Apalachicola, Florida.......................................................February 22, 2019
Life Together
“The day has come to get down to the core and to figure out what we really care about and what we have the courage to do.” Catherine Meeks, Executive Director Absalom Jones Center, Atlanta GA

"…So in the words that follow I want to talk about what I really care about, and what I am hoping we will have the courage to do. And what I care about is our life together… Just what does life together look like for us? How do we remember and foster that deep connection between us?” Rt. Rev. J. Russell Kendrick, Central Gulf Coast 2019 Convention Address and Sermon.

I am inserting the link to Bishop Russell’s 2019 Convention sermon here . so you can read and inwardly digest at your leisure. It is a strong statement on what our Bishop, the head of our small branch of the Jesus Movement, wants for us in the year to come. I have quoted Catherine Meeks and Bishop Russell above in two statements that sum up what is in front of us for this year. We are a part of a larger whole, we can and will do our part to impact our corner of the world.

I was piqued by the theme of this year’s Convention, Life Together . I was inspired by our Bishop’s passion around community and relationships that can be fostered when we take time to get out in our neighborhoods, and more importantly another’s neighborhood, to meet and greet those we live with. Real relationship comes from seeing and engaging with one another. It takes courage to risk being rebuffed. It takes a willingness to inquire about someone else’s life without having a ready response.

The art of sacred listening is one that can be learned through practice. It is listening with a clear mind, free from your own thoughts by being totally focused on the other. Sacred listening is storytelling and story listening, one tells their story and the other listens. People want to tell their story and people want to be heard. Over and over, I have discovered that when a person is scared, in pain, has experienced a trauma of some sort, the real healing begins when someone says, “Tell me your story. I want to hear it.”

During the January retreat, the Vestry entered into an exercise that many groaned over and participated in reluctantly. It was a one-on-one conversation. We each talked for two minutes (for a total of four minutes) and told one aspect of our stories. The number one comment received in feedback was, “I have known XYZ for 25 years and I found out I don’t really know him/her at all!” It was a time of sharing and bonding that would not have happened if we, as a group, weren’t willing to risk sharing ourselves with one another. I believe we will have a stronger Vestry and be better servant leaders as a result.

One of the top priorities that came out of the retreat was for the Vestry to be more visible, available and facilitate deeper community bonds. They have been working thoughtfully and creatively to come up with ways we can get to know one another.

This is what they have come up with: During the five weeks of Lent there will be three pot luck dinners in Benedict Hall. Vestry members will be at each dinner interacting with everyone who comes.

-- Our first meeting will focus on Life Together as Trinity Church. There will be opportunities for getting to each other in a different way.

-- The second meeting will be Life Together in Apalachicola. Questions like, “How does Trinity, an Episcopal faith community, fit into the life of Apalachicola? How can Trinity have more impact in our town and surrounding areas?

-- Our third time together is yet to be named. I’ll be awaiting a new and creative idea about our Life Together that I trust will rise up from you.
Please watch the Sunday bulletin and the next Bay View for more details

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. Trinity will define what it means and we will have opportunities to live into our Life Together in fresh and exciting ways.

May God's Peace be with you,

Readings for February 24, 2019, the Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany
Readings for March 3, 2019, the Last Sunday after the Epiphany
Your Vestry -- February Meeting
The Vestry met on February 11, 2019 with all members in attendance. Old Business included: the preparation of an article for Coastline about historical documents found in the church's safe; a possibility of Trinity changing banks; and a review of the digital giving option.

New Business included: the discussion of three themed vestry dinners in Benedict Hall during the winter/spring seasons; development of job descriptions for chairs of several standing committees which will be advertised in the Bay View; and consideration of offering a pay scale to attract a qualified musician for music director.

Also, in New Business: repairs to the Rectory were approved; a plan for renovation of the Sacristy has been chosen; a re-working of the pews rather than new purchase of pews was considered; and the cost and materials necessary for enclosing the existing office carport for additional storage were reviewed.

-- Angela Knox, Clerk of the Vestry
Search Committee Update:

The Search Committee continues to work to receive names of potential candidates for our new rector. Of those candidates already identified, the committee is in the process of looking at their qualifications, experience and assessment of sermons, writings and other data. The process is time consuming and the committee is diligently and prayerfully working to accomplish a choice in as timely a fashion as possible.

-- Tom Edwards & Ina Margaret Meyer
Co-chairs, Trinity Search Committee
Annual Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper March 5
Trinity's traditional Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper is coming up soon and everyone is welcome -- Tuesday, March 5 in Benedict Hall. The supper, which includes pancakes, bacon or sausage, and a beverage will be served from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Tickets are $6.00.

Volunteers (like Lee Bettis, pictured left) are invited to cook, serve, and provide provisions. Just sign up in Benedict Hall and join the fun and fellowship.
Are you our Next Parish Life Chairperson?

Is hospitality one of your spiritual gifts? Do you like to plan events that involve people, food and special occasions? Do you want to be more involved in ministry at Trinity? These are some of the qualities the Parish Life Committee Chairperson needs. The mission of Parish Life is to provide hospitality for all who participate in our lives together.

The Parish Life Committee Chairperson initiates the scheduling, planning and coordination of these special events: A Lenten dinner, Foyer Groups, Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner and the Annual meeting dinner. As is characteristic of Trinity, there are many people who participate and contribute to the various events so the work is shared among many.

Please prayerfully consider and see if this is a call you would like to answer. Feel free to contact Patti McCartney if you have any questions or call Donna+ to volunteer.
Coming Soon -- Trinity on TV

Our Erben Organ will soon be in the news, making its television debut. Ron Marasco of WJHG-TV in Panama City is doing a feature story which will air on Thursday, February 28. Watch for a teaser at 6 am and full story at 10 pm, followed by a next day showing on two morning shows, early and again at 11 am. The story will then be online at wjhg.com. Don't miss it!
Trinity Table is a Winner
The Trinity table, beautifully decorated by Carrie Kienzle, Briana Wheatley, and Anne Eason was named the winner at the recent Forgotten Coast Chef Sampler.
Enjoying the annual Chef Sampler dinner at the Coombs Armory were (from left) Briana Wheatley, Rennie & Tom Edwards, Charley & Carrie Kienzle,
Anne & Clint Eason.
Please...Smile for the Camera

Your new Trinity Directory is almost ready! But we need your help.
If you haven't yet had your picture taken, watch for Mike Seibert and his camera (the one that makes everyone look great) on Sunday, February 24.
Mike will be available following each service, so please
take a moment to smile for him.
Trinity Outreach Helps
New Moms in Apalachicola

Trinity Outreach provided support to Bring Me A Book Franklin (BMAFB) in collaboration with Healthy Start of Bay, Gulf and Franklin Counties to host a baby shower for seven expectant moms recently in the BMABF’s Bloom Room at the Van Johnson Complex.  Attendees played games which taught the moms-to-be about the benefits of breast feeding, safe sleep, and the importance of early literacy even while in the womb.  They also received a baby bathtub filled with books, onesies, socks, hooded baby towel, washcloths, bathing necessities, wipes, and diapers.
Trinity Supports Lady Seahawks with New Uniforms

In a recent issue of the Bay View , we reported that Trinity Outreach provided financial support to the Franklin County High School Girls' Basketball team for new gear and apparel. Well, check out the team (pictured above) with their new uniforms. Previously the team members had to compete in hand-me-down boys uniforms, pinned together to somewhat fit. Trinity Parishioners Marlene Seaborn and Kathy Willis led this effort to support these talented girls. The team's winning season, along with their new gear, has instilled pride and confidence in this team. Go Lady Seahawks!
Where do we come from?

According to our Parish Survey conducted last summer, some of us are Apalachicola natives and others found their way here from other parts of Florida, as well as other states, plus Canada.
Lane Autrey enjoyed spending time with her son's children in Richmond, Virginia recently, along with her daughter, Neville, who lives in Washington, DC.

(Remember to send your photos from visits with friends and family to the Bay View; your Trinity friends love to see them.)
February 2019
If you have a conflict, please get someone to cover for you
and call the office with the changes.

February 24
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