, 2019 , the First Sunday after Christmas
Readings for Sunday, January 6, 2020 , the Second Sunday after Christmas
Celebration of the life of Clarence Dewitt Galloway
December 9, 1939 - December 8, 2019

Susan Galloway, surrounded by her family, celebrated the life of Dewitt Galloway, beloved husband, father, brother, & uncle on December 14 at Trinity. Friends, parishioners, former students, & colleagues joined the family to fill the church fort his occasion. Mike Stange, Dewitt's son-in-law, opened the service with a loving eulogy.
Last Sunday's Greening of the Church
Christmas Eve Service & Community Caroling
New Coffee Hour Schedule & Guidelines
The following guidelines for Trinity Coffee Hour will go
into effect in January of 2020:

1. There will be six groups responsible for coffee hour:

EfM/Monday School –  January & July
Tour of Homes –  February & August
Outreach/Outback Bible Study –  March & September
Vestry/Choir –  April & October
Flower Guild/Altar Guild –  May & November
Penny’s Worth –  June & December

2. Each group will be responsible for two months during the year, each six months apart. There should be enough people in each group so that no one will have to participate every week during the month.

3. If you are a member of multiple ministries, feel free to choose one group in which to participate.

4. It will be helpful if each group has one or two people that will volunteer to co-ordinate their assigned months.

5. Please limit your food offerings to pick-up items that do not require utensils.  No casseroles or desserts that need forks or spoons.

6. Bring your item ready to serve and take home anything that is left over.  This will reduce the amount of food that is left in the refrigerator and cut down on time required for cleanup.

7. ECW will supply plates, napkins, coffee, cream, and sweeteners.

We at Trinity pride ourselves on our hospitality. Coffee hour is a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet old friends, visitors and newcomers. Offering refreshments is part of the fellowship, but it does not need to be excessive. Homemade goodies are wonderful, but store-bought items are perfectly acceptable.

There will be plenty of special opportunities during the year to show off our exceptional culinary skills; Let’s keep coffee hour simple!

  -- Rennie Edwards, Denise Butler, Carrie Kienzle, Marlene Seaborn
(Please contact any of us if you have questions)
Help Hospice Patients This Month
Trinity's Outreach Committee  is calling on all of us to help the Big Bend Hospice by contributing containers of Boost or Ensure. Many hospice patients there rely on these products for their nutritional needs. Pick some up today and leave it in the Food Wagon inside the front door of the Church, or at the Church Office, through January.
Diocese Jubilee Celebration in 2020

Earlier this year, Bishop Kendrick asked me to join a committee to make plans for the 2020 celebration of the 50 th “Jubilee” Anniversary of the formation of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast. Part of my responsibility in this endeavor is to report the committee’s progress to Trinity’s congregation and let you know what is in store for the coming year.

Unfortunately, my efforts in that regard fell woefully short at Sunday’s Annual Meeting. That being said, here is a document that will give an overview of the Jubilee Committee’s plans for the coming year. Hopefully, those that are interested will be able to read the information at their leisure. I am always available to answer questions or address any of the topics more fully.

-- Rennie Edwards

Feast of the Holy Name  – Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 12 noon

Trinity Church Office -- Will reopen, following the Holidays, Thursday, January 2, 2020, 8 am (Shannon will return to the office on Monday,
January 6)

Feast of the Epiphany  – Monday, January 6, 2020, 7:00 pm

Penny's Worth -- Will reopen, following the Holidays, Tuesday, January 7,
10 am
Boy Scouts Have Successful Christmas Tree Sales in December
Our Boy Scouts (right) took a break with Santa as they concluded a successful Christmas Tree sales project this year, in conjunction with Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach. Next year's Tree sales will be expanded to multiple locations, including Port St. Joe, for added convenience.

Proceeds go toward summer camp activities for this troop.
Michelle Tabor, Pianist
with Alfonso Lopez on Violin

Sunday, January 12 at 4 pm
Trinity Episcopal Church

Presented by
The Ilse Newell Fund
Music from Europe and South America will be presented by this outstanding violin and piano duo.

Alfonso Lopez is one of the most prominent musicians in Venezuela and has twice been nominated for the Latin Grammy award. Michell Tabor has performed piano recitals around the world. The duo have been playing together for 15 years.

Their concert features music from both European and South American composers. A reception at Trinity’s Benedict Hall will be held after the concert.
December 29                                                      
Acolyte: Paul McAbee                                        
Lectors: Paul McAbee & George Rudo               
Prayers: Dee Crusoe                                     
Greeters: Aglaia Dolan                 
Chalice: Candace Springer & Dee Crusoe                 
Healing: Kristin Anderson
Music: Janis Ramos                                
Altar Guild:         
Hospitality: Tour of Homes    
January 5                                                     
Acolyte: Cathy Buell            
Lectors: Randy Mims & George Rudo   
Prayers: Kristin Anderson                                 
Greeters: Ralph Wagoner & Tom Edwards           
Chalice: Penner Marler & Kirk Hadaway 
Healing: Kristin Anderson 
Flowers: Aglaia Dolan
Music: Janis Ramos                               
Altar Guild: Susie Wagoner & Rennie Edwards                           
Hospitality: EfM & Monday School                                     
Sunday Services are 8 am & 10:30 am, Eastern time

Church address: 79 6th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Office address: 76 5th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Mailing address: PO Box 667, Apalachicola, Florida 32329

Phone number: (850) 653-9550