Apalachicola, Florida.........................................................February 8, 2019
Trinity -- Let's Answer the Call
This morning I was in a group meeting that opened with a shortened version
of Lectio Divina study. We read the Daily Office readings as outlined in the Forward Day by Day. The reading for today, February 4th included Mark
7:24-30. This reading was read through once and we were to listen for a word or phrase that caught our attention. The end of the verse with the scene describing Jesus entering the house of a woman whose daughter needed healing caught my ear, “ …could (he) not escape notice” (24b)

This is what I shared with my colleagues this morning. I have the sense from the people of Trinity that there is a strong call to being more visible in the community, in the work we do and the resources we share with others. This influences my reflection this morning. I believe Trinity can be a vehicle for Jesus to come alive in our lives and our community. I don’t want Jesus to escape notice anywhere we go or in anything we do. Trinity is a cornerstone in Apalachicola; residents of Apalachicola turn to us for strength and as a pacesetter for the town. We are the ones to be brave and step out with the message, “Jesus Loves You! And so do I!”

It starts with kindness in thought, word and deed. Instead of snarling (and swearing) at the slow driver in front of us, we greet it with kindness and patience. Let’s remember, we have no idea of what is going on in the slow driver’s life (or anyone’s life for that matter.) Perhaps it’s a widow who now has to drive herself after her husband of 57 years, who did all the driving, has just died.

Maybe if there is a family who cannot qualify for free lunch but doesn’t have enough money for the child’s hot lunch at school, pay the child’s lunch account. See a limb that needs to be moved from the roadway or a yard? Move it. A homebound person or nursing home resident, who needs a friendly face and a listening ear, give it.

WWJD. Ask yourself, “What would Jesus Do?” Jesus would do something that comes out of love, that raises up the lowly and comforts the burdened. Jesus would make the world a kinder gentler place in which to live.

Let’s get out there and spread the news so Jesus will not escape notice in our town. Jesus will come alive!

-- Blessings, Donna+
Readings for February 10, 2019 , the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
Readings for February 17, 2019 , the Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany

Your 2019 Vestry Gets to Work
The Trinity Vestry met for a retreat on January 26-27 where the group focused on Leadership Development; the roles of a Vestry member; and, what it means to serve on a Vestry. The Reverend Kammy Young, Missioner for Evangelism and Development at Duvall Diocesan House was the facilitator. We prayed together, shared stories, broke bread together, and accomplished good and fruitful work.

The Vestry elected new Wardens and established roles and duties for members. The 2019 Senior Warden is Gary Ulrich and Junior Warden is Charlie Galloway . New members are Susie Wagoner, Betty Fugate, Charlie Gallagher, Landy Luther, and C.T. Ponder. Current members are Patti McCartney, Randy Mims, and Paul McAbee. Angela Knox has agreed to serve as Clerk. The Vestry has made a commitment to be more visible and transparent this year; If you have any concerns, comments or questions you may ask any Vestry member.

The next Vestry meeting is Monday February 11 at 5 pm in the office conference room.
Welcome Celebration for Nursing Home Residents

Trinity Outreach will be joining staff & residents at a Port St. Joe nursing home to celebrate their return after being evacuated during hurricane Michael. Randy Mims will lead us in song & joyful music. There will be cake, punch, and small gifts for the 56 residents. This welcoming event is set for Thursday, February 28 at 2 pm. Contact Bonnie Stewart (beeestew@yahoo.com/404-550-5503) if you would like to join in this celebration.

Help for Hospice

Trinity Outreach continues to collect Boost and Ensure for the nutritional needs of local hospice patients. Just leave your donation in the Food Wagon inside the front door of the Church or at the Church Office, through February.

Scout Super Bowl Fundraiser Successful
Last Sunday, the Boy Scouts delivered dozens of smoked butts and chickens to hungry residents in the Port St. Joe and Apalachicola areas, raising funds in support of their programs. Trinity Outreach promoted this event as part of their on-going support of Cub Scout Pack & Troop 347. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the smoked meats prepared by Bill Van Der Tulip and coordinated by Abby Cozine. Pictured here are Bill and a Scout happily delivering orders at Trinity.
"Special News"
Enhances Communications at Trinity
In your email in-box last week, you received a couple of messages with the heading, "Special News" . We have created this format so that we can alert you to news and information that cannot wait until the next edition of our "Bay View" . We will try not to flood your in-box, but when something important comes up, we know you want to know about it. And, at Trinity, plenty of important things are happening every day.

As for the "Bay View" , we have modified our publication schedule slightly, so that the newsletter will go out to you every other Friday. That way, you'll know when to expect it, and we will be able to be a bit more timely, especially regarding news and information centered on our Sunday services. And remember -- send us photos and news of your family visits and travel adventures; your friends want to know what you've been up to!
Episcopal Men's Conference Coming Soon at Camp Beckwith

The Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast presents "Doing the Bible Better", the 38th Men's Conference & Retreat on March 1-3, 2019 at Beckwith Camp & Conference Center. Learn more and register here .
Join Trinity at the Chef's Table
on Sunday, February 9

Trinity is taking advantage of a last minute invitation to participate in the Annual Chef’s Table Event this Sunday, sponsored by the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce. The event is February 10 at the Coombs Armory,
6-9 pm. Trinity will have a decorated table in the competition. There are still
a few tickets available; contact the Chamber office directly at apalachicolabay.org, or call 850-653-9419. See you there!
February 2019
If you have a conflict, please get someone to cover for you
and call the office with the changes.

February 3                                                              February 17
Acolyte: 10:30 – Cathy Buell                             Acolyte: 10:30-Debbie Flowers
Lectors: R. Mims & K. Anderson                     Lectors: C.T. Ponder & A. Eason
Prayers: Nancy Totman                                    Prayers: Tom Edwards
Greeters: R. Wagoner & T. Edwards               Greeters: Ralph & Susie Wagoner
Chalice: P. McCartney & S. Wagoner              Chalice: P. McCartney & C. Springer
Healing: Kristin Anderson                                Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: Aglaia Dolan                                        Flowers: Wesley Chesnut
Altar Guild: J. Harris & C. Springer                Altar Guild: J. Harris & C. Springer 
Hospitality: Outreach                                         Hospitality: Vestry

F ebruary 10                                                        February 24
Acolytes: 10:30 – Paul McAbee                     Acolyte: 10:30- Bill & Fisher Van Der Tulip
Lectors: A. Pierce & R. Wagoner                   Lectors: N. Totman & R. Edwards
Prayers:  Carol Braskzy                                    Prayers: Kristin Anderson
Greeters:  R. Wagoner & T. Edwards            Greeters: Charlie & Brenda Galloway
Chalice: John & Dee Crusoe                            Chalice: B. Jones & G. Austin
Healing: Kristin Anderson                               Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: Dee Crusoe                                         Flowers: Evie Bettis
Altar Guild: J. Harris & C. Springer             Altar Guild: J. Harris & C. Springer
Hospitality: Penny’s Worth                            Hospitality: ECW
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