May 2019
If you have a conflict, please get someone to cover for you
and call the office with the changes .

May 19                                                                 May 26
Acolyte: 10:30-Debbie Flowers                           Acolyte: Bill & Fisher Van Der Tulip
Lectors: R. Wagoner & C. Springer                    Lectors: C. Brazsky & C. Clark
Prayers: Susan Galloway                                      Prayers: Nancy Totman
Greeters: Ralph & Susie Wagoner                        Greeters: Charlie & Brenda Galloway
Chalice: P. McCartney & S. Wagoner                   Chalice: B. Jones & C. Springer
Healing: Kristin Anderson                                    Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: Wesley Chesnut                                      Flowers; Evie Bettis
Altar Guild: R. Edwards & C. Springer                Altar Guild: R. Edwards & C. Springer
Hospitality: Choir                                                  Hospitality: EfM