Apalachicola, Florida
June 25, 2021
That Most Precious and Elusive Commodity: Hope
Dear Friends in Christ,
In the calendar of the Episcopal Church (pages 15- 33) only two birthdays are celebrated as Principal Feasts or Holy Days. They are the nativity of our Lord and the nativity of John the Baptizer. While our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Mary (December 8); her nativity (September 8) and her Assumption (August 15), we only honor her on August 15 under what is named as “Other Major Feasts”. This week we commemorate the birth of John the Baptizer.
John was a bridge, so to speak, between the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures; thereby, for Christians, closing the book on the old covenant and becoming the prologue to a new book and a new covenant found in Christ Jesus. According to the Church calendar, John’s birth is celebrated on June 24. This reminds us that there are only six months until Christmas…about 180 shopping days.
For a preview of Christmas, we need look no further than the feast we celebrate this week, the nativity of John the Baptist. Even now, in the blazing light of June, just past the summer solstice, when the days are their longest, our attention is being drawn to a distant star of winter. At this time, we are called to witness the nativity of an infant - one who will grow up to be the last major prophet of the Bible, the cousin of Jesus of Nazareth - and prepare the way of the Lord. John is essential to our salvation history.

When you consider the circumstances surrounding it, the Nativity of John the Baptist is almost as great a mystery as the birth of Christ, and it shares many similarities. First, an unexpecting couple became “expecting”, an angel proclaimed the news to Elizabeth, gave the child a name and a father, Zechariah, who pretty much said, how can this be?

Not following family and ancient traditions, Elizabeth and Zechariah both said, in their own ways, “He will be called John.” The name “John” translates as “gift of, or graced by, God.” In one interpretation, the name is translated as “God is gracious.”

In giving a childless couple hope and a new life…God is gracious.

God is gracious in offering us that most precious and elusive commodity: hope. And so it was that before this child even uttered a word, John, just with his name, announced the hope that would come with the Christ. And just by being God’s named child, we also announce hope to the world. Remember that the next time someone asks you your name, or a new child is born into the family…it is another opportunity to bring hope into a broken world!

Beyond being a prophet, and a martyr, and a saint, John the Baptist was one of God’s gifts to a searching and broken world – John and you are signs of God’s generous love for creation. John and you are a reason for optimism and a reason for hope. You could almost consider this feast the Christmas almost in July. And it comes to us as a blessed reminder of what God does and in what we believe, hope, and trust.

God is gracious.

Yours in Christ,
Readings for June 27, 2021, the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
Readings for July 4, 2021, the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
Trinity Returns to Traditional Worship Schedule
On Sunday, July 4, we will revert to our traditional schedule of worshiping on Sunday mornings at 8 & 10:30 am. The 8 am service will not have music, while the 10:30 am service will. Unless the pandemic causes us to change things again, this is how we will go forward.

As we have a number of persons receiving cancer treatment; and, with a large portion of our congregation immune compromised, or on oxygen therapy, your Vestry last month voted to continue the wearing of masks while worshiping indoors. At this month’s meeting, a majority of the Vestry reaffirmed this decision. We also are taking into consideration the new RSV virus and the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus which is much more transmissible and fatal.

We look forward to seeing you next week, in your regular pew, or in a new one of your choosing!
You Can Be Part of the Flower Guild Ministry
Flower Guild members, the Rector, and Guild friends met on June 9 to discuss new and exciting ideas and plans for the ministry. Current members of the Flower Guild include: Aglaia Dolan, Penny Marler, Martha Harris, Patti McCartney, Ina Margaret Meyer, and Dee Crusoe. 

We will begin emphasizing the use of natural and environmentally-friendly materials representing the natural beauty of our area for the altar. You may be seeing shells, dried materials, fruits, greenery, yard clippings, and other beautiful and seasonal offerings. We will continue to use traditional cut flowers when appropriate, and especially when requested by those dedicating altar arrangements. And, of course, altar arrangements for all weddings, funerals, and other such services will be dependent on the wishes and decisions of the families or other responsible parties. 

This is an important ministry, and we need your help: 
  • First, give us your ideas and suggestions. 
  • Let us know when you have wonderful greenery, flowers, or other materials in your yard that we might use. 
  • Donate to the Flower Guild to help us purchase supplies and materials. 
  • Very importantly, dedicate a Sunday altar arrangement. We will place a sign-up chart at the front entrance of the church
  • Volunteer to help; no experience or talent needed! We hope to grow the Guild to five teams, each with a leader and a trainee. If you wish to learn to "arrange flowers" we will be delighted to help you, but it is not necessary. Each volunteer will have the artistic liberty to create any altar arrangement that is appropriate to offer "to the Glory of God." 

If you would like to dedicate a Sunday altar arrangement, volunteer, or offer suggestions, please contact: Aglaia Dolan (hal.dolan@mchsi.com), Dee Crusoe (djcrusoe@embarqmail.com), Penny Marler (plmarler@samford.edu), or Martha Harris (mch52@icloud.com).
-- Dee Crusoe
Celebrating the Life of Myra Ponder

A Funeral Service & Eucharist will be held for Myra Ponder today
(Friday, June 25) at 10 am at Trinity. A reception will follow in Benedict Hall. The Rev. Martha Harris will conduct the Liturgy of the Word and
The Rev. Eric Zile will celebrate the Eucharist.
Please join in the celebration of Myra's remarkable life.
Trinity Awards Computer to Graduate
Martha Harris, Chair of Trinity's Outreach Committee, presented a laptop computer to Elizabeth McAnally, a graduating senior at Franklin County High School during the recent Awards Ceremony. The Outreach Committee is focusing on local educational needs, and providing a laptop to a college-bound senior is an effective way to support student success. Other Committee members include Penny Marler, Susie Wagoner, Betty Fugate, Steve Watkins, Jason Carter, and Myrtis Wynn (community member). Elizabeth will begin her college career at Gulf Coast State College.
Finance Update: Trinity recently received $18,000 from the
Federal government's COVID-19 Payroll Protection Plan (PPP),
bringing the total received in the last year to $42,000. The PPP is
designed to provide financial relief to organizations whose revenues
were adversely affected by shutdowns due to the pandemic.
By appropriately using and documenting these funds,
we are not required to pay them back.
Our Friend Evelyn is Back in Apalach!
Evelyn Ogilvie is happy to be back home after a 10-month stay in Tucson, Arizona with her daughter, son-in-law, and their four sons. Last summer, while the COVID-19 pandemic was raging all over the world, Evelyn and her family decided that a safe option would be for her to spend time with them, while the two older boys tackled remote learning and the two younger ones headed off to in-person classes.

Although pandemic visiting is not as adventurous as regular family gatherings, Evelyn and her faithful pup, Starbutt, walked daily around the neighborhood and they especially enjoyed strolls along a nearby desert trail. In addition, the family was able to enjoy a trip to the zoo, an aerospace museum, and the monthly food truck gatherings a few blocks away. She especially delighted in the Wednesday arrival of the ice cream truck, complete with that twinkling tune, reminiscent of her childhood.

What she missed the most were her Apalach friends and the freedom to walk about town, doing errands, visiting, and enjoying the warm, humid (yes, she loves humidity!) weather. She is also happy to be back at Penny’s Worth on Saturdays.
Be Prepared for Storm Emergencies
Hurricane season has arrived; be ready!
Gather important documents, clothing, food, and basic emergency equipment so that you can evacuate quickly if necessary.
Hurricane Kit graphic -- Acentria Insurance
June 27, 2021

First Lector & Psalm - Candace Springer
Second Lector - Ralph Wagoner
Prayers of the People - Tom Edwards
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Gloria Austin
Altar Guild - Candace springer
Flower Guild - Martha Harris

July 4, 2021

First Lector & Psalm - Carolyn Parker
Second Lector - Kristin Anderson
Prayers of the People - Rennie Edwards
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Patti McCartney
Altar Guild - Jane Harris
Flower Guild - Aglaia Dolan
BH-Benedict Hall
Office: PR-Prayer Room LR-Living Room CF-Conference Room
Worship Services at 8 & 10:30 am Sunday, Eastern time

Church address: 79 6th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Office address: 76 5th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Mailing address: PO Box 667, Apalachicola, Florida 32329

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