Apalachicola, Florida
August 19, 2022
The Ministry of the Interim Rector
The dictionary defines interim as, “a time between events.” In our case at Trinity, it is the time between the departure of your recent rector and the arrival of your new one.

You have graciously called me to be your interim rector during some of this “time between events,” and it occurs to me that you might be interested in my understanding and experience of that interim ministry, and especially how it differs from that of a regular, some might say “normal,” rector.

The full explanation may well be more than many of you would find interesting or enlightening; so I will relegate it to a linked document that you can review at your convenience.

Transitional periods can be, and often are, times of anxiety and fearfulness, but I assure you that it can also be an exciting time filled with energy, growth and grace.  Change is seldom easy, but as a wise man once said, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”

I want to say again how delighted Carolyn and I are to be here with you, and I thank God and your leadership for calling us to Trinity. I feel certain that we can all have fruitful ministries in this “meantime,” and have a little fun in the process. Be in church each Sunday, stay involved, and pray for the parish and one another.

Have no fear. All will be well. 

Praise the Lord! O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
for his steadfast love endures forever. Psalm 106:1

Readings for August 21, 2022, the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Readings for August 28, 2022, the Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
Rector Search Committee
Commissioned & Blessed
Members of Trinity's Rector Search Committee were commissioned by Senior Warden, Rennie Edwards, and blessed by Interim Rector, The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith, during a recent worship service. Committee members include Tara Carter, John Crusoe, Susan Galloway, Ralph Wagoner, Charlie Galloway, Brooks Jones, and Patti McCartney.
2022 Tour of Homes a Whopping Success
It’s official! We sincerely thank everyone who helped make the 2022 tour a whopping success!! Because of you, we raised $45,000 to help with the care and maintenance of Trinity’s historic buildings – an increase of $10,000 over our last tour in 2019! Trinity Senior Warden Rennie Edwards (left), who also served as a member of the auction committee and as Pillar Program chair, accepts a check on behalf of the Vestry from Tour Chair Karen Kessel.  
Funeral Service for Marie Fortunas will be held at
Trinity on Tuesday, August 23 at 11 am. Robert Davis,
Marie's brother, will give the homily.
All are invited to a reception in Benedict Hall following the service.
Trinity Welcomes Interim Rector
Trinity brought its hospitality game to the buffet table on the first Sunday in August with a welcome reception for our Interim Rector, The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith, and his wife, Carolyn.

The Search Committee also kicked off its work by asking parishioners to complete a survey which will be used to update the Parish Profile prepared in 2019. Please return your completed surveys at church on Sunday, August 21, or to the office by Monday, August 23.
Wedding Bells for Trinity Families
Congratulations to Kathy Rushmore & Butch Fell who were married recently at Rivercrest Lodge, with their families in attendance. The Rev. Martha Harris was the officiant.
Tara & Jason Carter, joined by friends from Apalach, celebrated the marriage of Jason’s son J.T. & his bride Savannah on July 2 on Amelia Island. After the wonderful celebration and a honeymoon that included stops in the Maldives, Dubai, and Bali, the newlyweds returned to their new home in Fort Worth, Texas.
August 21, 2022

Celebrant - The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith
Acolyte - Steve Watkins
Greeters - Ralph Wagoner, Susie Wagoner
Lectors - Karen Brown, Penny Marler
Prayers of the People - Kristin Anderson
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Kirk Hadaway
Altar Guild - Joy Tracy
Flower Guild - Penny Marler, Alice Leavins

Hospitality Hosts - Carrie Kienzle, Susan Galloway
August 28, 2022

Celebrant - The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith
Acolyte - Rick Watson
Greeters - Bill and Patti McCartney
Lectors - Ralph Wagoner, Patti McCartney
Prayers of the People - Kristin Anderson
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Penny Marler
Altar Guild - Joy Tracy
Flower Guild - Martha Harris

Hospitality Hosts - Dee and John Crusoe
Worship Service at 10:30 am Sunday, Eastern time

Church address: 79 6th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Office address: 76 5th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Mailing address: PO Box 667, Apalachicola, Florida 32329

Phone number: (850) 653-9550