Apalachicola, Florida............................................................April 17, 2020
This is a Time to Reflect on
What We Truly Value

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Quarantine,

What a weird month: an abnormal Lent and an unbelievable online Easter!

First and foremost, I want to thank Kay Carson and Grady Escobar for making Holy Week happen. Without Grady’s skills at the camera and computer you would have just seen me sitting in front of my computer. Without Kay’s publishing skills, you would not have been receiving any of Grady’s work.

As we enter Easter at a time which still feels like Lent, I’m reminded of an article Peggy Hawkins sent me after her mother entered the gates of larger life. In that article, the author called this period “The Great Pause.” I feel this to be a magnificent way to look on this period of time as we stay at home with our loved ones and continue to minister to our friends, families, neighbors, and community at large.

The Great Pause gives us a time to see what would happen if the world stopped. Wild animals are returning to the cities: coyotes on the golden gate bridge and dolphins in the canals of Venice, Italy. This is a time to reflect upon what we truly value. This is the time to take a step back, a deep breath, listen less to the news, and decide who you, this town, and this nation could be on the other side of the pandemic.

It is evident that we at Trinity care about one another and that we, as a community of faith, want to come out of this pandemic as a new people. This has been made evident and this pandemic has refined us like gold by fire. This “plague” will transform us into a new creation. It is already happening and is evidenced by those of you who have sheltered in place and yet donated materials, donated money for the making masks, and those of you who have been sewing masks. Others have donated money to the Food Bank, or to the discretionary fund (there has been a steady line of folks and calls looking for help during this crisis). Even in seclusion, we are living out our Baptismal Covenant.

It is my prayer that the shortcomings in our society brought to the fore during this pandemic will change the direction of this country and the soul of our nation. It is my hope that, as we come out on the other side of this Great Pause, we focus more on relationships and less on accumulation of stuff. I pray daily that each and every one of us will be broken open by this and have a greater understanding of community and our part in the social contract.

During this time of fear and uncertainty, I ask you to be realistic with yourself and look at the condition of your heart. Is it yearning for a new car or is it yearning to be known by God, family, and friends, and to be touched by the same? If you are like me, I’d like a new car; however, I need you and the whole community joined together, worshiping, singing, eating, and laughing together. I’d give up a new car for things to change on the other side of this Great Pause. A car satisfies immediately; relationships satisfy forever. During this time of uncertainty, pray about how you can be closer to God and how we can be closer to one another and “lift up your hearts” and “do not be afraid” and strive to enjoy this Great Pause.

Wishing you a blessed, safe and fearless Eastertide,
I am your servant and His,

Readings for Sunday, April 19, 2020 , the Second Sunday of Easter
Readings for Sunday, April 26, 2020 , the Third Sunday of Easter
Holy Week 2020 at Trinity
You can view
Holy Week Services, including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, & Easter Sunday
on Trinity's website .
From Your Trinity Finance Committee --
Friends in Christ,

These are interesting times for all of us: as Christians, partners, parents, “worker-bees”, and whatever term we use to identify ourselves. As Chair of the Finance Committee I am praying that you are continuing to honor financial commitments to Trinity as you are able. We are presently examining the financial consequences of a protracted absence from our regular church services as well as the temporary “shutdown” of Penny’s Worth and the total loss of revenue from the 2020 Tour of Homes.     

In our hearts I believe we all knew that at some time an incident such as the “virus”, or other nationwide issue, was possible and that we, at Trinity, should never take our good fortune for granted.  Believe me, we haven’t. Members of your Finance Committee, in concert with Eric and other church leaders, are looking for ways to ease the financial pain of lost revenues. And, we are fortunate to have resources such as the Young Fund and other quasi-endowment funds.

So, please continue to fulfill your pledges as you are able and if you are a non-pledger but a regular giver, please continue, again, as you are able. Perhaps you can share some of your $1200 Coronavirus relief payment with Trinity. You can mail your checks to Trinity at PO Box 669, Apalachicola FL 32329 or drop them by the office at 76 5th St. (please call first so that Shannon is prepared for your visit) . Also, The Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast is providing the option of making your donations to Trinity online:

select "Apalachicola, Trinity",
and complete the electronic form

Blessings in His name, Ralph
Landy & Nancy Luther  share their most recent  Hawaiian adventures,
along with some  photos  of their experiences.
Alice Jean Anderson Gibbs
February 12, 1917 - March 8, 2020
Alice Jean Anderson Gibbs, long-time Trinity member, passed away on March 8 at her home in Apalachicola. In 2017 (right) she celebrated her 100th birthday with daughters Carol Harris & Lynn Wilson.

-- Photo by Debbie Hooper
Mask Project Battles the Virus
Masks (above) stitched by Bella Rudo; masks (below) sanitized & packaged for delivery to Big Bend Hospice.
The Battle the Virus project continues to produce barrier masks for seniors, health workers, and others throughout Franklin County. Trinity is a partner in this project, organized by Apalachicola resident Leslie McWilliams, with a goal of distributing 1,500 masks.

This week, 100 masks were packaged and delivered to Big Bend Hospice, where Katie Mandell had this to say in response:

"Thank you kindly for offering our organization these highly valued and in demand masks. What you are doing for the community is nothing short of amazing. We humbly accept whatever amount you can offer."

Currently, the project has 300 packets of cut materials that are ready for the final stage of production - to be stitched into masks. Stitchers are needed; if you sew and want to assist in this community endeavor, contact Leslie at 423-667-5259.

While the project is close to having enough fabric to meet its goal of 1,500 masks, elastic is still needed.
UPDATE: Myra Ponder returned to rehab on Thursday
after spending another night in the emergency room.
How we are Spending our Days, These Days
"I am spiritually with all our Trinity family"
Bonnie Stewart's Palm Sunday tribute at her home
Clockwise from top left: Carole Brazsky with her garden plants; Kirk Hadaway bottling homemade mead; and, Paul McAbee & Kay Carson masked up for a visit to the Pig.

Also seen around town, Martha Harris and Kathy Rushmore planting in their yards; Lane Autrey, tending her community garden plot; Ralph & Susie Wagoner returning from a Wal-Mart grocery pick-up; and, Jason & Tara Carter clearing underbrush at Lafayette Park.
How Long? Patti McCartney shares this message from the Rev. Amy George, Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Selma, Alabama.

How long? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. How long will this continue? How long we will we have to distance ourselves? How long will everything be cancelled? But take heart, everything is not cancelled.
Conversations will not be cancelled.
Relationships will not be cancelled.
Love will not be cancelled.
Songs will not be cancelled.
Reading will not be cancelled.
Self-care will not be cancelled.
Hope will not be cancelled.
May we lean into the good stuff that remains.
Resurrection happens. New life is possible. Love wins. 
Because the imagination of God couldn't imagine it any other way.
Hospice Needs Home-Made Gowns
Big Bend Hospice is in need of disposable gowns or home-made gowns for teams in the field. They enter a variety of environments/homes, and need to remove gowns and put them in a bag before getting back into their cars.

Here is a pattern for anyone who can sew. Contact: bbmorales@bigbendhospice.org
ShopApalachicola.com  is a new online marketplace where you can buy e-gift certificates to support participating downtown restaurants and retailers.
ECCC Programs Support
Franklin County Seniors
ECCC is committed to doing everything we can to keep seniors in Franklin County safe and healthy during this time. All donations go toward supporting seniors in their areas of greatest need, helping them to be safe as they respond to COVID-19. If you would like to support ECCC, you can  donate here .  

During this COVID-19 tourism downtime, the Franklin County Tourist Development Council has turned part of its marketing plan into an online education experience for students in Franklin County, Florida. The TDC is partnering with the Franklin County School System to provide educational videos about the area’s museums and history which will be used as an educational tool in the county’s online curriculum.

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