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Farewell Reception for Deaconess Liz
This Sunday, June 4, at 12:30 in Fellowship Hall, please plan to join us for a reception for Deaconess Liz Borth. The 4th will be her last Sunday serving as Trinity's Deaconess. This reception will include a very brief call to order of a Special Voters meeting to vote on the peaceful release of our Deaconess, Liz Borth, and will allow for time to visit, share words of encouragement, drop off cards and gifts to express to Deaconess Liz our love & gratitude as she begins her Call with Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries.  Refreshments will be served.
Trinity's Youth Serve in Worship
Trinity's Youth will be serving in Worship this weekend... say hello and commit these youth to your prayers! Please share a special thanks with Jenn Blackwood who has served as Trinity's Youth Coordinator this past school year.  Thanks also to Tim & Deana Norris's service as confirmation teachers and a handful of faithful volunteers for special youth events and activities.  Trinity's Youth Ministry has been truly blessed by your efforts. It's been a great year of Youth activity, education, spiritual growth and development.

Music Notes of Thanks
Our "special music" volunteers for the 8AM and 11AM traditional services will be taking a break for the summer months after June 11.  Please take a few minutes to thank these people who faithfully give of their time and talent to enhance our worship:
  • Parish Choir:  Cathy Andrews, Alissa Beier, Carolyn Burnette, Gladys Dittmer, Omar Dittmer, Glenda Frazier, Janice Glander, Diann Grover, Wendy Havens, Tim Norris, Eva Newshutz, Paul Soost, Peggy Trapp, and Robert Trapp.
  • Handbell Choir:  Mel Barger, Liz Borth, Susan Brockberg, Jennifer Castillo, Glenda Frazier, Janice Glander, Jamie Hall, Mary Kasch, Eva Newshutz, and Connie Sobol.
  • First Floor Once-In-A-While Choir:  Dina Brubaker, Mary Lou Evanchyk, Angie Friedel, Sarah Friedel, Nancy Gianfalla, Cathy Kane, Marcy Shively, Celia Schroeder, Richard Schroeder, Yvonne Scott, Connie Sobol, Peggy Trapp, and Kristine Zook.  And thanks to Bob Blackwood for setting up the microphones for the FFOIAWC?  Whether it's early or late service, he has always been there to set them up.
  • Grace Notes:  A big thank you to Julia Malenke for bringing together our children's choir and to her outstanding singers:  Anna, Anya, Ava, Daniel, Denton, Ellie, Nathalie, Olivia, Ridley, and Sophia.
  • 6pm Vocals: Please remember also to thank Julie Scott-Lasater, soloist for the Saturday service,
  • Organists: A huge thank you to our (LONG TERM) interim organists, Carol Eichinger and Sandy Zaccagnini, who have been serving us for two and a half years now.  We greatly appreciate their beautiful music and cheerful spirit!
Name Tags
Name tags are in-- please stop by in the Narthex to pick up your name tag to wear in worship.
Foundations Series
Even if you missed the first class, you're welcome to attend one or all of the remaining three gatherings through June 18. All are welcome -- Trinity family members, guests, staff and friends!  This class meets on Sundays at 9:30 in the first loggia classroom with Rev. Stephen Schroeder.  Pastor Stephen Schroeder, good friend of Trinity and frequent guest here, will offer a four week series for all those who desire a deeper knowledge of what Lutherans believe and confess. These sessions are ideal for those desiring to enter into formal membership in the Trinity Family. Foundations will also offer an excellent way to "reconnect" with earlier instruction in the Faith which many received as a young teenager heading for Confirmation!   Pastor Schroeder is an outstanding teacher and will be a good friend! The Nursery (infant through 3's) is available for little ones.
Campus Work Day
Scheduled for tomorrow, June 3 at 8:30 a.m. will be another work day and we need YOUR HELP please! The task at hand is to clear out the Loggia Classrooms of any unwanted items into a garbage bin or move to an area that is specified for the item(s).  So we will need a little muscle and the ability to take several steps to place items where they belong.  Please R.S.V.P, to Eric Havens at if you are able and willing to assist.
Join us in the Choir Loft on Sunday June 11
Make a Joyful Noise! Join the Parish Choir for One Sunday Only !  (Have you ever been in the choir loft?!) Sing at the 8 am service OR the 11 am service.  We will have some fun in rehearsal on Wednesday, June 7 at 7:30 pm. (in the choir loft).  If you can't make the Wednesday rehearsal, come Sunday morning at 7:30 am (in the choir loft) to sing for the 8:00 a.m. service, or at 10:30 am (in the church basement) to sing for the 11:00 am service. Come help the Parish Choir fill the choir loft as we make a MORE Joyful Noise and serve the Lord with gladness! See a Choir Member or email Paul at or Glenda at for additional information.

Summer VBS is an Outreach Effort YOU can be a part of!
Summer VBS is scheduled for July 17-21 and is a free, five day, half-day VBS camp open to the public, the Trinity family, and Trinity Lutheran School's summer camp participants.   This is a true Outreach initiative through which we are able to witness and serve right here in Orlando.  We're organizing volunteers now, and we need all of you to jump in to make this VBS fantastic! With the GROUP publishing resources for this "Rome Holyland Adventure" you will be well equipped to share the gospel in creative ways with everyone participating.  If you have a special skill or craft - those talents are needed as well. Please sign up in the Narthex this weekend (sign up list on the Youth bulletin board in the narthex) and get in touch with Jenn Blackwood if you have more questions
Healing Touch
With the departure of Deaconess Liz from our ministry staff and until God gives Trinity a new Senior Pastor, the Elder Team will share in hospital and rehabilitation visitation.  Please communicate with your Trinity family any scheduled surgery or hospital stay.   In addition to scheduled procedures, please give the church office a call to let us know about extended  illness, unplanned hospital stays, or even the birth of a child.  You can call the office at any time and leave a message-no need to wait until business hours (407-488-1919 x101).
Ring The Bells!
Have you ever listened to the handbell choir (sometimes known as the Ring-a-Lings) and wondered what it would be like to ring the bells?  Here's your chance - sign up now for a handbell lesson in June!  No prior experience is necessary, and there is no commitment to join the handbell choir.  Middle school age through adult - bring your child, parent, and/or grandparent, and have some fun together!  One-hour introductory lessons will be held at 10:30am and 1:00pm on Monday, June 12 and at 7:00pm on Thursday, June 15 in the balcony; follow-up lessons can be scheduled if desired.  Please sign up in advance - or request a different time/date - by contacting Glenda Frazier at
Comfort Dog Ministry
The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs will be in Orlando June 10-12. They will be honoring the Pulse victims and survivors with events throughout Orlando.  The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Teams will be at Trinity on Sunday, June 11 for a luncheon at 1pm.   Anyone interested in learning more about supporting or joining this ministry, and possibly going out on visits with them, you are welcome to attend the luncheon.  We need to continue to build Trinity's Comfort Dog ministry team, and this is a great way to find out what it's all about!  If you have questions, please contact Wendy at

Box Tops
Thank you to all who brought in box tops during the 2016/2017 school year to suport Trintiy Lutheran School!!  I am proud to announce we have collected 12,838 box tops which is $1283.80 in money earned for TLS this year. Though we did not make our goal of $2000, I am very pleased with our results. Please remember to cut those box tops and bring them to teh box in the Narthex, even during the summer  months. We would love to get a jump start for the 2017/2018 school year! If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Walters @ .

Food Donations
Trinity collects donated food to be given to local ministries on every fifth Sunday. Fifth Sundays coming up this year are July 29-30, Oct 28-29, and Dec 30-31.  If you would like to donate food between those dates, we ask that you would deliver to the recipient rather than dropping items off at Trinity so they may be put to immediate use. Suggested local collection agencies include:  
  • The Christian Service Center of Central Ave ( 407-425-2523)
  • Prince of Peace food pantry 407-277-3945
  • Concord Street Church of Christ (407-342-7042-Bertha Masterson),
  • Community Food & Outreach Center on Michigan (407-650-0774)
  • Hubbard House of Orlando Health (407-491-1820 Peggy Smith
Important Dates
May 28 - June 18   Foundations Class 9:30am Sundays, first loggia room
June 4-June 25   New 9:30 Bible Study, FH, Ecclesiastes & King Solomon (see above for details)
June 4   Youth Led Worship, Celebrating Graduations
June 4 12:30pm Farewell Reception for Deaconess Liz Borth in Fellowship Hall
June 11 Guests sing with the Parish Choir at 8am and 11am
June 11 Comfort Dogs Visit, Lunch at 1pm for those interested in CD Minsitry
June 12 & 15 Handbell Lessons (details above)
June 18 Fathers Day (Bring back your Pennies for a Purpose bottles)
June 25 New Member Welcome at 11am worship
July 4   Offices and Programs Closed
July 17-21 Summer VBS

Elected Leadership Nominating Committee

To the Congregation of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church  - Trinity Downtown :
Peace, joy and greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord!  As prescribed by our Constitution & Bylaws, the newly formed 2017-2018 Nominations Committee (NC) has been established including representatives to include the Senior Pastor, Head Elder, two Leadership Council members (LC), and at least two Congregational members a large(C)] for the purpose of recording the initiation of the 2017 Nominations Committee, and receiving and making recommendations for TLCS fiscal year 2017 - 2018 vacant elected leadership positions. The following individuals have agreed to serve on this committee:

Chair:                       Gregg Yawman (LC)
Co-Chair:                 John Strandquest (LC)
Pastor:                      Vacant - Head Elder will assist
Head Elder:             Mike Kunze
Leadership:              Kathy Aber (LC)
Congregation:          Marcy Shively (C), Bill Gouveia (C)

We pray for you God's continued blessings and for the spiritual well-being and physical health of you and your families.  We encourage you to be vigilantly and prayerfully considering two very important things; 1) the Holy Spirit's guidance and calling regarding the Congregation's recommendations for godly, hardworking and committed members to fill each open position, and 2)  the opening of the same hearts and minds by God's call to joyfully accept and to serve. This would naturally also include your prayers concerning your own potential consideration for serving in one of these positions. (Matthew 9:35-38 - "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.")  

Jesus Himself reminds us of the importance of service in Mark 10:45, "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." He also gave us the example of washing His disciple's feet in John 13:4-15.  We are to be about His work!

The NC is currently preparing its nominations to be published to the congregation. In addition, the NC is now soliciting nominations from the congregation for all upcoming vacant positions.  The NC will then review eligibility and contact individuals nominated and prepare a final nominations list.  Additional information will be provided during worship services in the weeks to come. Nominations should be submitted in writing - written and handed to any member on the Nominating Committee or emailed to . Do not hesitate to nominate yourself.  Some information on current positions, terms and candidates is below.  Please remember to pray for the people and process.  It is the most important thing you can do for support.  More specific information will be furnished upon request. Thank you and God bless!

Faithfully His,
Gregg Yawman, NC Chair

Leadership Council
LC members are elected to 2-year terms to serve for no more than two consecutive terms; service will begin on July 1 st 2017 and run through June 30 th , 2019.  Positions opening:

Two Member-at-large Leadership Council positions
John Strandquest and David Tesch have currently served one term - eligible to serve one more term each
President of the Congregation
Ted Lange has currently served one term - eligible to serve one more
Vice President of the Congregation
Stephanie Landis served for two terms - cannot serve another term as VP
School Board President
Kathy Aber has currently served two 2-year terms - cannot serve another term as SBP
Finance Officer
David Wilkosz has currently serve one 2-year term - eligible to serve one more

Elders Ministry Team
Elders are elected to serve for 2-year terms, for up to three consecutive terms.  Senior Elder serves for 2-year term, no more than two consecutive terms.  There are to be at least six and preferably 12 or more sitting Elders serving Trinity at any given time and the Elders Ministry Team can be expanded at any time to meet the needs of the congregation.

Senior Elde r serves for no more than two consecutive terms
Mike Kunze has faithfully served the maximum of two consecutive terms
Current Elders Continuing in Service (even year election)
Ulysses Floyd (in 3 rd ), Steve Kerestes (in 2 nd ), Bob Trapp (2 nd ), Jim Curtis (1 st ), Rusty Stephens (1 st ), Ken Boggs (1 st ), Rocky Smothers (1 st ), Lo Phillips (1 st )
Current Elders Eligible to be Elected for New Term
Don Behrmann (considers 3 rd ), Tom Finger (confirms 2 nd ), Clay Bourgeois (considers 2 nd ), Brendan O'Brien (considers 2 nd ), Tony Ramiz (confirms 2 nd ), Gary Schumacher (confirms 2 nd ), Chris Gerou (confirms 2 nd ),
New Elder Candidates
Mike Kunze (confirms 1 st )

Attendance and Giving
May 21, 2017

Children's Sunday School 18
Adult Bible Study   23

6pm  36
8am  49
9:30am    51
11am  77
Total in Worship    213


Last week C & M  Actual Recd: 8,420 Budgeted: 10,412  Over/(Short): (1,992)
YTD C&M   Actual Recd: 777,220 Budgeted: 794,816 Over/(Short): (17,595)
Bridge To The Future   Received: 1110   YTD: 57774
Faith Factor   Received: 750   YTD: 21545
Holiday/Loose Plate   Received: 247   YTD: 38708
Trinity Resurrection   Received: 110   YTD: 61239
Faithfully Forward   Received: 230   YTD: 32979
Comfort Dog  Received 20  YTD: 1330

Minsitry Partner Highlight 
Redeeming Life Outreach Minitries
Pennies for A Purpose is going on now-- take a bottle home with you from the narthex, fill it with change and bring it back by Fathers Day.  
All proceeds support Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries!  Thank you!

Ministry Partner Highlight -  Opportunity to Witness and Serve
Baby Bottle Fundraiser -- take one from teh Narthex.  
Bottles full of change are due back on Fathers Day!

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