Apalachicola, Florida..............................................................May 15, 2020
Origins of Trinity's 1836 Charter
Dear Friends in Christ,

Fitch Waterman Taylor! Who is that, you might ask?

When we were having common worship, each Sunday, we all walked by the big green historical marker which proclaims the origins of Trinity Apalachicola. Since I first came here for a visit a few years ago, I wondered how the Reverend Fitch Waterman Taylor, from the Diocese of Maryland (from where I arrived) ever came here in 1836 to obtain Trinity’s charter from the Legislative Council of Florida. During this Great Pause, I have been able to do some research and have learned quite a bit.

Rev. Taylor was born in Connecticut, received his bachelor’s degree from Yale, his Master of Divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary, was ordained deacon in Virginia and ordained priest in Maryland. He only remained in Maryland a few years and at that point in time, although canonically resident in Maryland, he departed Maryland in 1835 and the records of his activities beyond its borders were lost because of fires at his church in Maryland and the destruction of records by Union soldiers during the Civil War. Only a few documents remain regarding Trinity’s founder.

I often speak of our salvation history and the heroes who helped make The Church, the Body of Christ, what it is today. After my recent research, I think I’m going to Rev. Fitch W. Taylor to our list. Below you will find a copy of his handwritten letter to the Bishop of Maryland dated in September 1837. It took me more than a few hours to transcribe this letter as the early 19 th century handwriting was a bit different than ours and Rev. Taylor’s penmanship left more than a little bit to be desired.                         
Using Adobe Acrobat’s magnifying screen and a magnifying glass, I think that I have transcribed his letter accurately. (Read transcription here) Words written in superscript are words that he added above something he had already written or were inserted later. In my transcription you will notice no doubt that the words “there” and “their” were used interchangeably. This was how it was written. In my transcription you will also notice a paragraph in italics. This is my doing as I believe this paragraph refers to the construction of our church.

According to my research and from some information from Wikipedia, Rev. Taylor left Florida, for New York, and from there he went to Hampton Roads, Virginia and became a naval chaplain, sailing around the world on the USS Columbia for a little over two years and then sailed on many other voyages. Before his death in 1865, he had risen to be the chief of Navy Chaplains and had written more than a few books. I am researching how to obtain some of his books and his papers.

Bishop Russell has asked for copies of the documents that I have uncovered along with my transcription. To quote our bishop, “That’s cool!” I hope you find this cool too!

And now for something really different…Finances

We recently received a Small Business Loan in the amount of $25,544.00 which is forgivable if we use that loan for salaries, benefits and no more than 25% of it for utilities, etc. With that loan and the generosity of parishioners we are “in the black” … for now. Without Penny’s Worth (which will not open until the bishop permits it) and the Tour of Homes, we will most likely lose close to $85,000 in income; however, with the loan, and people keeping their pledges current, we may not have to take as much out our endowments as we thought.

More than one member has asked, “If there are 104 families in the church and a $40,000 deficit, why not just ask everyone to donate an extra $385 a year or since there are 34 weeks left in the year to donate an extra $11 or $12 a week?” If you can give an extra $385 a year, please do so. If you can’t, do not, and don’t feel guilty about. All should give according to their ability. Again, I believe in transparency and in telling a congregation the facts; however, I do not believe in bullying God’s people into giving. I will never put “the squeeze” on you…I’ll let Christ speak to your heart.

AND for those who are worried about the survival of this congregation, I say, “Do not be afraid.” In keeping with my historical letter to you, Trinity Apalachicola and this diocese survived the great Yellow Fever epidemic of 1889 and we, with God’s help, will survive this pandemic.
Readings for Sunday, May 17, 2020 , the Sixth Sunday of Easter
Readings for Sunday, May 24, 2020 , the Seventh Sunday of Easter
Blessing and a Bloom on Mother's Day
On Mother's Day, Eric offered a blessing and a bloom. Among those who stopped by were (below) Candace Springer & Darby, (right) Ginger Lawson, and Janice Olson.
Trinity Food Wagon Spotted on Rectory Porch
Traditionally, the third Sunday of each month was when we collected food and the loose offering went to the Discretionary Fund. 

The wagon usually found in the narthex of the church will now be on the porch of the rectory to receive your food donations.  

Canned tuna and chicken are most welcome; dried beans and peanut butter are the most requested items.
Beautiful Gardens in Full Bloom
Trinity's Alan Pierce spent the last few months tending the gardens of his Apalachicola home, making sure they would be ready for visitors to the 2020 Tour of Homes. While the Tour had to be cancelled this year, due to COVID-19, the gardens burst forth in full bloom on May 2 for friends and neighbors to enjoy.
Foyer Group Adapts
to Social Distancing Safety Guidelines
Soon after Trinity's 2020 Foyer Groups got underway, we had to cease the tradition of gathering in homes for a shared meal, due to health guidelines designed to curb the spread of COVID-19. Kirk Hadaway and Penny Marler found a way to safely offer hospitality; they split their Foyer members into two groups of fewer than six people each, and invited them for a visit on their spacious front porch. Guests bring their own drinks/snacks and are able to be seated at least six feet apart, in the fresh air. The second half of the Foyer group will gather on the porch later this month.
Above: Kathy Rushmore, Martha & Mickey Harris, Kirk Hadaway, and Penny Marler (behind the camera.)
GOOD NEWS: Eric reports that Myra Ponder has returned from rehab to her home with CT at Red Hill Village in Tallahassee, where she is continuing her occupational and physical therapy.
Follow the adventures
of Nancy and Landy Luther
during their Hawaiian
sojourn, and enjoy their photographs .
Last Sunday, the residents of St. James Rehab Center in Lanark were treated to a Mother's Day Parade, organized by Sharon Sleeper. Among the participants was Trinity Vestry member, Betty Fugate , a Nurse Practitioner representing the Franklin County Health Department.
Mother's Day Parade at St. James Rehab Center in Lanark
Trinity Parishioner, Michelle Brubacher, announces her new business:

Forgotten Coast Home Concierge

Battle the Virus - Project Update
To our supporters, sewers, workers, and cheerleaders:
It is time to update everyone on the status of the Battle the Virus Project. The project began on March 22, 2020, and continues today. Over 1,700 masks have been cut, over 1,200 sewed, and over 1,000 distributed to friends, family members, neighbors, and medical/health professionals, Hospice volunteers and workers, City of Apalachicola employees, Conservation Corps members, hospitality workers, mail and delivery carriers, and people along the way who needed them. I wish I could share with you all the "thanks" we have received from the people who understand the seriousness of the work we are doing.
This project could not have been done and cannot continue without people like you. Please accept my gratitude, and the gratitude of all the people who these masks will help save. Our wonderful community has once again risen to the need of its people. Thank you.
Will Collins (above) and Conner Smith (in photo on the right) are Conservation Corps members who distribute food five days a week along our coast while wearing
"Battle the Virus" masks.
With many of our 20+ volunteers headed North for a while it is time to slow the production of masks, and look toward to what will, in all likelihood, happen next. We still have approximately 40 "Sewer's Packs" (cut fabric pieces and elastic for 25 masks) ready for distribution to sewers, and some masks left for folks in need who do not access to masks.
Connor Smith with Leslie & Al McWilliams and Liz Fitzhugh at the Faith Tabernacle Church Food Distribution.
We are currently discussing two more phases for the project; a series of sewing classes over the summer open to all but geared toward high school students and seniors; and, a second round of mask making in the Fall. However, in order to continue we need an idea of interest and commitment. Specifically, do you have any interest in learning to sew, assisting in teaching sewing classes, sewing masks, have materials to contribute, or can financially assist this Project please let me know. We will need help next month, this summer, and into the Fall.

 Again my thanks to everyone
who has helped this happen. Stay safe, and PLEASE don't forget
your mask anytime you are out
of your "bubble" of safety.
Leslie McWilliams
65 Avenue I
Apalachicola, FL 32320
Leslie Cell 423-667-5259
2020 Census -
It's Important
Do It Now!

If you have not already completed your census questionnaire, please take a few minutes to do so immediately! 

The future of Apalachicola and Franklin County
depends on it.  

So far, our response rate is low, which means we will miss out on critical funds for our community.

Please urge your friends and neighbors to participate. 

Get Your
Vote by Mail Ballot

Looking ahead to the Primary Election in August and the General Election in November, the Franklin County Office of Elections is urging Franklin County voters to better prepared to deal with any possible restrictions due to COVID-19, by requesting a Vote by Mail ballot. 

Vote by Mail allows voters to cast their ballot from home.

To request a mail ballot:
call 850-653-9520
send an email
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