January 22, 2023

Sharing Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.

Service Bulletins

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8:00 am service bulletin (Rite I)

10:00 am service bulletin (Rite II)

Good News Daily!

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Good News Daily - January 22, 2023

Serving This Week

8:00 am

Acolyte - Craig Sutton

Lector - Carol Walker

Eucharistic Ministers - Dick Ayers, Carol Walker

Vestry Member - Brenda Chase

10:00 am

Crucifer - Brennan Gray

Torch Bearers - Auden Gray, Cian Gray

Lector - Ally Arendt

Prayers of the People - Wendell Anderson

Eucharistic Ministers - John Tyler, Tim Allison

Vestry Member - Prudence Jarvis

Ushers - Matthew Brewer and Jim Ripley

Parish Shepherd - Randall Clingenpeel

Special Announcement

The Prayer List on the Good News Daily will be reviewed and reset with the February 5th Good News Daily. 

If you have anyone you would like to remain on the list or you want to add to the list please let Michele Brantley (mbrantley@trinity-fredericksburg.org or 540-220-1436) know by Monday, January 30th

The deadline for the office to submit the Good News Daily for publication for the following week is Tuesday at noon - in case you have any updates in the future. 

Thank you.

Vestry for 2023

Congratulations to all three of last Sunday's Vestry candidates -- John Deppel, Destine Bradshaw, and John Tyler -- who were confirmed!

The Officers of Vestry for 2023 are as follows:

Senior Warden - Harry Dickinson

Junior Warden - John Murray

Registar - Brenda Chase

Treasurer - Val Folden

Vestry Officers will be commissioned on Sunday, January 29th at the 10 am service.

A special thank you to the outgoing wardens, Sven Rundman and David Stokes.

The Coldest Night of the Year: 5k Fundraising Walk

for Micah

Join us as we support "The Coldest Night of the Year: 5k Fundraising Walk for Micah." Micah Ministries started at Trinity. Join Trinity's team, and let's walk together and raise some funds for Micah!

Here is the link to read about the program: https://cnoy.com/location/fredericksburg

To sponsor Trinity for the walk or to sign up to join Trinity's team,

click here.

We seek to serve God in all people, and bring forth the light of Christ to the world. We are grateful for your pledge of support and give thanks to all who have turned in their card.

Pledge cards are still available in the Narthex or online by

clicking here.

News from Trinity's Library

We are still in the process of sorting through all the books donated to the library. Therefore, I ask that you hold off bringing us more books at this time. Some of you have quietly been putting book donations on the shelves in the Vesting Room as well as the book return box in the library.  When we are ready to accept more books we’ll give you guidelines on the type of books we hope to receive.  Some extraneous items seem to landing in the library. If you don’t know where something goes please do not simply leave it in the library and hope for the best.

We scaled back our Christmas in the Library event this past December in deference to Mother Cynthia’s loss and Claire’s hospitalization. We had invited Jessica Smith to read for us as she has done in the past and she graciously accepted.  When I told her that it wasn’t happening, Jessica replied “Well Tom, there is always Easter.”  A wise woman indeed!  So stay tuned to see what the Library Committee might have up its sleeve.

-Tom Rotella, Library Committee Chair

To view TrinityCat,

click here.

Sunday School

Sunday School resumes this Sunday, January 22nd at 9:15 am in Jamison Hall. Children should go straight to their classes.

Trinitarians of All Ages – Would you like to see some of what the young people learn in their communion class? You are invited to attend our second intergenerational Sunday school session on January 29th in the Loft of Jamison Hall from 9:15 – 10:00 pm. Our topic will be the sacrament of Holy Communion. We will talk about the baptismal covenant and feeding stories in the Bible. Please join us!

Club 45 will have their next meeting on January 29th from 11:15 to 1:30 pm in Jamison Hall.

The Youth Group’s next meeting will be January 22nd from 11:15 - 1:30 pm. We will be making tacos for lunch. There will be beef and chicken for our tacos and all the veggie fixings. We will meet in Jamison Hall briefly and then go to the kitchen off Barber Hall. Contact Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org with any questions.

The Young People’s Communion Class for second graders (and older children who have not taken it) will begin January 22nd and last until February 12th. Classes will be held during Sunday school. 

Parents, if you are interested in having your child participate, please have them attend Sunday school for these four Sundays. All materials will be provided. A final session will be held Saturday, February 18th so that children will know what to expect the next day. 

The Young People’s Communion Celebration will take place on Sunday, February 19th during the 10:00 am service, with a reception following in Barber Hall. 

If there are any questions, contact Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org. 

Quiet Toys

We have totes with quiet toys like foam blocks, Etch-A-Sketch, Wikki Stix, and finger labyrinths.  

We’ve also added some very soft squishmallows who might be lonely during the church service - and they’re hoping someone will hold them during church service!

Kids of all ages are welcome to explore and play with these quiet toys. Just return them to the back of the church after the service.

And if anything needs repairing or needs some attention, please let Mother Cynthia know.

Items for the Newsletter

Have something to say?

All items for the Trinity newsletter need to be submitted by Monday at 5:00 pm. Please send all newsletter items to news@trinity-fredericksburg.org. Send as workable documents and NOT PDFs. If you want your group's meeting date on the calendar, send it as a newsletter item to be included.

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At the bottom of the events page, you'll find a complete calendar of all our upcoming events so you can invite a friend and plan ahead!
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