Apalachicola, Florida.............................................................August 9, 2019
Dear Friends in Christ

I am both honored and completely terrified to be your new rector. Honored that the search committee and Vestry extended the call to me and yet, completely terrified by stepping out in faith.

It is only now that I can fully relate to Abram’s call from God. God called him to pick up and pack up his life and go where he did not know. I am leaving 59 years of life behind in Maryland and striking out for a culture that is both exciting and foreign. And I don’t even have a wife to accompany me. This was so out of character for me that I soon realized that I, like Abram, was either called by our Lord, or completely crazy.

My last congregation was in a heavily blue-collar area just a few miles northeast of Baltimore. I served God’s people there for over 19 years. Prior to serving that congregation, I was the Episcopal chaplain to the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. I witnessed many horrible things in that hospital and even a few miracles. I truly believe that miracles happen.

Prior to ordination, I worked in aggregate mining and on the docks of Baltimore. I have lived and worked most of my life in those areas and been surrounded by people who are unpretentious, speak plainly (if not colorfully), and hard working.

Apalachicola is, as they say, “a whole ‘nother world” for me and I pray that I will become acclimated, not only to the weather, but also to the customs and norms of the community. In the meantime, please know that I will speak boldly, plainly, and hopefully prophetically, calling God’s people to remember that the true test of one’s religion is how they treat the widows and orphans as well as the least, the lost, and the lonely.

In closing, please know that I do not believe a whole lot of ministry gets done in the office. A priest must be a parson; a person who embodies the church wherever he/she goes. With that in mind, you will find me all over town, meeting and getting to know people where they live and work, hoping to make Christ’s light as vital to our neighbors’ lives as the water is to Apalachicola.

Looking forward to meeting y’all real soon and wishing you a quiet August, I am …
                                                     Your Servant and His,
Readings for Sunday, August 11. 2019 , the Ninth Sunday After Pentecost.
Readings for Sunday, August 18, 2019 , the Tenth Sunday After Pentecost.

Eric Meets Trinity With Open Arms

Trinity is pleased to welcome The Rev. Eric Zile as our new Rector. On Sunday, he led parishioners and visitors in worship and greeted everyone with warmth and enthusiasm. At Coffee Hour, he enjoyed his first plate of Apalachicola deviled eggs.

In his first few days at Trinity, he has already shown us that he truly lives by his motto: "Always seek joy in life".

We are grateful for his presence and look forward to working with him in service to our community and to each other.
Please note: If you wish to contact Eric, his email address is: eric@trinityapalachicola.org . His cell phone number is 443-604-5940; please give your name when you text him, so he knows who is sending the message.
Penny's Worth Re-opens
Shirley Taylor, Mary Ann Siprell, & T McLain (left), along with
Dot Hill & Jane Harris (below), welcomed back shoppers this week.
Kathy Rushmore, enjoyed a recent visit on the coast of Maine with two other Apalach/Mainers, Alison Jourdet &
Dick Pickering .
Visiting Trinity last Sunday with Rick Watson were his niece, Candace Sawall , and nephews Connor & Ethan of Charleston SC.
Courson Doyle (above) rang in our Sunday service recently. He was visiting from Atlanta with his family (right) Jessica & Ryan , who were married at Trinity in 2008, along with brother Cannon & sister Blakeley .

 We are always delighted to welcome summer visitors to Trinity. Bob & Karen Bernard (above left) of Millbury MA joined us recently. Geri Anderson (above right) was happy to introduce us to her life-long friend, Ralph Underbrink , of San Antonio TX.

Last Sunday's bell-ringer was Viola Belle Wiberley (right), visiting with her parents, Spencer & Ellen, who were married here at Trinity eight years ago, along with her grandmother, Armen Epperson.
August 2019
If you have a conflict, please get someone to cover for you
and call the office with the changes.

August 11                                                           
Acolytes: Paul McAbee                     
Lectors: Dee Crusoe & Paul McAbee                   
Prayers: Nancy Totman                                   
Greeters: Steve Watkins & Karen Brown                   
Chalice: John & Dee Crusoe                             
Healing: Kristin Anderson                               
Flowers: Dee Crusoe                                          
Altar Guild: T. McLain & Aglaia Dolan                 
Hospitality: EfM       

August 18  
Acolyte: Debbie Flowers
Lectors: Rennie Edwards & Anne Eason
Prayers: Susan Galloway    
Greeters: Ralph & Susie Wagoner
Chalice: Patti McCartney & Susie Wagoner
Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: Wesley Chesnut
Altar Guild: T. McLain & Aglaia Dolan
Hospitality: Penny's Worth 
Sunday Services are 8 am & 10:30 am, Eastern time

Church address: 79 6th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Office address: 76 5th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Mailing address: PO Box 667, Apalachicola, Florida 32329

Phone number: (850) 653-9550