Apalachicola, Florida......September 18, 2020
We are Asked to Bring God's
Dream...to Fruition
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sing it with me, It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I’m neither speaking about Christmas nor back to school time, but rather of the annual stewardship campaign. So many Christians dread this time of year, but I really like it. It reminds me of those days as a young father when I could fulfill my children’s dreams.

For years my daughter wanted a wooden dollhouse. The one she desired was quite expensive. My wife and I eventually put it on lay-away. When we finally paid it off, we took it to my parents’ home and cut out the pieces, glued them together, painted or stained the pieces, and hid it there until Christmas Day. When the time came for her to open the big box, she laughed while Linda and I cried tears of joy. We had been able to fulfill her dream.

Throughout this time of year, we are asked to bring God’s dream, the dream of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, to fruition. God’s dream, a place where the lion and lamb lie down together, where full stomachs, full homes, and heads full of knowledge are the norm; and, justice raining down like water is not taken for granted. That’s the reason we pledge.

We also pledge to pay the bills and leave a legacy to this town and those who follow in our footsteps; however, the primary reason we give sacrificially is not only to follow a biblical ideal, but to help realize the dream of God. And it feels good. When you think of filling out your pledge card in the near future, think of the times you have given sacrificially to family and friends, and of the joy you received from seeing their reaction to your gift.

It is written that God loves a joyful giver. I used to think that was meant to make me feel guilty if I gave grudgingly. I came to realize that in giving with love, just as God has given to us, does in fact make me happy. God may relate the dream, but we are the weavers of that dream with the “yarn” God has given us.

It is the most wonderful time of the year here at Trinity.
This is the time when we get to give and imagine that with every
gift you bring to the altar, Our Lord is laughing with joy; and, we can
both witness and make his dream for us come true.
It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and I’ll see you at church.
God’s peace and my love.
On Holy Cross Day, September 14, in the midst of a hurricane,
Dustin Kessel and Lisa Brandewie were married on St. George Island.

Later that evening their two children, Kaylee and Addyson,
were baptized into the Body of Christ. Congratulations to
the Kessel family and praise to God for the blessings
that were poured out that evening.
Readings for September 20, 2020, the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Readings for September 27, 2020, the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost
Opening Hymn - Saturday, September 13, 2020
Trinity's outdoor worship in historic Gorrie Square continues to provide a peaceful and meaningful experience, with last Saturday's service
attracting 30 members, friends, and visitors.
Kessel and Brandewie Families
Celebrate Wedding and Baptisms
Lisa Brandewie & Dustin Kessel (center) were married on September 14. Celebrating with the couple (left to right) are Lisa's parents, Charles & Becky Brandewie; Lisa & Dustin's daughters, Kaylee & Addyson: Dustin's father, Mark Kessel; his mother, Karen Kessel; his sister, Leigh Kessel & her fiancé, Matt Greenfield; and, family friends, Carolyn & Todd Stout.
The Rev. Eric Eile baptizes Kaylee (left) & Addyson (right).
-- Photos - Mandi Singer
Tom Adams - Lifelong Teacher & Musician
With sadness, we are reporting the passing of Dr. Thomas Howard Adams, a long-time resident of St George Island, at the Brookdale Assisted Living Facility in New Jersey, following a short in-patient hospitalization. Dr. Adams was 90 years old and is survived by his children Paul, David, & Nancy, as well as his grandchildren Bryan, David, Alison & Michelle (Price).

Dr. Adams was a devoted friend to Trinity, singing tenor in the choir and performing instrumental selections on on the flute, clarinet, recorder, ukulele, guitar, and piano.

-- Photo - Janie Burke
Martha Gherardi
& Rick Watson
Recently Married
Congratulations to Trinity Parishioners Martha Gherardi and Richard Watson who were married on Friday, September 4. The Rev. Eric Zile, officiated the ceremony at the tax collector's office in the Franklin County Courthouse.

Martha is Trinity's Church Musician, and Rick is the Franklin County tax collector.

Following a honeymoon in St. Petersburg, the couple resides on St. George Island.
Hello to Visitors & Friends

Last Saturday, we welcomed David & Diane Zile, Eric's brother & sister-in-law, of Broomfield, Colorado, to our worship service. They were in Apalachicola for a few days, following a family visit (along with Eric and their sister) with their aunt in Tampa.
Two of our most steadfast Parishioners, George Rudo (left) & Ginger Lawson (right) are sporting creative masks as they stay safe during the pandemic in cooler climates. George & Bella are in Ohio & Ginger & Barry are in North Carolina.
Services at 5 pm Saturday & 10 am Sunday, Eastern time

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