Apalachicola, Florida
August 5, 2022
-- Photo credit: Patti McCartney
Join us on Sunday, August 7 at 10:30 am as we welcome our Interim Rector and his wife,
The Rev. Dr. Rusty Goldsmith & Carolyn.
All are invited to a reception in their honor
in Benedict Hall following the service.
(There will be only one service at 10:30 am this Sunday, August 7)
Readings for August 7, 2022, the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Readings for August 14, 2022, the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Hospitality Hour Returns to Trinity
Trinity's beloved tradition, a post-service gathering for coffee, tasty bites, and conversation, is returning! The COVID-19 shutdown turned our world upside down, but now it's time to re-connect and enjoy each other in person. On a recent Sunday, Nancy & Landy Luther offered lemonade & cookies to members and guests.

August Hosts:

August 7: Welcome reception for our Interim Rector the Rev. Dr. Maurice Goldsmith and his wife, Carolyn, hosted by the Tour of Homes Committee
August 14: Ralph & Susie Wagoner
August 21: Carrie Kienzle & Susan Galloway
August 28: Dee & John Crusoe
Parish Survey – Your Input Needed
The Rector Search Committee is issuing a Parish Survey, a questionnaire that will serve as an update to the in-depth church survey taken in 2018. The Parish Survey allows the committee to collect information and data from our church members to create a parish profile. The parish profile is a key part of the process of attracting a new priest to work with us as we seek to serve the needs of our church, community, and the Gospel.

Focus Groups – In effort to gather more information, the Rector Search Committee will also conduct several focus groups for parishioners to attend. The schedule, along with sign-up sheets for these groups, will be available after the Parish Surveys are received.

Parish Surveys will be available Sunday, August 7,
following the service.

If you wish to use the following link to print the Parish Survey, you may return it:

  • During the August 7 Coffee Hour reception – drop in the designated box in Benedict Hall
  • By mail – Trinity Survey, PO Box 667, Apalachicola FL 32329-0667
  • In person – Bring to the church office and drop in the designated box

Penny's Worth, Trinity's Thrift Shop at 195 Avenue E, will
re-open for business on Tuesday, August 9, following a
summer break for cleaning & re-stocking.

Stop by for bargains and treasures
on Tuesdays & Saturdays, 10 am - 3 pm
Evelyn Ogilvie Heads to Tucson
We will miss our friend Evelyn Ogilvie, who has moved to Tucson, Arizona to live with her daughter's family. While she looks forward to spending more time with her four grandsons and their parents, she leaves us with her legacy of service to Trinity and to Penny's Worth, as she takes with her many fond memories. She also leaves several pots of "Toonie's Ivy" which she has nurtured since the vines were removed when the Memorial Garden was created; and, she leaves with us cuttings from the Prayer Plant that she received when her husband died 25 years ago.

A few years ago, she wrote an essay about the importance of memories in dealing with adversity, stating..."I do not believe that I would have had the strength to handle myself with humor rather than complaints had I not been banking memories since my retirement."

The Forgotten Coast Dancing Witches, who practice at Benedict Hall, performed recently in Port St. Joe. They dedicated their earnings to the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society in The Rev. Eric Zile's name. The donation amounted to $300. They wanted to recognize Father Eric for his support and his good wishes. "Though the group was started just for fun," Caroline Ilardi said, "it increases interest, and community support has allowed the dancers to gather sizeable donations for the local humane societies."
August 7, 2022

Celebrant - The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith
Greeters - Susie & Ralph Wagoner
Lectors - Candace Springer, Kristin Anderson
Prayers of the People - Ina Margaret Meyer
Acolyte - Brooks Jones
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Brooks Jones
Altar Guild - Joy Tracy
Flower Guild - Joy Tracy, Dee Crusoe
Flowers on the altar are to the glory of God and in celebration of the ministry of Rusty and Carolyn Goldsmith
August 14, 2022

Celebrant - The Rev. Rusty Goldsmith
Greeters - John Crusoe, Chris Presnell
Lectors - Randy Mims, Dee Crusoe
Prayers of the People - Susan Galloway
Acolyte - Susan Farmer
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Gloria Austin
Altar Guild - Joy Tracy
Flower Guild - Aglaia Dolan
Flowers on the altar are to the
glory of God
Worship Services at 8 & 10:30 am Sunday, Eastern time

Church address: 79 6th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Office address: 76 5th Street, Apalachicola, Florida 32320
Mailing address: PO Box 667, Apalachicola, Florida 32329

Phone number: (850) 653-9550