Apalachicola, Florida

September 16, 2022

Bishop's Canon to Visit Trinity

The Rev. Canon Ashley Freeman will be with us for worship on Sunday, September 25 at 10:30 am. Fr. Ashley is the newly appointed Canon to the Ordinary for our diocese, which means that he is the bishop’s “right hand man.” One of his primary ministries is working with parishes who, like Trinity, are in the search/discernment process for a new rector. 

The search for a rector is envisioned to be one of close cooperation and coordination between parish and diocese. Working together, the diocese (In this case, Cn. Ashley on behalf of Bishop Russell.) assists the parish Search Committee (SC) to navigate the process, and to supply possible candidates, both from the diocese and from the national pool. Once the SC has narrowed the list of candidates down to a manageable number, the diocese preliminarily “vets” them before the SC begins the interview process. When a small number have been selected, the diocese does a more thorough review. The next step is to get to a final two or three people, who will meet in person with the bishop prior to meeting with the SC. Usually one candidate (sometimes two) is recommended to the vestry to meet and, if they agree, to call as your next rector. Once again, the bishop must approve the call before it is final and can be announced to the parish.

The process is grounded in prayer at every stage, in the belief that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct all involved – the candidates, the diocese and the people of the parish – when we are open to that guidance. Still, with the best and most faithful intentions, there are no guarantees. We do the best we can, and prayerfully leave the results in the Lord’s loving hands.

Let me assure you, if assurance is needed, that all will be well. Trinity is a healthy parish with wonderful people and faithful leadership. As the search process proceeds, the SC will keep you informed of their activities. Your vital ministry is to participate in the small groups that soon will be formed, and to be patient and positive, as you worship and pray.


Please plan to be with us on September 25 at 10:30 am for worship, and to welcome The Rev. Canon Ashley Freeman of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.

Cn. Ashley looks forward to meeting you all at the Hospitality Hour, in Benedict Hall following the service, and then will be meeting with the Search Committee.

Readings for September 18, 2022, the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Readings for September 25, 2022, the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Come Back to Monday School

Monday School will begin again, on Monday, October 3, at 10:30 a.m. at

the Trinity Episcopal Church Conference Room located at 76 5th street, Apalachicola. These Monday meetings usually last an hour and a half and all readers are welcome. 

We will start by reading a book that The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith suggested – Telling The Truth by Frederick Buechner. The subtitle is The Gospel as tragedy, comedy and fairy tale. This book will be available at our office the last week of September and at our Monday School meetings. Cost is $20 for those who do not have their own copy.

For more information, call Nancy Luther at 850-229-6735 or Carrie Kienzle at 727-667-8162. Please plan to join us!

Bob Seaborn Memorial Service

A Memorial Service for Bob Seaborn will be held on Saturday,

October 1, at 12 noon at Trinity. Following the Service, Bob's family

would like to greet you at a reception in Benedict Hall.

Forums for the Future of Trinity –

Please Sign Up!

Registration to participate in the upcoming Parish Forums begins Sunday. Sign-up sheets will be available when entering church and in Benedict Hall until October 9. Your participation is an integral part of the preparation phase in our new rector search process.

Forum groups will be composed primarily of “natural groups,” that is, those who regularly work (or play) together in our worshipping community. Forum subjects will be worship, parish life, pastoral care, stewardship and many other ministries. Your stories will help create a narrative about who we are as a church.

This narrative will be part of Trinity’s Ministry Portfolio that we will submit to the Office for Transition Ministry (OTM) to assist us in our second step – “seek.” The Episcopal Church OTM receives Ministry Portfolios from congregations and Personal Ministry Portfolios from clergy. OTM’s database has the potential to match the gifts and skills we seek in a new rector with prospective clergy.

This is a time of challenge and opportunity for Trinity. Please be a part of the process!

-- New Rector Search Committee

Ice Cream for Everyone!

Trinity's annual Ice Cream Social returned in a big way on Labor Day Sunday. Hosts and Super-Scoopers Ed Springer & Bill McCartney served traditional flavors along with fancy toppings, while Caroline Kienzle & Landy Luther enjoyed their sweet treats.

Penny's Worth Training Session

for New & Veteran Volunteers

Penny's Worth, Trinity's popular community thrift shop, is welcoming new volunteers to join the existing team. Come to a training session for new and current volunteers on Thursday, September 22 at 10 am at the shop located at 195 Avenue E to learn more. There are tasks to suit most anyone, including sorting donations, stocking racks and shelves, and customer sales and service.

Blessings to Tom Edwards for organizing and cleaning up

the storage shed behind the office. Not only is it more usable,

the entire area is much more attractive. 

Thank you, Tom, for your days of hard, hot work. 


Apalachicola Margaret Key Library

Special Events & Weekly Programs for Everyone


September 18, 2022

Celebrant - The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith

Greeters - Ralph and Susie Wagoner

Lectors - Rennie Edwards, Candace Springer

Prayers of the People - Tom Edwards

Acolyte - Steve Watkins

Lay Eucharistic Minister - Dee Crusoe

Altar Guild - Susan Galloway

Flower Guild - Penny Marler, Alice Leavins

September 25, 2022

Celebrant - The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith

Greeters - Bill and Patti McCartney

Lectors - Kristin Anderson, Randy Mims

Prayers of the People - Tom Edwards

Acolyte - Rick Watson

Lay Eucharistic Minister - Brooks Jones

Altar Guild - Susan Galloway

Flower Guild - Martha Harris


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