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From Pastor Schaefer
Dear Friends in Christ,  It has been a week since the mass shooting in Winter Park and a year since the mass shooting in Orlando.  Trinity Lutheran Church and School continues to lift up the people in the communities in which we live for comfort for the grieving, and protection for the helpless.   We ultimately find our hope and peace in Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Let us pray: Gracious God, heavenly Father, you know the shock and sorrow that the events of this past year have spread across our community.  We are helpless in violent acts and are totally dependent on your comfort, shelter, and protection. Mercifully embrace us with Your love, empower the weak with Your strength, restrain the wicked by Your might, and preserve the righteous by Your grace.  Give us Your peace and turn all tragedy into triumph through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord.  Amen

Families with Children
Many families here at Trinity have young children in the home from infants to teens, and events such as mass shootings can be very difficult to process and understand.  Lutheran Counseling Services, which provides our school counseling program and has been active in supporting those in our community who have been affected by recent tragedies have provided us with some resources to guide parents in discussion of traumatic events with their children -- in a way that promotes understanding at various developmental stages, as well as foster a sense of safety and security in our children.  Linked here are some helpful guidelines from  Lutheran Counseling Services .  

Comfort Dogs at Trinity Downtown
The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs will be in Orlando June 10-13. They will be honoring the Pulse victims, victim families, survivors and first responders during events throughout Orlando.  K-9 Comfort dogs will be greeting friends at Trinity after the 8am worship service (about 9am-9:30), attending the 9:30am worship service and greeting again afterward (about 10:30-11am). Comfort Dogs will also be on Campus on Tuesday, June 13 and will make the rounds in the CDC and Summer Camp programs. Anyone interested in learning more about the Comfort Dog Ministry that Trinity is launching, please contact Wendy at

Pennies for a Purpose
Next week is Fathers Day weekend and time to bring back your "Pennies for a Purpose" baby bottles full of chage.  Those funds will be donated to Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, where Deaconess Liz now serves as Deaconess, Director of Program Ministries.  Thank you!

Voters Meeting
Regular Voters Assembly meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 25 following the 11am worship service.  We will meet in the Sanctuary for annual elections and annual budget voting.  Please plan to attend this very important meeting to discuss the future of Trinity ministry!  Nominations for elected leaders are open until June 18, 2017 at 11:59pm.  Nominating Committee Recommendations are listed below:
Nominations Committee Recommendations
The Nomination Committee (NC) respectfully submits its recommendations to be voted on at our upcoming Voter's Assembly on June 25, 2017.
You may make additional nominations in writing to or by letter received at the church office no later than 11:59pm June 18, 2017, at which time nominations shall be closed.  

The nomination recommendation and final nomination time frames are slightly outside of the mandate of our bylaws.  I take full responsibility.  Please forgive me.  It could not be helped, but should not hinder our due process.

Please continue to pray on this seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide all our hearts and votes concerning those stepping up to a new role, those continuing on and those retiring after faithful service.  We are blessed because of them, and we must remember that God Himself appoints all authority (Romans 13:1-2).
On behalf of your NC, I thank you for your prayerful nominations and concern for our beloved Trinity.  Please also consider how you might be involved in Ministry Teams and support activities for the new fiscal year approaching.  We are, after all, the ministers of TLCS!  Our pastor(s) are the teachers, equippers and nurturers of the ministers!  We are the workers!  Let us not forget that it is our responsibility to be the willing and cheerful workers God created us to be (Ephesians 2:10).  
God bless us...everyone!
Jesus Be With You Always!
Gregg Yawman / John Strandquest, Co-chairs
Mike Kunze (in lieu of the interim pastor), Kathy Aber, Bill Gouveia & Marcy Shively
Leadership Council
LC members are elected to 2-year terms to serve for no more than two consecutive terms in a single role; service will begin on July 1st, 2017, and run through June 30th, 2019.   The following positions the NC (Nomination Committee) voted on to recommend to the Congregation.

President of the Voter's Assembly
  • Ted Lange
Vice President of the Voter's Assembly
  • Kathy Aber - NC recommends
Finance Officer
  • David Wilkosz
School Board President
  • Bev Middleton - NC recommends
Two Members-at-large (Odd Years)
  • Maggie Bowles - NC recommends
  • Stephanie Landis - NC recommends
Additional Nominations for two Members-at-Large (Odd Years)
  • Bill Gouveia
  • Marcy Shively
Senior Elder (non-voting position)
  • Tom Finger - NC Recommends
*Finishing Current Two Year Term-- Two Members-at-large (even year election)
  • Tim Norris
  • Gregg Yawman
Elders Ministry Team
Elders are elected to serve for 2-year terms, for up to three consecutive terms.  Senior Elder serves for 2-year term, no more than two consecutive terms.  There are to be at least six and preferably 12 or more sitting Elders serving Trinity at any given time and the Elders Ministry Team can be expanded at any time to meet the needs of the congregation.
Senior Elder
  • Tom Finger - NC recommends
Current Elders Eligible to be Elected for New Term
Don Behrmann (confirms 3rd), Clay Bourgeois (considers 2nd), Brendan O'Brien (considers 2nd), Tony Ramiz (confirms 2nd), Gary Schumacher (confirms 2nd), Chris Gerou (confirms 2nd),
New Elder Candidates to be Elected for a New Term
  • Mike Kunze - NC recommends Mark Brink - NC recommends
*Finishing Current two year term - Current Elders Continuing in Service (even-year election)
  • Ulysses Floyd (in 3rd), Steve Kerestes (in 2nd), Bob Trapp (2nd), Jim Curtis (1st), Rusty Stephens (1st), Ken Boggs (1st), Rocky Smothers (1st), Lo Phillips (1st)
Name Tags
If you did not pick-up your Trinity name-tags this past weekend, they will be in the narthex again this coming weekend.   A member told me they had forgotten to make their donation toward the cost of the name tag, and asked if it was too late.  No, it is not too late if you had intended to make a donation, and have not done so, this weekend would be a great time!  Put your name on one of the generic envelops in the pews, label it "Name-tag donation," and place it in the offering plate.

Summer VBS is an Outreach Effort YOU can be a part of!
Summer VBS is scheduled for July 17-21 and is a free, Monday through Friday, half-day VBS camp open to the public, the Trinity family, and Trinity Lutheran School's summer camp participants.   This is a true Outreach initiative through which we are able to witness and serve right here in Orlando.  We're organizing volunteers now, and we need all of you to jump in to make this VBS fantastic! With the GROUP publishing resources for this "Maker Fun Factory" (*recently updated) you will be well equipped to share the gospel in creative ways with everyone participating.  If you have a special skill or craft - those talents are needed as well. Please sign up on the clipboard being passed around in church this weekend and get in touch with Julia Malenke if you have questions .
Healing Touch
With the departure of Deaconess Liz from our ministry staff and until God gives Trinity a new Senior Pastor, the Elder Team will share in hospital and rehabilitation visitation.  Please communicate with your Trinity family any scheduled surgery or hospital stay.   In addition to scheduled procedures, please give the church office a call to let us know about extended
illness, unplanned hospital stays, or even the birth of a child.  You can call the office at any time and leave a message-no need to wait until business hours (407-488-1919 x101).
Ring The Bells!
Have you ever listened to the handbell choir (sometimes known as the Ring-a-Lings) and wondered what it would be like to ring the bells?  Here's your chance - sign up now for a handbell lesson in June!  No prior experience is necessary, and there is no commitment to join the handbell choir.  Middle school age through adult - bring your child, parent, and/or grandparent, and have some fun together!  One-hour introductory lessons will be held at 10:30am and 1:00pm on Monday, June 12 and at 7:00pm on Thursday, June 15 in the balcony; follow-up lessons can be scheduled if desired.  Please sign up in advance - or request a different time/date - by contacting Glenda Frazier at
Box Tops
Thank you to all who brought in box tops during the 2016/2017 school year to support Trinity Lutheran School!! With your support, we collected 12,838 box tops which is $1283.80 in money earned for TLS this year. Please remember to cut those box tops and bring them to the box in the Narthex, even during the summer  months. We would love to get a jump start for the 2017/2018 school year! If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Walters @ .

Food Donations
Trinity collects donated food to be given to local ministries on every fifth Sunday. Fifth Sundays coming up this year are July 29-30, Oct 28-29, and Dec 30-31.  If you would like to donate food between those dates, we ask that you would deliver to the recipient rather than dropping items off at Trinity so they may be put to immediate use. Suggested local collection agencies include:  
  • The Christian Service Center of Central Ave ( 407-425-2523)
  • Prince of Peace food pantry 407-277-3945
  • Concord Street Church of Christ (407-342-7042-Bertha Masterson),
  • Community Food & Outreach Center on Michigan (407-650-0774)
  • Hubbard House of Orlando Health (407-491-1820 Peggy Smith)
Partner Ministry Updates
Redeeming Life Outreach Ministry
Deaconess Liz Borth will be installed on SUnday, June 11th at 10:30am at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Sanford.  
CHOICES Women's Clinic Update
On Thursday we MOVED to 1851 W. Colonial Drive in the center of 3 late term abortion clinics . The renovation on the main floor was inspected again for completion and another delay.  Another requirement has come up which requires us to go back to the architect, back to the city with plans, and reconstruct a wall.  The enemy is still mad but his days are numbered. WE ARE ON THE WINNING TEAM!!  PLEASE keep the prayers coming so we can open our doors! 
* Pray the plan would be completed quickly by the architect and submitted on Monday.
* Pray we would have favor with the city of Orlando.
* Pray the city would immediately approve the revision without any delay.
* Pray for our contractor and timely execution of the remaining items needing done.
* Pray for the staff as we prepare to be operational as quickly as possible
Stay tuned for our GRAND OPENING and RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY!  We can't wait to share our beautiful new medical clinic and celebrate with you!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR INVESTMENT TO CHANGE OUR CITY!

Important Dates
June 11 Guests sing with the Parish Choir at 8am and 11am
June 11 Comfort Dogs Visit, Lunch at 1pm for those interested in CD Minsitry
June 12 & 15 Handbell Lessons (details above)
June 18 Happy Fathers Day (Bring back your Pennies for a Purpose bottles)
June 25 New Member Welcome at 11am worship
June 25 Regular Voters Meeting, Budget and Elections, after 11am worship
July 4    Offices and Programs Closed
July 17-21 Summer VBS
Attendance and Giving
June 4, 2017

Children's Sunday School NR
Adult Bible Study   24

6pm  33
8am  49
9:30am   83
11am  110
Total in Worship    275


Last week C & M  Actual Recd: 22,611 Budgeted: 16,933  Over/(Short): 5,678
YTD C&M   Actual Recd: 799,831 Budgeted: 811,749 Over/(Short): (11,917)
Bridge To The Future   Received: 2,020  YTD: 60,904
Faith Factor   Received: 1,700   YTD: 23,995
Holiday/Loose Plate   Received: 372   YTD: 39,327
Trinity Resurrection   Received: 50  YTD: 61,399
Faithfully Forward   Received: 2,235   YTD: 35,444
Comfort Dog  Received 270  YTD: 1620

Minsitry Partner Highlight 
Redeeming Life Outreach Minitries

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