Trinity High School Students
Help the People of Haiti
Trinity High School students gathered to present a check to Sr. Larraine Lauter. After she thanked them for their efforts, the students went to work writing personal notes to the new Water Women in Haiti.
Service Project Underwrites 85 New Water Women

Brotherhood. Character. Faith.

Those are the three pillars of the ‘house’ system at Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky. Much more than a Harry Potter-like way for the new guy to find his way around 1,200 other students, the houses provide ways to get engaged in all the aspects of the school.

“Some students find their niche right away, through sports or other activities,” said Adam Klein, who has taught at Trinity for 22 years and now serves as House and Activities Director in addition to teaching video production. “But our goal is to tap into students who want to do more, or take their first step into involvement. Then we want to build off that.

“There are 10 houses with roughly 120 students each, spread across all four classes. When they walk in, they’re already part of something. Each house has six advisory groups with an individual mentor. So they all have adult contact, and the younger students interact with upperclassmen.”

Each quarter of the school year there are House competitions, one of which is a service project. That’s where Water With Blessings comes in. A few years ago, Sr. Larraine Lauter spoke at Trinity’s Thanksgiving Prayer Service. Then this past Spring, Sr. Larraine and Water With Blessings received the Trinity Peace Prize.
This Fall, during the first quarter, Trinity students raised $6,400 – enough to underwrite the equipping and training of 85 Water Women.

“There are three phases to the service project,” Adam said. “First there is the education phase, when students learned about what Water With Blessings does and how the system works. About 60 students participated in that, and became Ambassadors for the project.

“Then there was the collection phase. We asked each group to raise enough to sponsor a Water Woman: $75 over a two-week period. The Ambassadors kept the involvement moving forward.

“The third phase is outreach. Using Trinity stationery, students wrote a short, personal note to each of the Water Women we sponsored. Because of the dire need after the earthquake and flooding, the students wanted all of the money they raised to be earmarked for Haiti.

“One of the things the students really liked was that Sr. Larraine told them that with the Water With Blessings tracking, they would be able to follow up and see whom they helped.”
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