Apalachicola, Florida.........................................................January 11, 2019
Happy New Year & Epiphany Blessings!
We have just finished the season of Christmastide, the twelve days after Christmas leading up to the Feast of the Epiphany. On January 6 we celebrated what was known in an earlier time as the Festival of Light. This is the time we recognize and celebrate the brightness of the star that led the wise men to the Baby Jesus’ birthplace, the birthplace of tremendous hope. Today, 2000 years later, we too, follow the star of Jesus looking for light to shine into our lives. Jesus lights our way when the winter darkness is too much. The star of Jesus shines light on our troubles when they overwhelm us and we can’t see the trees through the forest. Trust Him.

This is one of my favorite seasons of the year because of what it represents, the light of Christ, growth for future life, and new beginnings. For this reason, we will continue using the white altar hangings to remind ourselves that this is a special time of light. I share this poem with you from one of my favorite poets. May peace and light always be your way. 

-- Donna+

      Magi came, asking, “Where is the child?”
                  —Matthew 2.1-2
I will be your wise one, 
led by wisdom and discernment,
your star, not mine.
I am a sovereign of my own choices,
among your royal priesthood.
I offer you my power. 
You are the star I follow,
with my eye on your light
every day.
I am always seeking,
never too complacent to ask,
to observe, to discern, to wonder,
looking for your light in this world,
in those I meet, 
in my own dark sky.
I am not deterred by weariness,
the unknown, the strangeness,
the settledness of others.
I seek the child, the tender,
the hope, the small
amid the strong and violent.
I bear valuable gifts. This is the reason 
I am in this world. I kneel 
and offer treasure, every day.
I know my quest threatens 
the powers of might, and I am not afraid, 
and do not collude with them.
I am not afraid to find another road,
always seeking, open to the new.
Lead me.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

Scout Troop 347 Annual Chicken & Butt Roast

Our own Bill Van Der Tulip is doing some serious roasting so that we can enjoy chickens and butts on Super Bowl Sunday. Get your tickets at the church office, then pick up your order on Sunday, February 3, 2-4 pm in Benedict Hall.

The event is sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 347, with all proceeds dedicated to helping a scout in scouting.
May 3-5, 2019
2019 Historic Apalachicola
Home and Garden Tour

Presented by Trinity Episcopal Church

Tickets / Information

Proceeds from the Historic Apalachicola Home
and Garden Tour are used to maintain and
preserve Trinity’s historic structures.

Little Family Heading to Guam
We will soon have to say goodbye to Jeff and Christene Little and all of the “little” Littles- Mady, Sophia, Ella and John. Jeff is being deployed to Guam for a 3-year tour of duty, and the family will join him. What an exciting adventure for all of them, but such a loss for Trinity. It has been a joy to have them as part of church community, and we will miss all of their smiling faces. We wish them all the best in their new home and know that God’s blessings will follow them.

PS- If you know of anyone looking for a camper/fifth wheel, please contact Jeff at jeff.little1272@gmail.com. It not something they can take with them to Guam!

-- Rennie
January Events
at Holy Family Senior Center

  • Monday, Jan 14, 12 noon - 2 pm -- Art with Sandi Little
  • Tuesday, Jan 15, 12 noon - 1 pm -- Games with Debbie Wharton
  • Wednesday, Jan 16, 12 noon - 1:30 pm -- Express Yourself Through Dance with DJ Gina
  • Friday, Jan 17, 11 am - 1:30 pm -- Lunchtime Bingo with Annie Austin

Sponsored by ECCC (Elder Care Community Council) of Franklin County .
January 2019
If you have a conflict, please get someone to cover for you
and call the office with the changes.
January 13                                                        January 20
Acolyte: 10:30 – Paul McAbee                        Acolyte: 10:30-Debbie Flowers
Lectors: P. McCartney & D. Crusoe                Lectors: J. Anderson & HD Cannington
Prayers: Ralph Wagoner                                  Prayers: C.T. Ponder
Greeters: A. Dolan & Lee Bettis                      Greeters: Ralph & Susie Wagoner
Chalice: John & Dee Crusoe                             Chalice: G. Austin & C. Springer
Healing: Kristin Anderson                                Healing: Kristin Anderson
Flowers: De Crusoe                                            Flowers: Wesley Chesnut
Altar Guild: R. Edwards & P. Hawkins           Altar Guild: R. Edwards & P. Hawkins
Hospitality: Choir                                               Hospitality: EfM
                                                         January 27
                                                          Acolyte: 10:30- Bill & Fisher Van Der Tuip
                                                           Lectors: D. McLain & G. Rudo
                                                          Prayers: Susan Galloway
                                                         Chalice: B. Jones & S. Wagoner 
                                                        Healing: Kristin Anderson
                                                         Flowers: Evie Bettis
                                                       Altar Guild: R. Edwards & P. Hawkins
                                                        Hospitality: Outback Bible Study 
Sunday Services are 8 am & 10:30 am, Eastern time

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